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Perfect Crime
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
Perfect Crime
Don't save Lauren.
5 / 6 tasks
Swimming Instructor
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Swimming Instructor
Save Lauren.

You'll come to this chapter from On the Loose if you weren't arrested there, or from Under Arrest if you were. You're arriving back at your apartment/office from somewhere, and just need to walk over and open your door. Inside, you'll find that Charles Kramer and his men have forced Lauren to let them in, and they've decided to take both of you out for meddling with Gordi.

After a bodyguard pistol whips you, you'll wake up underwater in your car. You're tied up to the steering wheel, and Lauren is tied up to the door. You can look around with Left lstick and Right lstick and try talking to Lauren, but she's out cold. When it appears, follow the directions to shake the controller up and down. After doing that twice and loosening up the ropes, your windshield will begin to crack letting more water in. To get out of your bonds, you'll either need to use the cigarette lighter or break the glass in front of the meter panel to cut the ropes open. To use the lighter, the car needs to be on first; perform the movement action to flip the key, then do the combo instructions to push in the lighter and another set to grab it and apply it to your ropes. To use the glass from the panel, jerk the controller down until it breaks, and then grab it using Down rstick; then, hold Down rstick and mash L1 button to cut the ropes off. After finishing either of these combos, tug up on the controller to break the ropes.

No matter which method you used, you can now escape. At this point, you can also untie Lauren or try to wake her up; she won't wake up, and the only thing you need to do is untie her hands to save her. Don't bother trying to bust the window on your side, as it won't work. When you're ready to leave, after untying Lauren or not, hold down the combo instructions and kick the passenger window out by repeatedly tugging down on the controller. You can't die in this chapter, so there's no rush. If you untied Lauren's wrists, you'll grab her on your way out and swim to shore; if not, you'll be the only survivor.