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Trial Master
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
Trial Master
Succeed at the Lizard trial.
3 / 5 trials

Your next trial takes you to a dirty, burned out apartment building. You'll start out at the top of the stairs, at one end of a short hallway. On the floor, you'll see numerous ceramic lizards of different colors. You can pick up these lizards, and when you shake them (by shaking the controller), you'll hear a rattle if anything is inside. The third lizard you come to, a bright green one, contains the key to the door down the hallway and you can get it by smashing it open on the floor. Inside the room, you'll see a table with a chair in front of it and a touch-screen video and camera device. Sit down at the table and touch the screen to hear your challenge.

Performing surgery[edit]

Gold Finger
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Gold Finger
Use the axe, knife or pliers, then cauterize or disinfect the wound.
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Use the saw or the scissors.

You'll have five minutes to cut one of your fingertips off in front of the camera, and there are numerous utensils and other paraphernalia scattered around the apartment. Everything you find can be brought back to the table and set down with Down rstick. When you have everything you want, sit down at the table with Down rstick. You can use any of the tools you find, and the only difference is what trophy you might get.

  1. Axe: On the floor next to the television stand.
  2. Knife: Sticking out of the wall in the kitchen.
  3. Pliers: In the television stand behind the table.
  4. Saw: On the floor next to the table.
  5. Scissors: In the bathroom sink.

Other items that you can use include the disinfectant to be used after you cut your finger, the alcohol you can drink before cutting, the piece of wood you can bite down on while cutting, and the piece of rebar you can use to cauterize the wound.

  1. Disinfectant: In the bathroom medicine cabinet.
  2. Flask: In the kitchen cupboard.
  3. Rebar: On the floor by the table.
  4. Wood: In the rubble under the window in the main room.

To use the rebar to cauterize your stump, you'll need to prepare it beforehand by taking it into the kitchen and heating it up until it glows red over the stove top burner. When you have everything you want, sit down at the table, use whatever pre-surgery items you want, then select your tool. After taking a few deep breaths, you'll see two options: one to try the action out, and one to actually do it. If you just try it, you'll go through the motions but won't cut yourself. When you're ready, make the other selection and perform the combo instructions and movements. Afterward, you can use any of the post-surgery items before looking under the table for the memory card. If you don't want to cut your finger off, just wait out the five minutes without doing anything.