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Yog has been at the Bracada magic academy learning to be a Wizard, but his Barbarian heritage beckons him to follow the path of a warrior. Yog accepts Duke Winston Boragus' offer to join him in Krewlod. Unfortunately, the Wizards of Bracada will use all their powers to prevent him from leaving.

On the Run[edit]

  • Win condition: capture the town of Groa.
  • Loss condition: Yog is defeated in combat OR failing to capture Groa in five months.
  • Level cap: 9
  • Medium sized map.
  • Enemy: Red.
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Starting bonus: Spirit of Oppression OR Pendant of Negativity OR 3 Nagas (choose Nagas)
  • Campaign hero: Yog (Attack = Defense = 2, Power = Knowledge = 1, Basic Tactics, Basic Offense, Equestrian Gloves) having a starting army composed of 25 Master Gremlins, 12 Gargoyles and 4 Iron Golems
  • Other starting hero: Terek (southwest corner of map) Attack = 2, Defense = Power = Knowledge = 1 (has Boots of Speed)

No starting town. Pay attention to in-game messages.

First week[edit]

Terek visits the nearby Green Keymaster's Tent and picks up the Tresure Chest (choose gold), then remains stationary until the lots of Magi blocking his path are killed later by Yog. Yog goes southwest along the road, visiting the three Learning Stones encountered (to get to level 4), passing through Green Border Gate; on the fifth day he arrives at Padon (Tower; guarded by pack of Gremlins; the town has creature generators of level 1 and 2 ; no Tavern; no Fort) and conquers it. Going southwest you'll see three Light blue Border Gates (one near Padon) blocking acces to northern part of map. Be sure to visit the two scholars near first two Light blue Border Gates (they give Basic Logistics and Basic Pathfinding).

At week's end:

  • Padon - Tavern

Second week[edit]

HMM3 birth barbarian on the run groa.png

Hire a secondary hero (Tower alignment; his/her troops must remain in Padon) to visit Windmills and flag what he/she can. Yog frees Terek beating those lots of Magi blocking him, then flags:

  • Altar of Wishes south of Padon;
  • Ore Pit south of Padon;
  • Mage Tower (just east of Green Border Gate);
  • Gold Mine (near Mage Tower)

Visit Hut of the magi; it shows us where is the town of Groa: northeastern corner of map, north of Calarnen (but separated from it by a range of snowy mountains), probable access from west (rough terrain). See image.

HMM3 birth barbarian on the run green and light blue tent.png

Next Yog goes eastward and flags an Alchemist Lab, then more to the east through a path between snowy mountains (Bracada!) until he reaches a Learning Stone; from this Learning Stone he sees to south a Mercenary Camp (guarded by pack of Archmagi) a Gem Pond (guarded by lots of Genies), second Green Keymaster's Tent (guarded by several Titans). south of Hut of the Magi is Light blue Keymaster's Tent (guarded by pack of Naga Queens; see image).

The path to this Tent is narrow, between southern edge of map and a mountain range and its opening just in southeast corner of map.

At week's end:

  • Yog should be around Hut of the Magi (level 6; 3 Nagas, 4 Magi, 3 Genies, few Gargoyles, maybe few Golems)
  • Padon - level 1-5 creature generators, Town Hall

Third week[edit]

Recruit all Gargoyles, Master Gremlins (upgrade building if not already), Magi and Genies from Padon, the flagged Magi Tower and Altar of Wishes; put them on Yog, who in turn goes to attack Calarnen; if lucky, Aine will be surprised outside town and defeated more easily; otherwise she will defend the town (has only Citadel) with her Titan and lose the battle nevertheless. After conquering Calarnen, Yog goes through the path between eastern edge of map and a mountain range, toward south, flagging mines and creatures generators as he passes.

At week's end:

  • Padon - Town Hall, Blacksmith, Mage Guild level 1, Marketplace, Citadel, Upgraded Workshop, Upgraded Golem Factory
  • Calarnen - City Hall, level 1-5 creature generators, Upgraded Workshop, Upgraded Golem Factory, Resource Silo, Sculptor's Wings
  • Yog - level 8; 10-12 Genies; 18-20 Magi; 10-12 Iron Golems

You have secured your starting zone; Red enemy has at least another town beyond that Light blue Border Gates (you have seen movements).

Note: because Yog cannot learn magic (upon an attempt to enter any Mage Guild, a message pops up "Yog has given up magic in all of its forms. His knowledge of battle and tactics will have to be enough to get him through the rest of his life"), choose useful secondary skills.

Fourth week[edit]

Flag all; beat all excluding that several Titans; you do not go to southeast corner yet.

  • Calarnen: Capitol, level 1-7
  • Padon: City Hall, level 1-7, Sculptor's Wings
  • Yog: level 9, 30-35 Magi, 10-12 Gargoyles, about 15 Iron Golems, 5-6 Genies

Fifth week[edit]

Upgrade level 1-3,5-6 creature generators. Build Castle in Padon.

Sixth week[edit]

Visit Light blue Keymaster's Tent (those pack of Naga Queens grew to lots).

At week's end:

  • Yog - 70-80 Magi; 10 Naga Queens, about 60 Iron Golems; 10-12 Master Genies

Seventh week[edit]

Yog passes by a Light blue Border Gate (anyone) and conquers Corona (Tower; north of Light blue Gate near Padon).

At week's end:

  • all is flagged
  • Corona - level 1-6
  • upgrade Cloud Temple in Calarnen and Padon
  • Yog - level 9, 80-85 Archmagi, pack of Master Genies, 10 Naga Queens, several Obsidian Gargoyles (garrisoned in Padon)

Note: there is a lake separating us from the last Red zone and shipyard west of Corona

Eighth week[edit]

Recruit some troops, then move Yog to Corona, purchase boat, board it and navigate eastward until you can land (probably there is a boat indicating where Red enemy previously also landed). Here begins a road; follow it north ward until Machina (Tower; last city of Red enemy). Around Machina you can find: a Gem Pond, a Crystal Cavern, a Gold Mine, an Alchemist Lab; flag them.

The pass to rough terrain is blocked by a heavily guarded Garrison.

Beware of some enemy hero who tries to cross the lake to retake some mines/town.

Weeks 9 - 11[edit]

Gather army on Yog (Titans, Naga Queens, Master Genies and Archmagi) and attack that Garrison (has 10 Titans, 15 Naga Queens, 10 Master Genies, 25 Archmagi, 35 Iron Golems, 40 Obsidian Gargoyles and 100 Master Gremlins).

Going roughly east, Yog finds and visits:

  • a Mercenary Camp;
  • a Marletto Tower;
  • a School of War;
  • an Arena.

Then he enters a V-shaped path between mountains (there is a Marletto Tower here also), arrives at a Quest Guard who lets only Yog pass. Behind there are lots of Acient Behemoths; after a message (" 'We have lived peacefully and undisturbed in this valley for many years. Now you come with an army seeking to defeat us. We will not tolerate such aggression!' Before you are able to convince the Ancient Behemoths of your peaceful intentions toward them, they attack."), follows a battle; Yog emerges victorious and arrives at Groa (guarded by level 1-6 Stronghold monsters), conquering it in the eleventh week and so finishing the scenario.

The Meeting[edit]

  • Win condition: get Yog to Ulgak (i.e. first conquer it)
  • Loss condition: Yog is defeated in combat
  • Level cap: 15
  • Map: small (i.e. you must move quickly)
  • Difficulty: hard
  • Enemy: one (purple)
  • Starting bonus: Citadel OR 10 Crystal OR Ogre Fort (choose last)
  • Starting town: Rockwarren (Stronghold; Goblin Barracks) in southeastern corner of map; near it there is an Orc Tower guarded by lots of Orc Chieftains
  • Yog: level 9; Attack-Defense = 10-11; 10-15 Goblins, 4-5 Wolf Raiders, 3-4 Orcs

First week[edit]

Yog recruits all from Rockwarren, then goes west and flags an unguarded Ore Pit. Next he marches northward, flags Goblin Barracks (guarded by lots of Hobgoblins) and recruits, visits a Mercenary Camp (guarded by lots of upgraded Wolf Raiders) and a Learning Stone; also there is a Gold Mine guarded by pack of Rocs (leave it alone now). From here you'll see a heavily guarded Garrison (with level 1-7 Stronghold troops; purple flagged; just beyond it is a pack of Cyclopes) toward northeast. But Yog goes to northwest, flagging a Crystal Cavern and sees, north of Mine, the town of Ulgak (reachable from east) in center of map separated from your starting zone by a range of mountains. Then he flags a Wolf Pen, turns south, flags a Sawmill and observes a Windmill and a Cyclops Stockpile; just near Stockpile there is Centaur's Axe. Afterwards Yog returns to Rockwarren so as to be there at week's end.

At week's end:

  • Yog stationed in Rockwarren with an army composed of 25 Goblins, 3-4 Orcs, 3-4 Ogres and 12-13 Wolf Raiders
  • Rockwarren - Town Hall, level 1-5 and 7 creature generators

Do not upgrade anything in this scenario.

Second week[edit]

Recruit a secondary hero, Terek (may be another one). Yog recruits Rocs, Orcs, Wolf Raider and Goblins and flags Gold Mine, Orc Tower, then visits Windmill (here you'll see that that the west passage is blocked by a heavily guarded purple-flagged Garrison; just beyond it is a pack of Cyclopes and a town, Sandflash in southeastern corner of map; so it seems that the map is divided in few parts separated by Garrisons). So Yog returns to the Gold Mine; north east of it is a Subterranean Gate and he goes there. Here he goes west and flags a Gold Mine, one Sawmill and an Ogre Fort, visits a Windmill. Near Subterranean Gate to Surface there is also a two-way monolith to northwestern corner of underground section of map. There can be found a Behemoth Lair, two Orc Towers, and a Crystal Cavern. If a stack of wandering monsters wants to join, accept.

At week's end:

  • Yog: near Subterranean Gate to surface; level 10; 15-20 Rocs, 15-20 Orcs, 3 Ogres, 20 Goblins, 15 Wolf Raiders, 1 Behemoth.
  • Rockwarren: City Hall, Citadel, and level 1-7 creature generators.
  • Terek: level 2.

Third week[edit]

With Terek bring level 3-7 troops to Yog. Yog get to surface, goes south and conquers Sandflash (neutral; Stronghold), then flags Ore Pit near. Next he goes north until Strongglen(Stronghold; belongs to purple) and conquers it. On road to Strongglen there is War Machine Factory; buy all missing machines for Yog. Purple already has flagged a Crystal Cavern and a Sawmill near Strongglen Strongglen and Sandflash are in the same western part of map.

At week's end

  • Yog (somewhere near Strongglen) - level 11; 3 Behemoths, 5 Cyclopes, 10-15 Ogres, 20-25 Rocs, 25-30 Orcs, lots of Wolf Raiders, lots of Goblins
  • Strongglen - Town Hall, level 1-2 Creature generators
  • Sandflash - Village Hall, level 1-2 creature generators
  • Rockwarren - Capitol, level 1-7 creature generators, Mess Hall

Fourth week[edit]

Yog flags Crystal Cavern and Sawmill near Strongglen, then goes to north-northeast until a Sulfur Dune (flag it); also here are Naga Bank and Dwarven Treasury. East of Sulfur Dune there is Subterranean Gate; because pass to eastern part of map is blocked by third hevily-guarded, purple-flagged, Garrison, Yog goes underground where flags another Sulfur Dune (guarded by wandering monsters who block passage to Subterranean Gate to surface; so purple did not came here from east; looks like the computer begins in two separated places, Ulgak and Strongglen) and Goblin Barracks.

At week's end:

  • Sandflash - Town Hall
  • Strongglen - Castle, City Hall, level 1-2, 5 and 7 creature generators (recruit third hero here)
  • Yog (underground, near Subterranean Gate to surface)
  • Terek (near Rockwarren) - 120-130 Goblins, 50-55 Wolf Raiders, 20 Orcs

Fifth week[edit]

Yogs surfaces in northeastern corner of map, marches westward, flags Cyclops Cave (recruits), then attacks and conquers Tormina (Stronghold; City Hall, level 1-6 creature generators, Castle). South of Subterranean Gate there is a Mercenary Camp and a Gem Pond; next Yog goes south, flags Gold Mine and conquers Rovener(Stronghold, City Hall, Citadel, level 1-3 and 5 creature generators). From Rovener you will see the entrance to underground section going to central section of map where is Ulgak; between Rovener and Ulgak there is fourth Garrison, heavily defended, separating east part of map from central section. So you have all five towns, not counting Ulgak. Meantime surely an enemy hero with significant army passed through Garrison near Rockwarren; strategy - defend Rockwarren with Terek; if some wimpy hero passes by, defeat him/her; flag mines and creature generators taken by purple. If the computer player does not attack Rockwarren (most probable outcome), that hero with significant army will go underground (same path as Yog took before).

At week's end:

  • Yog returns underground to receive supplementary army from Strongglen.
  • Sandflash - City Hall
  • Strongglen - level 1-5, 7 creature generators; Mess Hall

Sixth week and beyond[edit]

Terek guards Garrison near Rockwarren (when has two weeks army) and Yog beats that enemy hero with significant army. Defend Tormina and Rovener (build missing creature generators and recruit defending heroes). Scenario can be finished in eighth week with Yog having 40 Cyclopes, 9 Behemoths, 40-50 Orcs, 50-60 Wolf Raiders, 50 Rocs, horde of Goblins (unnecessary) and Terek having 8 Behemoths, 17-18 Cyclopes, 30-35 Ogres, 70-75 Orcs, horde of Goblins, horde of Wolf Raiders. To reach Ulgak Yog must defeat a stack of 25-30 Behemoths (with careful maneuvering will lose only Goblins). Make sure that Yog reaches level 15 and visits all stat enhancers for Attack and Defense.

A Tough Start[edit]

  • Map size: medium
  • Level cap: 18
  • Yog: level 15, attack-defense= about 18, 5-7 Wolf Raiders, 20-25 Goblins
  • Starting town: Strongglen(Stronghold; Town Hall, Goblin Barracks) located in center of map, on western shore of swampy land; just south of town there is a Sawmill
  • Win condition: Take Sandals of the Saint and Armor of Wonder to Alendora
  • Loss condition: Yog defeated in combat
  • Bonus at start: 10 wood OR Ring of Wayfarer OR 3500 gold (choose artifact)

First week[edit]

HMM3 birth barbarian tough start sword hellfire.png

Recruit a Stronghold hero (Jabarkas) and give all available army to Yog. Near town there is a Scholar (+1 Attack); Yog takes it then goes on the road to southeast, flagging right and left (in case of creature generators recruit also). So, he flags that Sawmill, one Ore Pit, then Goblin Barracks, Wolf Pen and visits a Windmill. Next he arrives at crossroads: one road to northeast by east toward exit from starting zone and one road to south. Yog goes south, flagging a Gem Pond, one Orc Tower, one Wolf Pen and visits a Water Wheel, arriving at Bryce the Seer who asks for Orb of Inhibition (see image for location). Next he flags another Wolf Pen and clears a Naga Bank, a Medusa Stores and a Dragon Fly Hive (here receiving 4 Wyverns; very useful and needed). Lastly Yog goes on the road to exit, flagging one ALchemist Lab and one Goblin Barracks, visiting a Mystical Garden.


  • some visiting should be done by Jabarkas in order to optimize Yog's path.
  • Tan enemy has cleared path to his zone, beating the stack blocking it.

At week's end:

  • Yog - level 15, 15-20 Orcs, 30-35 Wolf Raiders, 70 Goblins, 4 Wyverns (stationed in Strongglen )
  • Strongglen - Citadel, Mess Hall, level 1-5 creature generators

Second week[edit]

On first day of week recruit all on Yog who marches eastward, recruiting also from map generators, arrives at exit from starting zone where is a War Machine Factory (buy all machines), then turns north until gets to Mossden (Fortress; level 1-3 and 6 creature generators, Citadel, Town Hall), conquering it on second or third day of week. Near Mossden there is a two-way monolith guarded by several Wyvern Monarchs; let them in peace. Afterwards Yog goes north east, entering a dirt zone through a pass, marches north (northeastern corner of map) until arrives at Marshank (Fortress; Citadel; level 1-6 creature generators; Capitol; Resource Silo) and conquers it on fourth or fifth day of week. Rest of week is spent by Yog flagging in northeastern zone one Ore Pit, a Gold Mine, a Gem Pond and an Alchemist Lab. Recruit a secondary hero in Mossden on day of conquering and send him/her to explore map around this town, picking also loose resources.

At week's end:

  • Mossden: City Hall
  • Strongglen: City Hall
  • Jabarkas (around Strongglen): 7 Orcs, 15 Goblins, 18 wolf Raiders

Third week[edit]

Recruit all Wyverns and Serpent Flies from Marshank and Mossden on Yog, bring army from Strongglen, then Yog, with all this amassed army, marches south from Mossden along the road in order to attack on third day of week those several Hydras (which are guarding Boots of Speed) and a pack of Gorgons blocking access to southeastern corner of map where previously Tan movements were seen. Before attacking these Hydras and Gorgons, Yog has 45-50 Orcs, 10 Wyverns, 150-160 Goblins, 45-50 Serpent Flies, 16 Ogres, 90-96 Wolf Raiders, 11 Rocs; using wait these wandering stacks can be defeated with zero losses. After beating these stacks, a strong enemy hero tends to "hide" in a pocket west from Hermit Cove (Fortress; level 1-4, 6 creature generators; Castle); do not let him/her escape (10-12 Attack and Defense). Said town is afterwards conquered. A Tan hero appears from north west of Mossden, still far enough; surely into that direction lies the last town of enemy. Recruit secondary heroes in Hermit Cove and Mossden to explore terrain, flag mines and visit weekly income generators (Windmills, Water Wheels, Mystical Gardens).

At week's end:

  • Yog - level 17
  • Mossden - level 1-7 creature generators, Cage of Warlords
  • Strongglen - level 1-7 creature generators, Castle
  • Marshank - level 1-6 creature generators, Cage of Warlords
  • Hermit Cove - Cage of Warlords

Fourth week and beyond[edit]

HMM3 birth barbarian tough start underground entrance.png

Yog goes toward northwest, defeating any Tan hero he encounters, until arrives to Edgewater (Fortress; level 1-7 creature generators, Citadel, City Hall) and conquers it. Following this battle, Yog should attain level 18 and Tan should be defeated; if not, does not matter. Yog then goes eastward through swamp, visits Hut of the Magi (shows an island near western edge of map, island separated in four parts, each part having one Orb; see image), then continues towards east until arrives in northeastern coener of map where is a Hydra Pond and flags it. If Tan was not defeated with the conquest of Edgewater, here should have retreated the last (wimpy) Tan hero(es). Meantime, with secondary heroes a Subterranean Gate was found in center of map, blocked by Quest Guard asking for Sword of Hellfire (see image for location). At this moment (middle of fourth week), Yog must fulfill scenario quest.

How to proceed:

  • build Hydra Pond and Castle in every Fortress;
  • amass only Fortress army on Yog, Chaos Hydras (at least 15; should be more than 30), Wyvern Monarhs, Mighty Gorgons and Dragon Flies will suffice;
  • pass by a Quest Guard (asking for 15 Chaos Hydras; see image for location) just west of Edgewater, free a hero imprisoned and puts his army on Yog;
  • go west to Shipyard guarded by Chaos Hydras, flag it, buy boat, embark and go to island;
  • pick all four artifacts (Orb of Silt, Orb of Tempestuous Fire, Org of Driving Rain and Orb of the Firmament); every one is behind a Quest Guard which lets only Yog pass;
  • go to southwest of map where Sulmand the Seer can be found (see location); trade the four Orbs for Orb of Inhibition;
  • go to Bryce the Seer who will give Sword of Hellfire;
  • having the Sword, go underground with Yog, defeat lots of Chaos Hydras, pass by Quest Guard (also lets only Yog pass) and finally get to Alendora where get rid of two artifacts, getting in return Pendant of Courage.

On getting Pendant of Courage, scenario ends in third week of third month (or sooner; before going underground, Yog must visit all stat enhancers for Attack and Defense; do not forget the Library of Enlightenment).

Falor and Terwen[edit]

  • Enemy: One (teal)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Win condition: Deliver Celestial Necklace of Bliss and Lion's Shield of Courage to Falor and Terwen.
  • Loss condition: Yog is defeated or he loses either artifact.
  • Level cap: 21
  • Map size: Small
  • Start bonus: Badge of Courage, 3 Ogres or 8 Orc Chieftains (choose last)
  • Starting town: Morganheim (Stronghold; Town Hall, Goblin Barracks; cannot build level 6 and 7 creature generators; two Rocs stationed as garrison)
  • Yog: Level 18; 8 Orc Chieftains, 4-5 Orcs, 4-5 Wolf Raiders, 15 Goblins

The first five days[edit]

Recruit a secondary hero and put all available army (including the two Rocs) on Yog, who then goes south along the road until arrives at Highcastle (Castle). This town is blocked by lots of Royal Griffins; Yog kills them easily and then conquers it on day 2 (guarded by pack of Griffins and lots of Archers; has Shipyard; an available boat is near). The middle of map is occupied by a lake.

Yog embarks, sails eastward, picking a chest (1,500 gold) and two flotsams, disembarking on the fourth day near Castellatus (Castle). On the next day he occupies it (is unguarded; has level 1-4 creature generators, Fort, City Hall, Griffin Bastion). Meantime the secondary hero flags mines and unguarded creature generators (recruiting troops), if any, and picks up loose resources.

Days 6-14[edit]

From Castellatus Yog marches along the road, finally turning north, until arrives at Whitemoon (eastern side of lake); Yog attacks and conquers it; the best enemy hero likely fled before through a one-way monolith near Whitemoon (its exit being between Morganheim and Hightcastle) and conquered Morganheim, despite heroic defense. Build Monastery in Whitemoon and Castellatus; flag mines and creature generators around these two towns. Recruit a secondary hero in Whitemoon.

At end of second week:

  • Yog (level 18) - near Morganheim; about 50 Royal Griffins, 14 Swordsmen, 13 Monks, 30 Marksmen, 2 Rocs, 7 Orc Chieftains, pack of Pikemen

Third week and beyond[edit]

Yog conquers Morganheim (defended by a weak hero; the best enemy hero likely fled to northeastern corner of player starting zone), then goes along the road to find and defeat him/her, eliminating the enemy in third week.

How to proceed next:

  • Reach level 21 by flagging all structures on map (and beating guarding monsters to gain experience points) and visiting two Trees of Knowledge, one in western half, the other in eastern half of map
  • Yog goes to southeastern corner of map (south of Castellatus; see image) and visits Light blue Keymaster's Tent (guarded by lots of Monks)
  • He goes to the island located in the middle of lake (in fifth week), passes by Light blue Border Guard, enters underground, goes east, defeats 8 Archangels and visits Green Keymaster's Tent (see image); he should have 1 Angel, 4 Champions, 40 Halberdiers, 18 Crusaders, 90 Royal Griffins, 11 Zealots (because Archangels tend to attack that Angel, he should not lose more than 2 Halberdiers); Yog remains underground
  • A secondary hero visits Red Keymaster's Tent (located near Morganheim; see image)
  • Yog beats 11 Archangels blocking passage to Red Border Guard; behind it there is a Seer Hut where are Falor and Terwen; he delivers them the artifacts.

Scenario is finished in fifth week.

Returning to Bracada[edit]

  • Win condition: deliver Heavenly Helm of Enlightenment and Sword of Judgment to Beleg and Orruk
  • Loss condition: Yog is defeated or loses either artifact
  • Level cap: 25
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Bonus at start: Everflowing Crystal Cloak, two Cyclopes, or four Rocs (choose the Rocs)
  • Map size: Small
  • Start town: Kruber (Stronghold; Town Hall, Goblin Barracks, Wolf Pen, Orc Tower) on grassland, northeastern corner of map; there is a Goblin Barracks near it, guarded by lots of level 1 wandering monsters
  • Enemy: Red

First week[edit]

Recruit a secondary hero and put all available troops on Yog.

Toward the south there are: White Keymaster's Tent (guarded by lots of Ancient Behemoths), Genevieve the Seer (asks for defeat of Champions), Library of Enlightenment (Yog visits it), Stables (Yog visits it) and Ore Pit (unguarded).

Toward west there are: Sawmill (flag), WaterWheel (visit), Orc Tower (flag and recruit), Cyclops Stockpile (leave it alone), Naga Bank (leave it alone), Windmill (visit it), a Tree of Knowledge (Yog visits it) and, in the northwestern corner of map, a Gold Mine (flag) and Cyclops Cave (flag and recruit).

There are two passes from player's starting zone (about 40% of surface map, grassland) to enemy zone (60% of surface map, snow), one near eastern border of map and the other in the center (both blocked by lots of Diamond Golems). An enemy town is visible, Machina (Tower; Citadel; northwestern corner of enemy zone) and also a Crystal Cavern.

End of week
  • Secondary hero: stationed at WaterWheel
  • Yog (level 22): seven Rocs, two Cyclopes, 50–60 Goblins, 10–15 Wolf Raiders, 17–18 Orcs
  • Kruber: level 1–3 and five creature generators; Castle; City Hall

Second Week[edit]

Recruit Rocs, Orcs, Cyclopes (Wolf Raiders and Goblins as possible) from Kruber and the two map dwellings; all army goes to Yog. Then he (having 11 Rocs, four Cyclopes, 30–40 Orcs, a pack of Wolf Raiders and a horde of Goblins) attacks Naga Bank, defeating the guardians and collecting 14 Sulf and 8,000 Gold. Next Yog goes south, beats those center-blocking Diamond Golems, turns west and arrives at Machina, conquering it (has Capitol, Castle and level 1–4 and six creature generators). Afterwards he returns to grassland.

Build Behemoth Crag in Kruber.

Third week and beyond[edit]

Yog recruits Rocs, Cyclopes, Orcs, two Behemoths, Master Genies, marches south, passes by a Subterranean Gate and arrives at Mystos (Tower; all creature dwellings; Castle). On third day of week Red enemy should be vanquished.

How to proceed to fulfill quest:

  • Yog flags all mines and creature dwellings and conquers the fourth town on map (Stronggale, Tower, neutral).
  • Amass army strong enough to defeat lots of Ancient Behemoths.
  • Yog visits White Keymaster's Tent.
  • Yog goes underground and visits Purple Keymaster's Tent (the blocking Quest Guard lets only Yog pass).
  • He goes to southeastern corner of map.
  • Here he passes first by White Border Guard, second by Purple Border Guard, and gives to a seer the Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment, receiving in return Badge of Courage.
  • Next he passes by Quest Guard (asks for Badge of Courage) and gives to the other seer the Sword of Judgment, receiving in return Pendant of Courage.
  • The scenario and campaign are so finished (Yog is at level 23, Attack-Defense=32-33).