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Good Friends
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Good Friends
Successfully play two games with Shaun and buy him a treat.

Visiting the park with your son, you can try to cheer him up and be a good dad, or fail miserably and make things even worse between you. There are four activities available to you, but you'll have the option to leave after doing two, or be forced to leave after doing three. You can buy candy for your Shaun before or after you decide to leave, but you'll have to do it before you get to the carousel. For a later chapter, make note of the time on the big clock and try to remember what Shaun is wearing.

The boomerang activity is found by looking in Shaun's backpack. If you can throw and catch the boomerang successfully twice, Shaun will come over and give it a shot. This is a simple combo instruction to throw, then a quicktime button press to catch. Nearby is a seesaw that you can play by pressing Down rstick before the quicktime button disappears. On the swings, you'll tug the whole controller down in time to push Shaun. Lastly, there is a merry-go-round where you can tap Cross button while holding combo instructions. You can buy candy from the vendor selling it out of a cart close by the merry-go-round. If you were mean to your son during Father and Son, he'll apologize to you when you leave if you played well with him.

When you've decided to leave, follow Shaun toward the carousel. He'll ask you if he can ride, so head over to the booth next to it and pay for a ticket. To end the chapter, just go stand by where your son is sitting on one of the horses.