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Exit this room and run through the corridor, try to avoid the hands grabbing you from out the cells. After a while you should walk up some stairs and find yourself in a torture chamber or something, which does not look too stable.

The door on the other side is locked, but you can notice a key hanging from one of the chains. Grab the plate which is on the wall to the right of the axe. On the left of the axe there is a chain which you can reach, press <ACTION> to pull it. Now you can use your <FIST> to punch the two broken pillars at the back of the room. (Punch the left pillar first, while the room is rumbling <RUN> over to the other pillar and punch that). The roof should cave in after a while, walk over to the left of the room to pick up the key which is now lying on the floor.

<USE> the key to unlock the door and press <ACTION> to open it.

Follow the wall towards the right and enter the door opposite the steps, Hellboy will see the same man who walked out of the torture chamber into a tower. Walk along and you will find a [SAVE] point in a corner to the right. Obviously the tower is locked and so is the door opposite from the save point, so go back to the clearing.

E3 - Tower Grounds[edit]

Walk along the wall to find another door which leads to a library. You will again see the man from the torture chamber enter a door and locking it behind him. Examine the shelves on Hellboy's right just after entering to find another music book.

Talk to the monks to learn that there should be a key somewhere for the `forbidden library' and that most of the monks have turned evil. If you will look carefully you will see a key lying on top of one of the book shelves in the middle of the room. Back up a bit and you will see there is some sort of hole in the roof. Now walk over to the side of the middle book shelf thing, and press <ACTION>, Hellboy will push the shelves so that it is positioned right under the hole in the roof. When you walk outside you will see a [HEALTH] next to some window on the roof, so there must be some way to get there and get the key too.

Exit the library and follow the wall towards the right, enter the door with the steps in front of it. You will find yourself in an area with a few pigs and a chicken. Talk to the boy sitting next to a door to find out he is hungry. Walk further along and you will come across a kind of pool, press <ACTION> near it to discover there is something floating in the small pool. Walk around the fence to the left to find a bag of delicous pig food, throw it in the water to get a box with a key in it.

Exit this area and walk to the other side of the clearing, and enter the area with the save point. Unlock the door opposite the save point with the box with a key in it, and try to grab the [HEALTH]. You will fall through the floor and be cooked by a boiler of some kind. Run towards the right were you will find a bucket, take it with you to the fire and <USE> the bucket on the water coming out of a pipe to the right of the fire. Grab the [HEALTH] and then press <ACTION> on the pipes to the left of where the fire was to climb over them. Walk along and you will be attacked by a zombie. Defeat it with your <FIST> and grab the head which is lying on the floor next to a beheaded corpse. Follow the corridor and you will enter a room with two tables and an oven. Walk to the other side of the room and get some [HEALTH] on the right and a stale bread on a shelf to the left.

Exit the room and enter the clearing itself, you will notice a number of pillars. Press <ACTION> near a pillar to push it, push the three largest pillars around to create a staircase up to the roof, and press <ACTION> near the smallest one to climb them.

On top of the roof grab the [HEALTH] and press <ACTION> to break the glass and jump through the window. Walk over to the key and press <ACTION> to take it, walk to the other side and press <ACTION> to jump off. You can now <USE> the key to unlock the door in the back of the library. Walk along the corridor and press <ACTION> to talk to the head librarian in the forbidden library, he will not let you in because you are not a monk. <USE> the head on the door and the head librarian will let you in. [SAVE].

E3 - Library[edit]

Walk up the stairs and take out the evil monks with your <FIST>, then walk back to the head librarian and talk to him. Swing your <FIST> a few times and the giant monkey will run up to the top of the library. <USE> health if you need it and walk up to the monkey to defeat it with your <FIST>. (Try to push the monkey against the wall while punching and it will not punch you that often).

Grab the cross on the floor and you probably want to [SAVE] again.

Talk to the monks back in the library to learn about the inquisitor.

Exit the room and go back to the hungry boy, give him the stale bread. He does not like it very much, so we should find him some better food. Grab the chicken by pressing <ACTION> near it and go back to the room with the oven. <USE> the chicken on the oven. Go back to the boy and <USE> the chicken on him, he will open a trapdoor right where he was sitting. Press <ACTION> to enter it.

You will come across an evil monk, but he is easily defeated with your <FIST>, or you can just ignore him and <RUN> along. If you walk along you can find some [HEALTH] on the right somewhere, and you will find another evil monk before you walk up the stairs to the church (where you will find some more evil monks). Walk straight ahead and enter the door to find a [SAVE] point and a coffin.

First <USE> the cross on the left side of the coffin, then step into the sun light and <USE> the shiny plate from the torture chamber. You will assume the mantle of the Rara Avis, which just means you get a nice mystic sword. [SAVE] before you leave.

E3 - Sacristy[edit]

You will be attacked by the inquisitor, who turns into some kind of worm or dragon. Avoid touching the spikes and the fire in the middle of the room, and use the sword to <ATTACK> when he's coming out of one of the holes.

Leave the church through the door you have not been through yet and <RUN> to the door to leave the church grounds (or you can kill the evil monks if you want). You will be back at the area with the pigs and the boy-who-is-not-hungry-anymore.

Walk over to the tower grounds and [SAVE]. After saving your game, if you walk a bit further you will be attacked by one of the bizarre statues in front of the tower. After you kill it you will be attacked by the other statue.

The best strategy here is to <RUN> towards the small building and then pass between the wall and the tree near there. The creatures will not be able to follow you, so you can turn around and <ATTACK> them with your sword even though they cannot attack you.

Enter the tower and grab the [HEALTH] on Hellboy's left. Walk to the end of the room and press <ACTION> to pull the lever to take an elevator to the next floor.

Here you will find a puzzle in the form of 7 levers scattered about some strange platforms. First pull the 2 levers on the ground. Now walk up the steps and pull the lever on that platform. This will raise the platform so you can walk down the stairs again and pull the lever on the other platform. Repeat this once more to rotate the final platform, then go back up the stairs and repeat the process until you are back on the ground near the elevator again. Pull the two levers on the ground again (in the right order), and walk up the stairs to repeat the process until you reach the final platform.

After you pull the lever on the last platform it will take you to the tower roof, where your game will be saved automatically.

E3 - Tower Roof[edit]

Walk up to the monster and <ATTACK> it with your sword. Just ignore his punches and whatnot and <USE> some health when you have to.

After killing the creature Hellboy will catch the amulet and be transported back to the present.