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Heli Attack 3
Box artwork for Heli Attack 3.
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Run and gun
System(s)Adobe Flash
Preceded byHeli Attack 2
SeriesHeli Attack
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Heli Attack 3 is a flash game by squarecircleco. It can be played on Miniclip.

Heli Attack 3 is the sequel to Heli Attack 2, and featured many things that the first two did not. It was mainly praised for its extended weapon arsenal, its introductory level, and its feature of different levels, rather than simple shooting. It was also noted to have a higher difficulty than the first two. The main biggest difference from Heli Attack 2 is that traditional helicopters are no longer the primary enemy within the game

It was voted as best game of 2005 in Miniclip.


The main idea of the game is that the player is a soldier traveling through different areas of the world, and he/she has to destroy a series of helicopters or "helis" while obtaining as many points as possible.

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