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In this chapter you control John Sheppard's twin brother as you follow him around the construction site in the rain. This is mainly a series of quicktime events, with a few combo instructions tossed in. You can't get hurt or die here, so if you're not trying to get the trophy, don't worry if you mess up.

The chase[edit]

I'm not Scared!
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
I'm not Scared!
Follow John through the construction site without making a mistake.

When your dad kicks you guys out, run after your brother and face him when stops. Let him boost you up, then help him up. Follow him to a forest of rebar sticking up out of the concrete and perform the quicktime direction instructions to make it through unscathed. At the end, tilt the controller left to slide down the ramp, then run over to the large, concrete pipe. Hold Square button down while you tap R1 button and L1 button to pass through the pipe without hitting your head. On the other side, hold down the combo instructions, then hit the Up rstick quicktime instruction after letting go to climb up the wall.

Follow John again, this time into another room and up the stairs to a pile of bricks. Climb the bricks, and then hang from the I-beam by pressing Up rstick. To get across, hit the alternating Left rstick and Right rstick quicktime instructions. On the other side, follow John to a chute, and ride down by holding the combo instructions until they're full, then release them.

Down at the bottom of the slide, run over to the red scaffolding your brother climbs up and perform the movement to start climbing. Hit Up rstick when the quicktime events appear to get to the top. Next is a narrow wooden plank spanning a crevice, and you can get across by tilting the controller left and right to maintain your balance. On the other side, go to the edge of the roof, then hold down the combo instructions that appear. Let go and tug the controller up when the quicktime instruction flashes to make the jump. This leads to the last action, which is another set of combo instructions and a tug up on the controller at the right time.


Back on the ground, John will congratulate you for keeping up, and then you'll play hide and seek, with him hiding first. Start counting by pressing Cross button, then press other buttons as they appear to skip to higher numbers. You'll find your brother behind you, on the other side of the truck you are standing next to. Head around it to the right and you'll see he's stuck in the water where the concrete has broken. Try and pull him out with combo presses and controller movements, but you won't be able to. The flashback ends with you telling your brother to hang on while you go look for help.