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Control Action
PC Mouse.png Moves cursor.
PC Mouse Left Click.png Selections/Actions
PC Mouse Right Click.png Display Information
PC Mouse Double Click.png Focus and Action
F1 Help
F4 Toggles between window and full screen modes.
Esc Cancel, exit, or no.
Enter Okay, accept, or yes.

Adventure Map[edit]

Control Action
Numpad or  ↑  ↓  Move selected hero in that direction (note that the Numpad can move the hero diagonally while the arrow keys cannot).
Numpad or  ↑  ↓  + Ctrl Move the viewing window.
A Display adventure options. Note that the sub hotkeys do not have to be preceded by A to work.
C Displays the spellbook of the selected hero.
H Selects next hero on the list, downward scroll.
T Selects next town on the list, downward scroll.
K Kingdom overview.
M Moves current hero (movement path must be chosen).
O Display system options. Note that sub hotkeys must be preceded by O to work.
U Switch between surface and underworld views.
W Selected hero is wakened.
Z Selected hero is put to sleep.
E End turn.
Enter Center the viewing window on the selected hero or town.
Esc (then Enter) Quit to desktop.
Tab Enable chat (multiplayer) or enter a cheat (single player).
Adventure options
V View world map.
P View puzzle map.
D Selected hero digs.
I View scenario information.
System options
M Main menu.
L Load game menu.
R Restart scenario.
S Save game menu.
Q (then Enter) Quit to desktop.
Esc Return to game.