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Crag Hack, newly arrived in Erathia and looking for adventure, meets a young wizard named Sandro, who hires him to find the four pieces of the Armor of the Damned so he can destroy the cursed thing. Great rewards are offered for this service.

Bashing Skulls[edit]

  • Win condition: seize the Skull Helmet from Barshon the Barbarian.
  • Loss condition: Crag Hack is defeated in combat.
  • Level cap for Crag Hack: 10
  • Medium sized map.
  • Two enemies, Red and Tan.
  • Hard difficulty (in Shadow of Death is modifiable)
  • Starting bonus: 40 Goblins or 20 Wolf Raiders or 15 Orcs; choose 15 Orcs

You begin with Crag Hack at level 2 (has Expert Offense, Attack 5, Defense 0, Power 1, Knowledge 1) in southeastern corner of map and without a town. Put Crag Hack troops in tight formation (Orcs in middle) and split the wolves into smaller stacks for blocking.

You will aim at Expert Tactics and Expert Air Magic, since they will help your otherwise slow troops to hit first (and hard, since you are Crag Hack).

First week[edit]

Pick that Campfire near start position (600 gold + 6 gems), then proceed to north-west on road (we must capture a town as quickly as possible). You meet a Red enemy, Gurnis the Barbarian with 5 Orcs and 25 Hobgoblins; when clicked first, a message pops: "I, Gurnis the Barbarian, demand that you shall go no further into these lands. Turn back now or die!"; on second click battle begins. Tactic employed: wait all, enemy Hobgoblins move forward outside full damage zone, shoot them with Orcs (half damage), block your Orcs with rest of your troops, in second turn Hobgoblins are killed by Orcs (who make now full damage) and your Goblins and Wolf Raiders who waited to minimize losses; after Hobgoblins are down, shoot with orcs and defend with the rest two turns (when that 5 enemy Orcs are dead); losses - not more then 15 Goblins.

Pass by Stables (visit), then a little more to west find Dragonspire (Stronghold), guarded by lots of Goblins (about 30, of which one third are Hobgoblins; only Fort). Tactics: wait with all except Orcs who shoot enemy Hobgoblins, in second turn they arrive near your Orcs, block them and attack your Goblins (retaliation from them should kill all remaining Hobgoblins); after that kill all; losses - 1-2 Goblins and 1 Wolf Raider. Conquer Dragonspire at end of second day (garrison of 10-11 Goblins and 5-6 wolf Raiders); losses: all your remaining Goblins. This town has City Hall (cannot build Capitol and Tavern), Goblin Barracks and Orc Tower. Recruit everything available; flag Sawmill (follow road to NW) and Ore Pit (follow road to NE). Visit Windmill (SW of Dragonspire). Near Ore pit is Wagon; visit it.

At week's end:

  • Crag Hack level 3 - 20 Orcs, pack of Goblins, Ammo Cart.
  • Dragonspire: Goblin Barracks, Wolf Pen, Orc Tower, Blacksmith, Castle, Cliff Nest, Marketplace.

Second week[edit]

Buy all troops and go west of Dragonspire; you find Gold Mine, Orc Tower (recruit!); in SW of map there is Den of Thieves.

At end of week:

  • Crag Hack level 4 - about 40 Orcs, lots of Goblins, 9 Rocs, pack of Wolf Raiders
  • Dragonspire: same as first week + Mess Hall + Resource Silo + Mage Guild
  • No sign of enemy yet (excluding Gurnis).

Third week[edit]

There is a Dragon Fly Hive at the Den of Thieves, clear it and continue west to take the gold mine guarded by Scorpicores. The is also a +1 Defense tower and some crystal, which can be used to get Behemoth Lair. Then take the boat to the northern shore of the lake where you will find a tavern. Recruit several heroes there, one of them should go back in the boat and in the whirlpool.

End of week:

  • Dragonspire - level 1-5 creature generators, Hall of Valhalla, Resource Silo, Castle,
  • Ballista Yard, Mage Guild level 2
  • Crag Hack level 5 - about 40 Orcs, 9 Rocs, lots of Goblins, pack/lots of Wolf Raiders

Fourth week[edit]

HMM3 bashing skulls hut of the magi.PNG

Recruit everything. Then flag Crystal Mine NE of Ore Pit; afterwards go north, then west until a Gem Pond (flag it), then south, pass by Hut of the Magi (see image) which show you your destination - town of Rovener in NE corner of map; Tan has it. North of Hut of the Magi there is rocklands with 2 Goblin Barracks (about center of map). Now you see a Red enemy with a powerful army for this time upgraded packs of Stronghold and Castle creatures of level 3-5.

HMM3 bashing skulls dark blue tent.PNG

Before attacking him/her (if runs, track him/her!), Crag Hack (level 7) should have about 100 Goblins, 70 Orcs, 70 Wolf Raiders, 20 Rocs (maybe some Orc Chieftains joined for greater glory). Crag Hack must win this battle, although with serious losses (be careful not to lose many Rocs and Orcs; will be needed soon). Build Cyclops Cave in Dragonspire at end of week. Visit Dark Blue Keymaster Tent (located at western side of map, in center, on a Clover Field; see image).

From there you see to NE a mountain pass leading, presumably, to Red territory. Crag Hack (level 8) returns to Dragonspire. Meantime you upgraded all buildings and made Mage Guild level 3 (Crag Hack should have by now Wisdom). Maybe another Red hero appears wandering north of us.

Sixth week[edit]

Recruit all; Crag Hack should have: 12 Cyclops Kings, more than 100 Orc Chieftains, lots of Wolf Raiders, lots of Hobgoblins, 25+ Ogre Magi (only lots of level 1-2 because you sacrificed them previously on purpose in that battle with Red hero). March to north passing by Sawmill, get through that mountain pass, then straight north until Strongglen (Stronghold; Red); conquer it on fourth day of week (it is completely build, except Capitol and Mage Guild; has upgraded level 1-5 and Cyclops building; has Tavern also).

Probably 2 Red heroes ran from Crag Hack being about east of Hut of the Magi. From Strongglen march eastward on road until Drago Breach (Stronghold; Red) and conquer it; Crag Hack remains here with several Cyclops Kings, about 100 Orcs Chieftains, 20-25 Thunderbirds, 25-30 Ogre Magi.

Build Capitol in Strongglen; recruit here a secondary hero to flag mines and explore around. Crag Hack should attain level 10 with conquering of drago Beach and should remain there at end of this week.

Seventh week[edit]

From Drago Breach begins a road which makes a turn northward and reaches to your aim (NE zone with Tan city, Rovener).

Crag Hack recruits all from Drago Breach and goes to SW (there is a Hill Fort south of road connecting Strongglen with Drago Breach; also in area you find an Arena; upgrade Cyclops). Toward south-east of Drago Breach there is Timintal (Castle) with unupgraded level 1-4 creature generators and City Hall; you can build here only Mage Guild. South of Timintal there is a mountain pass to your starting zone. Meanwhile Red conquered Dragonspire, but could not recruit anything (we bought everything available before attack).

Eighth week[edit]

Recruit everything from Drago Breach, go with Crag Hack towards Timintal, pass by it, through that mountain pass, then to southwest until you reach Dragonspire in day 5 to reconquer it. If on way to Dragonspire there is an enemy with strong enough army, beat him/her. An enemy hero could slip by Crag Hack and retake Timintal; it does not matter; guard Strongglen and Drago Beach at all costs. After capture, Dragonspire should have building for Ancient Behemoths (we let computer build it for us).

There is another Hill Fort just south of Timintal, west of mountain pass nearby.

Weeks 9-12[edit]

HMM3 bashing skulls red tent and quest guard.PNG

Crag Hack goes from Dragonspire to Strongglen, takes army, reconquers Drago Beach (because surely it was overrun by the last relatively powerful Red hero), kills any Red hero he gets to, recaptures Timintal. Be careful not to lose again Dragonspire. Red is vanquished around week 11.

HMM3 bashing skulls subterranean gate.PNG

From Drago Breach there is a road to NE to Red Tent (see image), blocked by Dark blue Border Guard (if Red enemy did not visit corresponding tent, it will be still in place); Red Border Guard is underground; past it lurches a throng of Trolls; Subterranean Gate to underground section of map (small nevertheless) lays around center of map (see image).

After vanquishing red, beat that Trolls with Crag Hack (because Quuest Guard guarding pass to NE region asks it), then gather all available army on Crag Hack, enter NE region and conquer Rovener in week 12, beating Barshon in the process.

At beginning of battle:

  • Crag Hack should have several Ancient Behemoths, about 80 Thunderbirds, about 50 Cyclops Kings, swarm of Hobgoblins, 140-150 Wolf Raiders, about 240 Orc Chieftains, about 110 Ogre Magi;
  • Barshon Should have about 40 Cyclops Kings, about 80 Thunderbirds, about 180 Orc Chieftains, about 130 Ogre Magi, about 180 Wolf Raiders, 450-500 Hobgoblins.

With your superior status you win (serious losses though), capturing Skull Helmet (our scenario objective), and some other artifacts.

Black Sheep[edit]

  • Bonus at start: Greater Gnoll's Flail OR 5000 Gold OR Upgraded Orc Tower (choose either Upgraded Orc Tower - helps with some shooters at start - , or 5000 Gold - for easier building and recruiting at beginning)
  • Level cap: 15
  • Win condition: capture an artifact, Blackshard of Dead Knight, from Marzeth
  • Difficulty: hard
  • Loss condition: Crag Hack is defeated in combat
  • Enemies: Red
  • Starting town: Hartgrim (no creature generator, cannot build Town Hall and Tavern)

First week[edit]

Near start place (northeastern corner of map) you see a horde of Halflings guarding Centaur's Axe and lots of Boars guarding Shield of the Dwarven Lords (we take them at end of week, after building some creature generators).

Points of interest: Ore Pit just NW of Hartgrim; Sawmill W of Hartgrim (on road); Gold Mine (north of Sawmill); Windmill (near Hartgrim); between Sawmill and Gold Mine there is a pass to west guarded by pack of Ogre Magi.

End of week:

  • Crag Hack (level 10) - 3 Rocs, about 20 Goblins, about 10 Wolf Raiders, 7 Orc Chieftains (if you chose Upgraded Orc Tower as bonus)
  • Hartgrim - level 1,2,5,7 (+3, if chosen as start bonus), Castle

Second week[edit]

Crag Hack go on road from Hartgrim to south; at SE of town there is Crystal Mine; flag it; immediately at south you found a Tavern; beat guarding monsters and recruit a hero of Stronghold alignment and take his/her troops for Crag Hack. You pass by Dwarven Treasury, free Gold Mine; south of Gold Mine there is a Star Axis (+1 spell power) and Water wheel; West of Gold Mine there is Mystical Garden. The road is blocked (about middle of map) by Light blue Border Gate (on isthm between your zone and southeastern zone of map). Next you visit with the secondary hero mines and the rest; with Crag Hack only beats guarding monsters and visits stat enhancers.

End of week:

  • Crag Hack (level 11, artifacts): about 10 Wolf Raiders, 3 Rocs, some Orc Chieftains (those guarding Crystal Mine could join for greater glory).
  • both heroes should be someplace in south of starting zone (near Light blue Border Gate).
  • Hartgrim: level 1,2,3,4,5,7 creature generators; Castle; Mage Guild level 1, Marketplace (we were forced to trade resources), Blacksmith

Third week[edit]

Upgrade Rocs and Ogres.

Fourth and fifth weeks[edit]

Crag Hack (with all creatures recruited; 7 Behemoths, 15+ Thunderbirds, 15 Ogre Magi) beats Ogre Magi blocking pass to west; just north there are several Red Dragons guarding Dragon Scale Armor (+4 Attack and +4 Defense); get artifact. See image on the left for details

HMM3 hack and slash black sheep ogres between NE and NW.png

Go west, conquer Morganheim (neutral Stronghold; level 1-3 creature generators + City Hall; NW zone of map); almost sure a Red hero wandered here through a one-way monolith NE of Morganheim, eliminating Light blue Border Guard blocking access to southwestern zone of map. See image on the right for location of Light blue Border Guard.

HMM3 hack and slash black sheep isthm with light blue border guard.png

Enter enemy zone, pass by Mercenary Camp (visit), crush an ambush of 60 Swordsmen and 1 Crusader, pass by First Sword (Red; Castle type; blocked by Green Border Gate). Green Tent is in NW od this zone (there is a road from First Sword going there). Crag Hack conquers First Sword in fifth week; until then, a Red hero with significant forces probably attacks and conquers Hartgrim and maybe Morganheim too; buy all available troops before his/her attack. After conquering First Sword, Crag Hack (level 14) should have 6 Behemoths, 10-15 Thunderbirds, 15 Ogre Magi, some Orc Chieftains. Also in fifth week strike east from First Sword (upgraded level 1-6 creature generators; level 7 disabled), get past Garrison (on isthm between SW and SE zones of map) until Second Sword (Castle type; upgraded level 1-5 creature generators; level 6-7 disabled). Recruit an secondary hero in First Sword for: getting aditionally troops from 1 Archer's Tower an 2 Guardhouses; flagging Gold Mine; visiting Windmill, waterwheel, Sawmill, Ore Pit (if possible).

Weeks 6-8[edit]

Crag Hack visit Red Tent (SW of zone with Second Sword), then to NE until Third Sword (Red Border Gate blocking it; upgraded level 1-5 creature generators, unupgraded level 6) and conquers it. Objective: amassing of army on Crag Hack; do not attack an enemy hero with powerful troops; attack those with moderately or few troops (war of attrition). Next Crag Hack makes a circle on map to regain the two Strongholds: pass by Light blue Border Gate (Tent in NE of Third and Second Sword zone); probably the best enemy hero departed through a two-way monolith (south of Second Sword) into SW of map (where you see swamp => surely around there could be found Marzeth ...)

At end of second month:

  • you have all five towns on the map.

Ninth week[edit]

That hero with a strong army appears from SW zone through monolith; he/she will advance against Second Sword if you maneuvered well with Crag Hack and secondary heroes. With luck Crag Hack (200+ Marksmen, 20+ Champions, 15 Ogre Magi, about 70 Crusaders, about 400 Halberdiers, 100+ Royal Griffins, 40+ Zealots) attacks and crushes him/her outside Second Sword (before losing all army he/she will retreat). After this battle you have no dangerous enemy hero left.

Tenth and eleventh week[edit]

HMM3 hack and slash black sheep monolith 2way to quest zone.png

Crag Hack visits all remaining stat enhancers; build Mage Guilds at maximum level useful, then replenish his army, goes to two-way monolith (see image) and through it, turns south then west (rest of SW zone is not interesting), enters swamp zone (ambush of 100 Lizardmen and 40 Lizard Warriors) until arrives at Subterranean Gate (near it there is a sign saying "Admittance to excavation prohibeted upon pain of death. Signed Marzeth"), goes underground where is Marzeth (attack 10, defense 7, power 7, knowledge 6) with 70 Dread Knigths, 70 Crusaders, lots of Vampires and some Wigths and Skeletons. Crag Hack will crush him easily (he tends to use blind; Cure it), capturing Blackshard of Dead Knight and some other artifacts in the process around end of eleventh week.

A Cage in the Hand[edit]

Starting zone.

To start:

  • Northwest corner
  • No city
  • Crag Hack is level 15 (Attack-Defense = 15–16, Pow-Kno = 3–4)
  • One enemy, Red
  • Level cap = 20
  • Start bonus: Between 40 Wolf Raiders, 30 Orc Chieftains, 5 Ogres; choose 30 Orc Chieftains for easier start.

Day 1[edit]

Go south, pick 1,500 gold, visit the Windmill. Just south of Windmill is a crossroads; there is a road to south and another to east until Dragonspire (Stronghold). It is blocked to west by a Light blue Border Guard and to east by Dark blue Border Guard; just west of crossroads is Subterranean Gate. Go south, visit the Learning Stone (+ 1000 experience points).

Day 2[edit]

Visit sign at another crossroads which says:

Light Blue - Setting Sun
Dark Blue - Rising Sun

Turn westward, and ransack a campfire. You'll come to another sign:

Gold mine - North
Tent - South

So go south. Find the Light blue Keymaster's Tent, visit it and pick up the gold lying around.

Day 3[edit]

Visit the Fountain of Youth, then go straight to town. On your course you will see movement from the Red enemy.

Day 4[edit]

Pass by the Light blue Border Guard, attack the city guarded by two Ogres and eight Goblins (wait and shoot with Orc Chieftains). It has no Citadel and no Tavern, but it does have a Town Hall, Fort, Goblin Barracks and Orc Tower.

Days 5–7[edit]

Flag the Gold Mine, Sawmill and Ore Pit; the last two are near the road going east round mountains to the Dark blue Keymaster's Tent. There are two Cliff Nests around.

At the end of the first week:

  • Crag Hack: Level 15
  • Dragonspire: Townhall, Citadel, unupgraded level 1–5 creature generators

Weeks 2 and 3[edit]

If a stack of wandering monsters wants to join, accept. In the third week it is possible for a Red hero to beat one of the two fourth level stacks guarding passes to Red zone. From sign saying "… Rising Sun …" go south and conquer Blight (Necropolis). Then go underworld, beat a pack of level 2 monsters (if the artifact they are guarding is desirable) and lots of level 4 monsters in order to visit the Black Keymaster's Tent (very important: the computer must not also visit this Tent). Around Blight there is a Star Axis (+1 Power) and a School of Magic.

At week's end:

  • Crag Hack: Level 16 (Attack=17,Defense=11,Power=4,Knowledge=4); 50–60 Ogres, 15–20 Rocs, horde of Orc Chieftains, lots of Wolf Raiders, lots of Orcs
  • Dragonspire: Unupgraded level 1–6 creature generators, Castle, City Hall, Mess Hall; should try to get Earth, Air Magic and Wisdom.
  • Blight: Level 1–6 creature generators, Resource Silo, no Citadel, Tavern, City Hall, cannot build level 7 structure.

Recruit a secondary hero in Blight to flag mines around.

Fourth week[edit]

From the Dragonspire zone, strike eastward with Crag Hack, pass by place with 4th level monsters, turn southeast along a School of War (visit it), Magic Well and Dwarven Treasury. From the Treasury, go northeast until you reach Agony (Necropolis) and conquer it with some losses (no level 7 possible), then go north and then northwest on the road until Whitestone (Castle); conquer it. This town is seriously limited as to what can be built here (it has City Hall, Resource Silo, no Fort). Around this week's end, you'll beat the last Red hero wandering in the north half of map.

At week's end:

  • Crag Hack: level 18 (Attack=18, Defense=13, Power=4, Knowledge=4); has few Cyclopses, horde of Ogres, several Rocs, 20–25 Orcs, horde of Orc Chieftains; should be somewhere south of Whitestone.

Fifth week[edit]

In northeast region of map, visit the White Tent. This is needed if you want to go to the southwestern region of map, because the pass is blocked by White Border Gate. It's not necessary for finishing the scenario, but is nevertheless useful. Here you can find a Dragon Utopia, two buildings for Mummies and two buildings for red Dragons guarded by a pack of Red Dragons. Also in the northeast, visit a Mercenary Camp (+1 Attack) and flag a Gem Pond. Go to center of map where you can find an Arena (guarded by pack of Cavaliers) and Marletto Tower.

At week's end:

  • Crag Hack: level 19 (Attack=21, Defense=16,Power=4,Knowledge=4); 3 Behemoths, 5–6 Cyclopses, 80–90 Ogres, weaker troops.

Sixth week[edit]

Build Mage Guilds level 4–5 in Agony, Blight and Whitestone and send Crag Hack there to learn spells; hopefully you'll get Town Portal or Resurrection or both.

Rib Cage

After learning as many spells as possible, having visited all stat enhancers and reaching level 20, amass an army on Crag Hack, go to Agony, then south until a Garrison, beat the guarding troops, turn east, then south until Crag Hack arrives in southeast corner of map. About the end of the week there is a patch of Cursed Ground blocked by a Black Border Gate (there are many more in this swampy southeast area). Attack the Liches; a message appears: "As the Liches attack you notice one of them wearing armor appearing to be made of human ribs." This message gives you the clue that here is the Rib Cage. Beat them easily and capture the Rib Cage, thus finishing the scenario.

Purple Tent

Note 1: If the computer player has visited the underground Black Tent, it surely would enter these Cursed Ground patches before you and get Rib Cage itself. Afterwards it is very difficult, even impossible, to complete the scenario (you must defeat the enemy hero that has Rib Cage and not lett him/her flee from battlefield).

Note 2: The Red enemy has a town in southeast region, but it is behind a Purple Border Gate and the corresponding Tent is located also behind the same Purple Border Gate, so you cannot even reach it (the Dimension Door and Fly spells are disabled in this campaign).

Grave Robber[edit]

  • Enemies: Red only
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Starting town: Armitage (Castle; has City Hall, Guardhouse, Archer's Tower, Blacksmith; cannot build Capitol and Tavern; located in the northwest corner of map)
  • Crag Hack: level 20 Barbarian, Attack = 20-21, Defense = 15-16, Power-Knowledge = 5-6; he should have Logistics, Offense, Earth Magic, Air Magic and Wisdom at Expert level and as spells Town Portal, Slow, Resurrection, Shield/Stone Skin, View Air, View Earth

Restart until you have Goblins, Wolf Raiders and Orcs as starting troops.

Casting Expert View Air you see that the Red enemy has three towns versus one of us plus another neutral one to southeast of Armitage; you must hurry in order not to be overwhelmed.

From starting position you see a road coming from northeast until Armitage, then turning and continuing southeast.

First week[edit]


* a Sawmill (north of Armitage) guarded by lots of Skeleton Warriors;
* an Ore Pit (southwest of Armitage) guarded by lots of Skeleton Warriors;
* an Alchemist Lab (southwest of Armitage) guarded by lots of Vampires.
HMM3 hack slash grave robber hut magi.png

Visit Windmill (west of Armitage); upon visiting, you see that in the northwest corner of map there are Dragon Scale Armor and Dragon Scale Shield guarded each by several Ghost Dragons; also a Hut of the Magi (see image) guarded by horde of Vampires (let them be in peace for now); before them the is a Rally Flag.

On the road, a little to south from Armitage there is Greater Gnoll's Flail guarded by pack of Wraiths; take it. Also visit a Learning Stone southeast of town.

At week's end:

  • Crag Hack - level 20, stationed at the entry in Armitage only with the fastest troop available
  • Armitage - Mage Guild level 1, Castle, unupgraded level 1-5 creature generators, Griffin Bastion

What you discovered this week: south of Alchemist Lab there is Water Wheel and Subterranean Gate (the latter guarded by lots of Wraiths); just north of Gate, a Crystal Cavern (guarded by throng of Skeleton Warriors); just east of Gate, a School of War (guarded by lots of Zombies); south of Gate, a Gold Mine (guarded by lots of Vampire Lords); east of Armitage there is Sulfur Dune (guarded by pack of Vampires).

Supplementary advice: always pick gold from Treasure Chests.

Second week[edit]

On the first day upgrade Archer's Tower and recruit all (if possible), beginning with the monks. Then Crag Hack marches on the road toward southeast until arrives at Castellatus (Castle type, has no Fort) which is located on Cursed Ground (see image); upon entering Cursed Ground, a message pops up: "The road the the east disappears into a bunch of litter and bones.". Before attacking Castellatus, anothe message pops: "From the looks of it, this town has been overrun with undead. Scouts advise caution -- and a fair amount of troops backing you up -- upon entering.". This messages give us clue that thown is well guarded; in fact there are 25 Vampire Lords, 70 Zombies and 115 Skeleton Warriors in it; destroy them; tactic - cast Expert ( = mass ) Slow, then shoot Vampire Lords until they do not pose a significant threat, then the rest; losses - few Goblins; so Castellatus is conquered on the second day of second week.

HMM3 hack slash grave robber monolith exit center town.png

Endowments: Upgraded Guardhouse and unupgraded level 2-4 + Griffin Bastion; no Town Hall, no Tavern; cannot build level 5-7; can build City Hall.

So you will build City Hall; then weekly you will recruit all and transport the troops to Armitage with a secondary hero. Also, there are two Guardhouses just east of Castellatus.

During this fight, you see an enemy hero (has 1 Bone Dragon, 5 Death Knigths, 7 Liches, lots of Wights, 20-25 Vampires and 5 Vampires Lords) appearing through a one-way exit monolith south of Castellatus to flag two Archer's Towers located near the monolith (it is obvious that Red is amassing Skeletons).

Then Crag Hack flags and recruits Pikemen from the two Guardhouses, marches northeast towards a Prison (guarded by lots of Vampires Lords); when attacking, a message pops up: "It looks like these vampires killed the regular guards and are now eyeing the prisoner"; losses = zero. From prison emerges Slash (level 11 Knight with Ogre's Club of Havoc and Buckler of the Gnoll King; put them on Crag Hack) which has an army composed of 3 Cavaliers, 13 Crusaders, 40 Marksmen and 50 Halberdiers (switch army so as Crag Hack has the best troops); his skills: Expert Leadership, Expert Archery, Advanced Logistics, Expert Artillery, Basic Wisdom.

You saw east of castellatus a Hill Fort guarded by Horde of Crusaders; do not attack them.

Next flag Sulfur Dune and Gold Mine, visit School of War with Crag Hack, observe a Gem Pond in the northeast corner of your zone.

So you conclude that your zone is separated from enemy's to southeast by mountains and from neutral zones to east and south by lakes.

At week's end:

  • Armitage - same as first week
  • Castellatus - Town/City Hall, Mage Guild level 1, Blacksmith, Marketplace

Third week[edit]

Crag Hack goes to northeast part of your zone and flags another Gold Mine (guarded by pack of Liches), visits a Water Wheel, sees a Subterranean Gate (guarded by horde of Wraiths; leave them in peace for now). Also in northeast there are two Dwarven Treasuries (break one; if possible both).

Now Crag Hack goes to western Subterranean Gate, flags Crystal Cavern before entering underground, marches south, turns east-northeast on a branch containing Light blue Keymaster's Tent (guarded by lots of Minotaur Kings); visit the Tent. Going south again, Crag Hack arrives on surface through Subterranean Gate (unguarded); here it is southwestern corner of map (a little small; the north eastern part is much bigger); here you see a Dragon Utopia (do not attack), a Star Axis (guarded by throng of Zombies; visit it; losses = zero) and a pack of Green Dragons (do not attack them) guarding Red Dragon Flame Tongue.

There is a Griffin Tower somewhere south of your zone.

At week's end:

  • Armitage - level 1-7 (upgraded only 1-2), Resource Silo
  • Castellatus - City Hall, Resource Silo
  • Crag Hack: level 20, 60 Marksmen, 3 Cavaliers, 18 Swordsmen, 13 Crusaders, 100-110 Halberdiers, 9 Monks, about 30-35 Griffins.
  • Slash - level 11; some fast enough troops

Weeks 4-6[edit]

HMM3 hack slash grave robber island with green tent and yawning shield.png

Recruit a hero in Castellatus to bring weekly troops to Armitage. Flag Gem Pond. Amass army on Crag Hack and then visit Hut of the Magi; it shows us a swampy island (see image) in southeastern zone (enemy's) where is Yawning Shield of the Dead behind a Quest Guard; on the island there is Green Keymaster's Tent; just opposite, on mainland shore, west of island, there is a Shipyard surrounded by seven piles of gold, sign that the enemy hasn't come here yet; north east of island a Black Border Gate is barely visible. If an enemy hero appears, attack him/her (has Attack/Defense = 15-20, Power/Knowledge = 15-20) with Crag Hack.

Next he goes southwest and breaks Dragon Utopia (gets good artifacts); south of Utopia there is Gold Mine; flag it. Then Crag Hack returns to your zone, goes through eastern Subterranean Gate, visits Red Keymaster's Tent (also guarded by lots of Minotaur Kings), surfaces again somewhere on eastern side of map, goes north and breaks another Dragon Utopia; here it is another Gold Mine; flag it. Why break both Dragon Utopias? Not to let computer do it and getting his heroes too strong.

Trace enemy heroes movements with Expert View Air.

At end of sixth week:

  • all creature generators in Armitage are upgraded.

Seventh week[edit]

An enemy hero arrives within striking distance from Armitage (probably tries to flag Alchemist Lab, as previously other heroes repeatedly flagged of that lonely Griffin Cliff). Crag Hack townportals to Armitage, recruits and upgrades all, then attacks that enemy hero (attack, defense = 15-20, power, knowledge = 15-17) which has 50-55 Power Liches, 75-80 Griffins, 160-170 Wraiths, about 40 Dread Knights, 110 Vampire Lords, 10-12 Bone Dragons. Crag Hack, with artifacts, should have: attack = 30-35, defense = 28-30, power = 10-11, knowledge = 12-14, 9 Archangels, 21 Champions, 100-110 Marksmen, 80-85 Crusaders, about 200 Royal Griffins, 25-30 Zealots and 500-510 Halberdiers. Casting Resurrection, Crag Hack wins, losing little army, and gets to level 23. Afterwards the Red enemy will avoid battles.

Eighth week and beyond[edit]

HMM3 hack slash grave robber charnath location.png

First Crag Hack gives some artifacts to Slash who will defend Armitage if needed, then goes to the island (defeating lots of Dead Knights guarding acces to Shipyard; you either Water Walk on island or buy a ship), visiting Green Keymaster's Tent (defended by an ambush of 10 Power Liches, 120 Skeleton Warriors and 90 Wraiths), then marches south to a Subterranean Gate blocked by Green Border Guard, pass by it, goes eastward through an underground tunnel until surfacing in southeastern corner of map (see image), next turns south, passes by Light blue Border Guard, then by Red Border Guard, then by another Green Border Guard. After these Border Guards there is a patch of Evil Fog where is Charnath (a Death Knight, Attack = 25, Defense = 24, Power = Knowledge = 14) with an army composed of 30 Ghost Dragons, 80 Vampire Lords, 110 Wraiths, 249 Zombies and 329 Walking Dead. Crag Hack attacks and crushes him (use Resurrection), then goes back to the island to the Quest Guard. Before reaching it, an ambush of 200 Skeleton Warriors, 150 Wraiths and 20 Power Liches must be defeated. Upon opening the Quest Guard, a message pops up ("A skeletal figure in a black robe speaks: ' Charnath has tried to desecrate the cemetery before you. He hides now, and only by defeating him shall I let you pass.' "), then another one ("Now that you have vanquished Charnath, his sins and yours are absolved. Do you wish to pass?"). Crag Hack passes and picks the artifact, thus ending the scenario and the campaign in the ninth week.