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Interactive Drama
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Interactive Drama
Just finish the chapter.

This chapter is basically an extension of the prologue, as it's still two years before that actual events of the game. In this chapter you'll experience the tragedy that sets the stage for how you're living two years from now.

Buy a balloon[edit]

The four of you are at the mall, where your wife takes your youngest son, Shaun, into the shoe store to find him some footwear. You're supposed to be watching Jason outside while she's in there, but he somehow wanders off. When you get control of Ethan, just walk down to where Jason is standing near the clown selling balloons. You have unlimited time during this part, so you can explore the mall if you want. Some store windows will allow you to peer in by holding Up rstick and you can also walk into stores. When you're ready to move on, press Down rstick next to your son.

Find Jason[edit]

After buying Jason a balloon, he wanders off again while you're trying to pay the clown. You'll have a lot of options corresponding to different pockets that you can search for the money you owe. Up rstick will get you the right pocket. When you step away, your wife and Shaun will show up and she'll ask you where Jason is. From then on, you'll spend the rest of the chapter looking for him. As before, there's no time limit, so you can walk around the mall all you want. This time when you enter shops, you'll just look around in a frenzy and quickly run back out. If you look down at the lower floor from a railing, you'll see your son wandering around, and eventually you'll need to go downstairs via the escalator at the other end of the second floor from the shoe store.

Once you're down at floor level, you can chase Jason's red balloon around a huge crowd of people. You can stop at any time and hold Up rstick to reacquire the balloon if you lost it. First he heads toward a huge bundle of balloons, which all go up as soon as you get close to it, making you lose sight of him. Next, you'll spot the red balloon and Jason's green shirt standing behind some men by the carousel. When you go over there, you'll find it's not him and you'll see him heading toward the doors exiting the mall. When you get outside you'll enter a cut scene, after which the starting credits will roll during a video tour of the city, which serves as a segue to the next chapter.