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Gelu has spent many months training to become a member of Erathia's Forest Guard. For his final test, he is tasked to assemble an artifact known as the Elixir of Life. He must find the artifact's four components to keep it out of the hands of the Necromancers.

Graduation Exercise[edit]

  • Win condition: defeat all enemies
  • Loss condition: Gelu is defeated in combat

This scenario is relatively easy (Normal difficulty). As start bonus, choose Sharpshooters (20). Gelu and other two heroes will transfer to the next scenario with their skills and spells.

Scenario objective: defeat enemy (only one, red banner)

First week[edit]

We begin with Gelu in northeastern corner of map. Near, to east, there are few Grand Elves (5); also, to south there are several Battle Dwarves (10); both join Gelu when approached. After joining, Gelu marches westward, arrives near a Sawmill and Centaur Stables, frees them and recruits Centaurs. Toward west there is a road blocked by horde of level 4 monsters; leave them in peace for now. Instead, Gelu goes south on road and in day 3 conquers Strongglen (of Rampart alignment), then goes eastward where flags Gem Pond, then southward until reaches a Water Wheel (visit it); near it there is Homestead (flag and recruit Elves in order to have as more Sharpshooters as possible). Towards south from pair Water Wheel - Homestead there is Red Keymaster Tent (visit it). Hire a secondary hero; he/she gives all Centaurs and Elves (if any) to Gelu, then he/she should go southward on the road, pass by crossroads (from here a path goes to west and another to south); our heor goes south, discovering an enemy town (Tormina, Stronghold alignment); near that crossroad there are Crystal Cavern (guarded by lots of level 2 monsters), Sulfur Dune (guarded by lots of level 1 monsters) and Learning Stone (+1000 experience points). Gelu, after visiting Red Tent, beats monsters guarding Enchanted Spring (east of tent), flags it and recruits Pegasi.

At week's end:

  • Gelu - level 4 or 5
  • Strongglen - level 1-4 creature generators, City Hall

Second week[edit]

On first day of week Gelu takes all available Centaurs, Pegasi and Elves (if enough gold) and goes to attack Tormina (on the way flags Sawmill near road), conquers it on day 3-4 (has level 1-5 creature generators built, but no Citadel) and beats any hero who might left town to regain mines (if wanted, could be a tactic to have gelu finish a day outside de town, but flagging some mines to attract enemy hero out of walled town). After conquering Tormina, Gelu flags Sawmill, Ore Pit and Alchemist Lab (last is in a "pocket" NE of town). At week's end is possible to appear 1-2 enemy hero, each with one week troops (level 1-5/6) and flag mines near crossroad between Tormina and Strongglen; if so, barricade that hired hero in Strongglen with all available troops and build Citadel; Gelu should reach and crush one of that heroes (with adequate tactics only few Centaurs will be lost).

End of week:

  • Strongglen - level 1-4 creature generators, Citadel, City Hall
  • Tormina - level 1-5 creature generators
  • Gelu (level 7; bought Ammo Cart from Tormina) - 25-30 Sharpshooters, 10-15 Centaurs, 15 Pegasi

Third and fourth weeks[edit]

Gelu beats that enemy hero left (if there is any); if appears another one from west, that too, being careful to not let Tormina be captured. Afterwards he takes all available army from Strongglen (Centaurs, Pegasi and Elves), marches south until crossroad, turns west, pass through a mountain gorge (well, something like; there is Ore Pit near road; flag it). Meanwhile secondary hero flags mines captured by red enemy. On day 4 Gelu (level 8; 8-9 artifacts captured from beaten heroes; 25 Sharpshooters, 15-20 Elves, 20-25 Pegasi, 50 Centaurs; Elves and Sharpshooters numbers may vary depending on how player decides to upgrade Elves to Sharpshooters) arrives in southwestern corner of map, where is Coldsoul (of Necropolis alignment) with level 1-6 creatures in garrison, attacks and conquers it. Next he goes on road to north, pass by Subterranean Gate (at east of road), arrives at Gladeroot (Rampart alignment; guarded by level 1-4 undead and level 1-2 Rampart troops; neutre), attacks and conquers it; near town is Light blue Keymaster Tent (visit it). In the center of map there is one Pandora Box; open it with Gelu; after warning, follows a battle with 5 Sultan Efreets and 5 Master Genies; kill them for +1 Attack, +1 Defense, +1 Power, +1 Knowledge and resources (20 crystals, 20 gems, 5000 gold); with this battle Gelu should reach level 10 (maximum permitted by scenario). Flag everything with two secondary heroes (to gain some levels too because will be transferred to next scenario). After secondary heroes flagged and picked everything (or at the same time), Gelu goes underground, turns north, arrives at Blindroot (Dungeon alignment), conquers it, then goes southward beyond Subterranean Gate, arriving at a fork of tunnels (one to southeast and one to southwest; in either should be the last enemy hero); go and smash him/her, claiming victory. Scenario should end in 4-5 weeks; secondary heroes should be at level 4 or 5. Advice: if we are offered Wisdom, Logistics or Earth Magic for Gelu, take it.


  • Win condition: acquire Ring of Vitality
  • Loss condition: Gelu is defeated in battle

We begin in the northwest of map (zone A) with Gelu (10 Sharpshooters). We have the city of Strongglen (names may vary) having level 1-3 creature generators, Mage Guild level 1, Marketplace, Tavern. Bonus at start: 10 Rogues or Equestrian Gloves (better choose troops)

First week[edit]

HMM3 cutthroats central intersection.png

Gelu takes all Elves and upgrades them to Sharpshooters; he also takes all Centaurs and others shooters who can be upgraded at Sharpshooters, if any, from the other two starting heroes. Next he frees al mines in zone A: Crystal Cavern northwest of Strongglen, Sawmill east of Strongglen, Ore Pit further east of Sawmill, Sulphur Dune southwest by south of Strongglen. Other points of interest in zone A: two Witch Huts (visit them first with a secondary hero in order not to fill Gelu slots with skills of little importance), Centaur stables southwest of Strongglen (recruit!), Windmill, Purple Keymaster's Tent south of Strongglen (guarded by several level 6 monsters; visit it with Gelu), Homestead northeast of Strongglen (guarded by lots of level 1 wandering monsters; recruit!). Mines are flagged by a hero who follows Gelu; the other starting hero will stay for now in zone A. After finishing zone A, Gelu exits form it marching toward southeast on road, entering zone B. Immediately after entering zone B, on the left is Gold Mine; flag it. Further east is Gem Pond; flag it. More to east is a pass to north into a "pocket" with goodies, Water Wheel, Learning Stone, School of Magic, Black Market, 1 artifact; Gelu beats the several level 5 monsters guarding the entrance and picks some things laying around. Meanwhile secondary hero who followed Gelu goes on road to center of map in order to discover as much as possible, until he/she arrives at a fork in road (see image).

one to northeast and one to south, besides the one to northwest on which he/she travelled; here we have Water Wheel and Magic Well; if there are loose resources, pick them; otherwise do not attack wandering monsters (lack of troops). The road south goes into zone C; towards northeast from said crossroad there is Light blue Border Gate. Between experience and gold (chests) choose gold always.

At week's end: Strongglen - level 1-4/5 creature generators, City Hall, Miners Guild, Citadel Gelu (level 11) - about 45 Sharpshooters (Sharpshooters are divided in two stacks always in this scenario), about 25 Centaurs, maybe pack of others

Second week[edit]

Especially if there is some sign of activity from enemy (should be Tan) in zone B, move Gelu from northern "pocket" on road from Strongglen to central forking intersection where hero remained around Strongglen arrives with fresh troops (Elves, Pegasi and Centaurs only). Gelu, taking them, goes towards southeast until said crossroad, next marches south (zone C) to another fork in road, goes to east until Green Falls (Rampart, belongin to Tan enemy), conquering it; at east and northeast of town there is Holy Ground on which lies Green Keymaster's Tent. If wandering monsters want to join for greater glory accept it.

At week's end:

  • Gelu (level 12; being around Green Falls; 2-3 artifacts) - about 60 Sharpshooters, about 60 Centaurs, about 15 Pegasi, maybe pack of others
  • Strongglen - Castle, Capitol, level 1-6 creature generators, Miner's Guild, Dendroid Saplings (optional)
  • Green Falls - City Hall, Citadel, level 1-5 creature generators, probable Resource Silo and Mage Guild level 2 (sometimes computer players tend to be poor builders)

Third week[edit]

Gelu, from around Green Falls (somewhere east of it) goes to north until Purple Border Guard, open it arriving to Quest Guard who lets only Gelu pass; behind this Quest Guard there is Badge of Courage; pick it. Afterwards he turns west, pass by intersection until Daggercourt (Rampart, belongs to Tan enemy), conquers it, then towards west to free some mines; there (central-west) lies Light blue Keymaster's Tent. In the meantime secondary heroes are flagging mines; one of them remains around Green Falls at end of week. All mines north of Green Falls and Daggercourt should be ours now.

At end of week:

  • the two secondary heroes - level 5/6, some troops
  • Gelu (level 13) - horde of Sharpshooters (about 80), about 5 Unicorns, horde of Centaurs (closer to 50), about 25 Pegasi
  • Strongglen - same as previous week + Treasury
  • Green Falls - level 1-6 creature generators, Resource Silo, Castle, City Hall
  • Daggercourt - City Hall, Castle, Resource Silo, level 1-6 creature generators

Note 1: close to Daggercourt starts a road to southwest Note 2: Tan is not yet defeated; there are first signs of Red activity close to our discovered zone.

Fourth and fifth weeks[edit]

Gelu visits Light blue Keymaster's Tent. An enemy hero with strong army (roughly equal to Gelu's) enters zone B from south; Gelu will track him/her down, positioning himself so as in one turn to reach and defeat him/her; meanwhile recruit a garrisoning hero in Daggercourt; make sure we have one in Green Falls too; recruit all available troops to defend these cities against a possible attack; could be another red hero around, but he/she has a small army, so no worry. After Gelu beats that powerful red hero, he takes some more troops from central Ramparts and goes from multiple crossroads in map center towards southeast, enters dirt land, turns left (to north), arives at Blackquarter (Necropolis, belongs to Red), conquers it, then swiftly goes south passing by a Temple, arrives in southeast of map where lies Agony (NecropOlis, Red town), conquers it, then goes westward on road; at end of week he is around center-south of map, near map limit. The other heroes defend Green Falls and Daggercourt (we build Dragon Cliff in one; not really necessary). Either Agony, or Blackquarter should have (when conquered) Mage Guild level 4. Recruit secondary heroes from Blackquarter and Agony for flagging mines, visiting Windmills and Waterwheels. Keep an eye on Mage Guilds for Town Portal and Ressurection spells.

At end of fifth week

  • Gelu (level 15): about 75-80 Sharpshooters, about 35-40 Pegasi, about 10 Unicorns, several Centaurs (could be none)
  • Agony and Blackquarter: level 1-5/6 creature generators, a possible Mage Guild level 4

Sixth week[edit]

HMM3 cutthroats north east of map dark blue tent and helper seer.png

We conquer Forest (Rampart, Red) located in center-south-west of map, south of Daggercourt with a secondary hero; there is also a road linking Forest with dirt zone (from town to south). Gelu goes to north-east zone of map (see image)

through Light blue Border Gate, beats everything in his path, flags all, visits all (1 Marletto Tower and 1 Arena), conquers Wise Oak (Rampart, neutral; has some Green Dragons in its garrison; should be piece of cake for Gelu). Here is also Dark blue Keymaster's Tent (unguarded). In south-west of map there is Fortune Keep (Rampart, neutral); this town is conquered with secondary hero stationed in Green Falls (one of the two starting heroes) who should have 40-50 Grand Elves, 40-50 Pegasi, 15-20 Unicorns and throng of Centaurs. Other heroes flag mines recruit troops, visit stat ennhancers and Windmills/Waterwheels.

At end of week:

  • Gelu(level 15; somewhere in north-east zone) - throng of Sharpshooters (two stacks), horde of Silver Pegasi, lots of War Unicorns
  • secondary hero in southwest (level 8-9): see above troops

All enemies should be vanquished by now. Also, in southwest there is Dark blue Border Guard.

Seventh and eighth weeks[edit]

HMM3 cutthroats south west of map seer giving ring of vitality.png

Note: Could be only senventh week if Gelu visited already all stat enhancers he passed by. In northeast we have Sulmand the Seer who asks for Badge of Courage; in exchange he tells us that Ring of Vitality is in southwest, kept by another seer, and gives us Angel Wings. Visit with Gelu all stat enhancers remained unchecked by him; build Mage Guilds at maximum permitted (there are some restrictions) and learn all spells available. Next Gelu goes to southwest, passes by Dark blue Border Guard, visits School of War and at last goes to Rival the Seer who gives us the much searched Ring of Vitality. As soon as we have this Ring, scenario ends.

Valley of the Dragon Lords[edit]

  • Win condition: acquire Ring of Life and defeat all enemies
  • Loss condition: Gelu is defeated in combat

Start bonus: 1 Green Dragon or Boots of Speed or 3000 gold (choose that Dragon)

We begin in northeast corner of map with Gelu and the best two other heroes from Cutthroats, let them be second hero and third hero:

  • Gelu (level 15) - 10 Sharpshooters, 1 Green Dragon; he is placed furthest from starting city
  • second hero (level 8-9); between the other two
  • third hero (level 4-5); closest to starting city.

Starting city:

  • Serenity (names may vary) - level 1-3 basic creature generators already built, Dragon Cliffs, City Hall

We must move quickly because enemy surely has same buildings (we must not let it to raise big armies).

Gather all available Elves (upgrade to Sharpshooters), Centaurs and Dragons from Serenity, paying attention to minimize movement

We see from starting position a road (from Serenity to southwest), 1 Ore Pit (guarded by lots of level 2 monsters), 1 Sawmill, 1 Centaur Stables (guarded by pack of level 4 monsters).

If Gelu has Advanced Air/Earth Magic (Earth very probable), cast to see that enemy (Orange) is located in northwest and southeast corners.

First and second week[edit]

Geluu marches westward (not on road to southwest), visits Green Keymaster's Tent, next goes southwest, passes by Crystal Cavern guarded by 1 Faerie Dragon (a hint we'll meet other ddragons as well; from here wee see just over mountain range the town of Elfwind, a neutral Rampart), again passes by Den of Thieves, next marches westward (just south Red Keymaster's Tent can be seen), flags Enchanted Spring (recruit 7 Pegasi here), enter road (we can see now toward south the town of Fortune Keep, a neutral Rampart right in center of map). Gelu now flags one Ore Pit, then goes to west on road, visits nearby School of Magic (choose +1 knowledge), turns north, walks on Holy Ground, turns northeast until reaches and conquers Elfwind. Near this town is entrance to a "pocket" where there are Library of Enlightenment and Light blue Keymaster's Tent; entrance is Garrison guarded by horde of Grand Elves, horde of Silver Pegasi, lots of Dendroid Soldiers and pack of War Unicorns; do not attack Garrison now. Upon conquering Elfwind in second week, wee see it has Upgraded Homestead and Dragon Cliffs, Mage Guild level 4 and Town Hall; otherwise it is restricted in what can be built (almost nothing). After Gelu takes over Elfwind, we must get rid of northwest town of enemy; so go with Gelu either on road, or on Holy Ground. The town of Wise Oak (Orange enemy, the only one) has not even Fort; instead it has Centaur Stables, Dwarf Cottage, Upgraded Dragon Cliffs, Mage Guild level 2 and City Hall. Here Gelu upgrades his Dragons (one from Serenity and one from Elfwind). Next he goes towards Fortune Keep and conquers it.

While Gelu wanders, second hero frees mines near Serenity, then fromn center of map (visit with him/her that Red Keymaster's Tent).

Third hero discovers map.


  • from Wise Oak to Fortune Keep (northwest to southeast);
  • from Fortun Keep to Serenity (southwest to northeast);
  • from middle of road (2) forks another to east, then to south

At end of second week:

  • Gelu (level 16) - 3 Gold Dragons, 25-30 Sharpshooters, 10-15 Pegasi, 10-15 Dendrois Guards (optional)
  • second hero (level 9-10) - 2 Green Dragons, 10-15 Centaurs, about 15 Pegasi, 5-10 Grand Elves

So we have two armies on map; second hero remains in center-northeast zone.

  • Serenity - Capitol, Castle, level 1-4/5 creature generators
  • Elfwind - Dragon Cliffs, Mage Guild level 4, Town Hall
  • Wise Oak - City Hall, Castle, Mage Guild level 2, Upgraded Dragon Cliffs, Centaur Stables, Dwarf Cottage
  • Fortune Keep - Town Hall, Castle, Mage Guild level 4, Upgraded Centaur Stables, Upgraded Homestead, Dragon Cliffs

Some enemy hero should appear in center-east zone (one road going south). Advice: Do not end one week with no gold; always leave some.

Third week[edit]

Gelu leaves Forest Keep towards southwest, reach in corner of map and conquers Gladeroot (Rampart alignment; has no Fort, but Upgraded Dragon Cliffs, Mage Guild level 1, City Hall). Then Gelu returns to center and flags mines, visits stat enhancers. Meanwhile second hero guards Serenity. If an Orange hero approaches Wise Oak or Fortune Keep, recruit all troops from it on a new hero and defend in town; next bring second hero with all available army from Serenity; if Wise Oak is conquered, bring second hero from Serenity with all available troops there and recapture Wise Oak; if invading Orange hero is too powerful, Gelu will surely defeat him/her.

At week's end:

  • Gelu (level 16) - 5 Dragons (Green and Gold), 30-40 Sharpshooters, few or several Pegasi, maybe some Centaurs
  • second hero - 4 Green Dragons, 90-100 Centaurs, 25-30 Pegasi, 25-30 Grand Elves

From Gladeroot towards east on road we arrive at at Light blue Border Guard (almost sure beyond is quest zone). Is more probable that enemy tries to recapture Wise Oak than Fortune Keep, because it already had it before and knows surrounding zone.

Fourth week and beyond[edit]

HMM3 valley dragon lords quest zone.png

Gelu and second hero vanquish Orange enemy: Gelu goes to southeast of map and conquers Forest (Rampart; belongs to Orange), and second hero beats enemy hero who attack northern half of map. With Gelu we see that another entrance to quest zone (center-south of map) is from its east with Red Border Guard blocking it. During the fourth week enemy should be vanquished. After eliminating the enemy, Gelu visits all stat enhancers, learns all available spells (build Mage Guilds as much as possible) and beats all remaining wandering monsters in order to attain level 20 (maximum permitted by scenario). After it he replenish his army (if needed), goes to quest zone (either way, east or west; see image), conquers Rainhaven (Rampart; neutral; completely built; guarded by several dragons of each type except Azure). Here, near Rainhaven is Green Border Guard; after passing it is a Quest Guard which lets only Gelu pass; just after latter Guard is out objective, Ring of Life; on picking it scenario is completed.

Note: Should take about three weeks between enemy defeat and scenario end.

A Thief in the Night[edit]

  • Win condition: acquire Vial of Lifeblood from Vampire Lord Vokial
  • Loss condition: Gelu is defeated in battle

Start bonus: 10 Sharpshooters or 20 Rogues or 3000 gold (choose 10 Sharpshooters)

Gelu at start : level 20, 20 Sharpshooters (including 10 from bonus)


  • Emerald Moor (Rampart) - Capitol, Mage Guild level 3, level 1-4 unupgraded creature generators, 14 Centaurs, 8 Dwarves, 7 Elves, 5 Pegasi
  • Fortune Keep (Rampart) - City Hall, Mage Guild level 2, level 1-4 unupgraded creature generators, 14 Centaurs, 8 Dwarves, 7 Elves, 5 Pegasi

First week[edit]

HMM3 thief night eastern garrison enemy zone.png
HMM3 thief night hester the seer location.png
HMM3 thief night garrison neutral zone.png

Our zone (northeast of map) is separated at south by Garrison (see top image) guarded by 10 Dendroid Soldiers, 40 Grand Elves ans two stacks of 35 Centaur Captains. There is a road from Emerald Moor toward east to a Seer Hut (see middle image) who asks for Titan's Gladius and Sentinel's Shield, then towards southwest until an intersection; from here westward through Garrison (unguarded; see bottom image) we get to neutral zone; toward south Gelu marches to Forest Keep; from here road bends to southeast arriving to easternmost Garrison which communicates with enemy territory (dirt, Necromancer's).

Meantime we capture mines: 2 Sawmills, 2 Ore Pits, 1 Sulfur Dune, 1 Crystal Cavern, 1 Gem Pond, 1 Alchemist Lab Also flag Centaur Stables, Homesteads and Enchanted Springs, recruiting as we go on Gelu. Visit 1 Water Wheel, 1 Windmill, 1 Learning Stone. We recruit a secondary hero from Forest Keep.

At week's end:

  • Emerald Moor - Citadel, level 1-6 unupgraded creature generators, Resource Silo, Miner's Guild, Treasury, Mage Guild level 3 and others
  • Forest Keep - Mage Guild level 2, Castle, level 1-6 unupgraded creature generators, Miner's Guild and others
  • Gelu (level 20) - 30-35 Sharpshooters, others troops
  • second hero (level 2) - some troops

Second week[edit]

Midweek Gelu starts invading enemy territory with an army composed of 30-35 Sharpshooters, 6 Unicorns, horde of Centaurs. He goes south, passes by Garrison into dirt zone, visits Marletto Tower, arrives at an intersection, turns east to Shadow Keep (Necropolis) and conquers it easily (hasn't even Citadel). Gelu next turns west (cast Advanced/Expert View Air/Earth to see terrain and track enemy heroes' movement) until Garrison (magic banned here); beyong is Worm Warren (Necropolis, Vokial's residence, has Castle). Gelu conquers it, beating Vokial with serious losses (use Expert Stone Skin, Expert Ressurection, Chain Lightning - last if available). After conquering this town, the enemy has only one town left, west of Worm Warren. Hire a hero (that with maximum army available) to guard Worm Warren and another in Shadow Keep for exploring and flagging enemy's mines. Gelu returns around Forest Keep; here we already ferried some troops (Elves, Pegasi, centaurs) from both Ramparts to be ready when Gelu arrives in oreder to replenish his army.

At week's end:

  • Gelu(level 20) - 30-35 Sharpshooters, 10-11 Unicorns, 15-20 Pegasi, about 50 Centaurs, many artefacts

Third week[edit]

Gelu takes army from Fortune Keep (if needed), goes around Garrison south of Worm Warren (Town Portal if available), marches on the road west until arrives at Terminus (Necropolis, has Castle), conquers it and tracks any remaining enemy hero. So, enemy should be vanquished during this week.

At week's end:

  • Emerald Moor - unupgraded level 1-7 creature generators, Capitol, Castle, Resource Silo, Treasury and others
  • Fortune Keep - unupgraded level 1-7 creature generators, City Hall, Castle and others
  • Shadow Keep - Castle, Resource Silo, City Hall and others
  • Worm Warren - Castle, City Hall, Resource Silo and others
  • Terminus - City Hall, Castle, Resource Silo and others
  • Gelu (level 21) - 50-60 Sharpshooters, 10-15 Unicorns, 25-30 Pegasi, about 100 Centaurs

Fourth week and beyond[edit]

Objective: we must find Titan's Gladius and Sentinel's Shield.

But first we "clean" with Gelu all zone yet undiscovered (zone neither our start zone, nor dirt zone) so as he gets to level 25; also build Mage Guilds level 5 in all towns and have Gelu visit them; he should visit all stat enhancers on map. After upping Gelu as much as possible, we proceed by marching Gelu south (dirt zone, near map edge); here we find Light blue Keymaster's Tent (blocked by Quest Guard, opened only by Gelu); he visits this Tent, then goes to north of map to find Light blue Border Gate, passes through it and reaches a pair of two-way monoliths, choosing the right one. Gelu arrives in southwest of map, beyond Brown Border Guard. Here we find Green Keymaster's Tent (blocked by pack of Liches/Power Liches); visit it if desired; also there is Titan's Gladius around, behind Quest Guard (blocked by several Black Dragons); this Quest Guard lets only green banner party pass; we go and pick the artifact. Next through monolith Gelu returns to north of map where he uses the other monolith (left one); so he arrives in southeast of map. Here we find Brown Keymaster's Tent (unguarded; visit it if desired) and Sentinel's Shield, the latter behind a Quest Guard guarded by several Red Dragons; this Quest Guard lets only pass carriers of green banner. Pick the artifact. After Gelu has both Titan's Gladius and Sentinel's Shield on him, he goes to north east, seeking Hester the Seer to whom he gives these two artifacts, as reward receiving Vial of Lifeblood. As soon as we have Vial of Lifeblood, scenario and campaign end.

Note: should pass about a month from enemy vanquishing to scenario's end.