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Map of the level.

When you first enter the area, head straight ahead into the courtyard ahead. You will be attacked by gargoyles that will try flying at you and attacking. Head along to the right and enter the back room. Press the switch to lower the key, and take it.

Head to the left within the starting room. Fight past the enemies as needed. When you approach the corner, take a right (or enter the secret in this region for a weapon). The side rooms here contain some ammo and health, but are unnotable otherwise.

Head to the north room, and turn to the other southern staircase. Flip the switch on the west wall to open the exit path, visible from the ledge. Proceed through the newly opened path, and head up the stairs as they raise. The exit is marked by the door containing the sigil, and is activated by pressing the sigil button.


In Heretic, there are secrets scattered throughout the map. To reach all the secrets, you must step on a sector or floor tagged as a secret. There are four secrets in this map.

  1. In the south-east corner of the starting room behind the barrels, open the brighter wall for a flask and a silver shield. (Sector 6)
  2. After getting the yellow key and going through the door, head straight ahead until you reach the corner. Approach the corner to reveal two golems and gauntlets of the necromancer. (Sector 144)
  3. On the stairs leading to the switch that opens the exit, look for a decorated wall. Reach the top step for the secret, where you can collect the ethereal crossbow. You can also access a tome ob power if you head to the north from this secret area. This may also be accessed from the room north of the stairs, but only the upper-most step counts as the secret. (Sector 15)
  4. When you flip the switch to open the exit, head to the previous room and look for a newly opened teleporter on the southern wall. Enter it to collect health and a bag of holding, but watch the wind. The secret is claimed just before the other teleporter, which returns you near the yellow key. (Sector 24)


  • A claw orb and chaos device is in the northern secret area.
  • A hellstaff is in the north-west room.
  • The phoenix rod and an energy orb is near the yellow key.
  • A mystic urn is on the ledge overlooking the path to the exit.
  • An additional tomb of power is near the exit.
  • Wings of wrath can be found in the south-west region. After the corner, enter the right door.