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When Madison comes out of her room, she'll see that Ethan is passed out on the floor of his room through the open door. When you go in, kneel down beside him, then perform the combo instructions to lift him up and place him on the bed. Feel his forehead, take off his shirt and inspect his wounds. When you go to the bathroom this time, you'll take everything from the medicine cabinet. The pills (anti-fever, antibiotics, and painkillers) go to his head, the ointment goes on his chest (if it's burned) and the disinfectant goes on his arms. Like before, you'll have a certain amount of attempts, and the better you do, the more chances you'll have to give him something to help. When you've put everything on him, wrap his arm and chest in bandages and he'll sleep. If you didn't get that far, he'll still sleep no matter what you gave him.

When he wakes up, choose any options to speak with him, and eventually he'll kick you out of the room. When Madison is gone, grab next origami animal as Ethan to end the chapter.