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During the game type:

  • IDDQD: Instant death (god mode in Doom).
  • IDKFA: No ammo and weapons (all weapons in Doom).
  • COCKADOODLEDOO: Turns the player into the chicken.
  • ENGAGExx: Start any level (xx for episode and map). For example, ENGAGE23 starts 3rd map of the 2nd episode.
  • KITTY: No clipping mode.
  • MASSACRE: Kills all monsters.
  • PONCE: Raises HP to 100.
  • QUICKEN: God mode.
  • RAMBO: All weapons and ammo.
  • RAVMAP: Reveals all map.
  • SHAZAM: Powers up your weapons with Tome of Power.
  • SKEL: All keys.
  • TICKER: Display FPS.