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Heli Attack 2
Box artwork for Heli Attack 2.
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Shooter, Action
System(s)Adobe Flash
Preceded byHeli Attack
Followed byHeli Attack 3
SeriesHeli Attack
WebsiteDeveloper website
TwitchHeli Attack 2 Channel

Heli Attack 2 is a web-based game created by Squarecircleco.. Players take the role of a soldier in a jungle-type environment, and must take down as many helicopters, or "helis", as possible before the player dies, using a wide array of weapons. Points gained were directly proportional to the number of helis killed, but were gained directly proportional to damage done (with a bonus for using special weapons) and averaged out by having the last heli die with you. Every 3 helis destroyed would give players a weapon or an extra (see below) or if the player had destroyed the heli from above (using a hyperjump) a random weapon smaller in quantity was gained. Another sequel was created to it, Heli Attack 3. Heli Attack 2, due to its popularity and fun gameplay, was voted Miniclip's 2003 Game of the Year, and's Most Addicting Game of 2003. Also due to its exceeding popularity, it was released for Symbian-enabled mobile devices, such as cellular phones.

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