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This map is more difficult because your primary hero specializes in dragons on a map that you will beat before they are available, but it is easier because the difficulty setting is only "hard", so you start with plenty of resources.

Pick the harpy hags as the bonus because they will be instrumental in the first week.

Day 1

Build a mage guild, and move Mutare into town to learn the spells. Purchase the dungeon hero, and give Mutare all troops except for one hag. Ore is west and wood is east along the path, Mutare should claim one while the other hero claims the other.

Day 2

Build the town hall, and have the other hero get the artifact. If it is useful, pass it to Mutare. Mutare should go north and grab the learning stone for second level. When leveling, Mutare should try to get wisdom, logistics, earth, air, and fire magic as secondary skills. She starts with tactics and estates, and the last skill could be resistance, diplomacy, ballistics, or if you are lucky enough to find it in a hut or college, water magic. Hero 2 will start collecting the free goodies south and eventually travel through the subterranean gate.

Day 3

Build a blacksmith. Mutare hits the rally flag and continue north, then east. Hero 2 avoids the warren, so the portal of summoning isn't spoiled later.

Day 4

Build a marketplace. Mutare hits the shrine of incantation before continuing north toward tan castle. Hero 2 flags second wood mill, then continues north toward second ore mine.

Day 5

City hall, second ore mine, Hero 2 looks for goodies.

Day 6

Second learning stone before taking the tan town. Build a castle in the tan town to defend it, and a citadel in your home fort.

Day 7

Mutare now heads straight to the blue town while Hero 2 goes through a one-way portal to find more free goodies and explore the map. Build a city hall in the tan town, and a capital in the main town.

Week 2

You'll take light losses fighting a third level monster in front of the neutral town, and continue to take the blue town. Heavy losses should be expected when taking the blue town, so hunker down for a few days to rebuild the army with creatures bought from new buildings: Medusa and Minituars. Try to purchase another hero and take him through the subterranean passage to the second blue town, sneaking by the enemy hero to taking the unguarded town behind him, and build a citadel to hide behind the walls in a siege. You may lose the siege, but it leaves the enemy hero with only a few trogs.

Week 3

Secure the blue one-way portal room, equip Mutare with Medusa queens and minituars in preparation for the final push. Buy just enough units in the other towns to let the computer throw its troops against your castle walls in futility. Make sure all towns have castle walls, city halls, and you've built your capital. If time permits, take the green town on day 7, though you may have to wait until week 4 to take it.

Week 4

Once the green town has been secured, go through the subterranean gate to get the green second town. Then follow the green mirror to tan's second town and take it as well.

Month 2 and/or mop up

Either win for maximum score, or build up all mage guilds, visit all places of learning, and collect the items from the seer hut near your one-way portal.