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Four heroes must uncover the plot brewing on the Avlee-Deyjan border and the Erathian-Deyjan border. From there they must find the Angelic Alliance, invade Deyja and stop Sandro, the powerful lich who plans to conquer the world.


  • Starting town: Dragonspire (Stronghold, western side of map, has Goblin Barracks, Fort, Tavern)
  • Starting hero: Yog (level 25; skills from previous campaign do not transmit, unfortunately; no spell book; attack = 12-13; defense = 5-6; power-knowledge = 5-7; useful skill = Expert Logistics; necessary skills = Expert Air Magic, Expert Ballistics; necessary spell = Haste; upon start, build immediately Mage Guild level 1; if there is no Haste or if Yog hasn't the aforementioned skills, restart scenario)
  • Map size: medium
  • Enemies: Tan
  • Difficulty: hard
  • Starting bonus: 40 Goblins or 2 Cyclopes or 4 Rocs (choose last)
  • Level cap: 30
  • Win condition: defeat all enemies
  • Loss condition: Yog is defeated in combat

First week[edit]

Recruit a Stronghold-aligned secondary hero. Yog takes all troops and buys a spell book. Flags on first day an Ore Pit and a Sawmill. Then Yog goes southeast toward a Gold Mine, flagging it after visiting an Imp Cache. North of Imp Cache there is Light Blue Border Gate (see image), behind it being a two-way monolith which surely goes into enemy zone, so player should be aware of possible incursions through it.

HMM Unholy Alliance Necropolis Town.png

The secondary hero goes south, picking all the resources encountered (choose gold from chests) and visiting a Water Whell and a Windmill. After flagging the Gold Mine, Yog marches back towards the starting town, flags a Goblin Barracks, then to northeast until arrives at a Crystal Mine guarded by pack of level 3 monsters (flag it), visiting a Mercenary Camp around here. There is a Seer Hut just north of Dragonspire blocked by lots of Archers (do not attack); passage to northwestern pocket of map is guarded by several Champions (do not attack).

At end of week:

  • Yog (level 25) is around Goblin Barracks and has about 60 Goblins, 5-6 Orcs, 10-12 Wolf Raiders, 4 Rocs and possible that pack of level 3 monsters who joined for greater glory
  • Dragonspire - Town Hall, level 1-2-5-7 creature generators, Castle, Mage Guild level 1

Second week[edit]

Recruit secondary hero 2 (Stronghold-aligned) who brings all troops available to Yog. Yog takes all troops from secondary hero 2 and proceeds toward northeast visits the Redwood Observatory (blocked by pack of Monks; if they join, accept). On visiting it, player sees that Tan has Agony (Necropolis) beyond mountains. From Observatory, there are two ways, east and northeast, both blocked by lots of Zealots (20-25 only; if want to join, accept; if want to run away, let them). Yog goes east with 3 Behemoths, 13 Rocs, 120 Goblins, 40 Wolf Raiders (hopefully some joined Monks and/or Zealots). He conquers Agony (Fort - no, City Hall - yes), beats wandering enemy heroes around, then marches eastward and then toward northeast until arrives at Shadow Keep (Necropolis; level 1-2-4-5 creature generators; Castle; City Hall; Resource Silo; if a defending hero casts Mass Slow, cure it with Mass Haste and go through the town gate broken by the catapult; here Expert Air Magic + Haste and Expert Ballistics pay off) conquering it on seventh day of second week; he buys a First Aid Tent, then goes on the road west. Near Shadow Keep there is Light Blue Keymaster Tent (see image) and a Mercenary Camp; visit them.

HMM Unholy Alliance Two-Way Monolith.png

Secondary hero 1 discovered Bocc (Stronghold; no Fort; guarded by pack of Ogre Magi, pack of Thunderbirds and several Cyclopes Kings) in southwest part of map

At end of week:

  • Yog - level 25 (3 Behemoths, 13 Rocs, 20-30 Wolf Raiders, 50-60 Goblins, other possible troops)
  • secondary hero 2 comes to Agony
  • secondary hero 1 pays a visit on each week to Water Wheel and Windmill
  • Dragonspire - City Hall

Around center of map there is a neutre Necropolis (Dark Cloud; guarded by several Walking Dead) which can be arrived at from Bocc (road blocked by lots of level 3 monsters).

Third week[edit]

Yog conquers Dark Eternal (Necropolis; unupgraded level 1-7 creature generators, City Hall, Castle, Resource Silo) and recruit all available Bone Dragons (7), then goes west flagging one Alchemist Lab and 1 Gem Pond, visits one Dwarven Treasury, a Garden of Revelation (+1 knowledge) and one School of Magic, passes by the other stack of lots of Zealots, receives fresh troops from Dragonspire from secondary hero 2 and marches toward Agony (has been reconquered by Tan, which has another town somewhere in eastern side of map, but south of Shadow Keep and southeast of Agony). Recruit all available troops in Shadow Keep and another secondary hero for defense.

At end of week:

  • Yog - level 25, 5 Behemoths, 2 Cyclopes, 13 Rocs, 10-15 Wolf Raiders, 7 Bone Dragons
  • Dragonspire - level 1-7 creature generators, Capitol, Resource Silo

Is possible that Yog captures Tome of Earth Magic if he surprises a powerful enemy hero inside Agony.

Weeks 4-10[edit]

Build all creature generators in Shadow Keep and guard it well. Yog takes Bone Dragons, Black Knights and Liches, starting a tour of map from northwest to west to Dark Cloud to east by south. Tan will try to retake Agony (does not matter). Recruit all troops from Dark Eternal and Shadow Keep on a secondary hero who will block the last town of Tan (will be positioned at town entrance, named Grave Raven) until Yog finishes the tour, visiting all stat enhancers, conquering Dark Cloud and Worm Warren (last one is completely built and located in the southeast of map, blocked by Garrison with 5 Ghost Dragons, 9 Dread Knights, 20 Power Liches, 35 Vampire Lords, 50 Wraiths, 80 Zombies and 150 Skeleton Warriors). In tenth week Yog (level 29, because of the battles and the two Trees of Knowledge; attack=17-18,defense=10-11,power=knowledge=10-13) attacks and conquers Grave Raven, eliminating Tan and ending the scenario.

Gathering the Legion[edit]

  • Starting town: Hartferd (Castle; northeastern part of map; City Hall, Upgraded Guardhouse, no Fort; no creature generator can be built, but Marketplace, Mage Guild, Tavern, Blacksmith)
  • Bonus at start: 3000 gold or Mage Guild level 4 or Equestrian Gloves (choose last because movement speed is everything)
  • Difficulty: hard
  • Enemies: Blue and Tan
  • Level cap: 30
  • Win condition: bring all pieces of Legion to Hartferd
  • Loss condition: Crag Hack is defeated in combat
  • Crag Hack: level 25, has 8 Orrc Chieftains and 50 Hobgoblins, spellbook with Magic Arrow and Bless
  • Map size: medium
  • Must-have skills: Expert Logistics and Expert Ballistics.
  • Stacks guarding creature generators are throngs, for level 1-2, and hordes, level 3-4.
  • Primary objective: amass troops on Crag Hack and defeat the enemies in order to search undisturbed for the pieces of Legion.
  • Secondary objective: find the whereabouts of said pieces.

First week[edit]

Build Tavern. Recruit two secondary heroes; Crag Hack takes all available troops. There is a road from northwest to southeast passing by Hartferd. Flag Ore Pit and Sawmill (unguarded). Crag Hack flags:

  • 3 Guardhouses northwest of Hartferd
  • 2 Archers Towers south of Hartferd
  • 3 Barracks southeast of Hartferd
  • 1 Gold Mine south of Hartferd
  • 1 Training Grounds southwest of Hartferd

Pass toward northwest of map is blocked by lots of Champions; that toward southeast of map by several Archangels. South of Training Grounds, beyong mountains, there is one Hill Fort. North of Hartferd are 3 Griffin Towers, 1 Gold Mine (guarded by lots of Silver Pegasi) Visit with a secondary hero Light blue Keymaster Tent (northeast corner of map). Near Archers Towers - Buckler of the Gnoll King (+3 Defense); near Barracks - Scales of the Greater Basilisk (+3 Power); near Tent - War Machine Factory.

At end of week:

  • Crag Hack (level 25; has all war machines) - stationed at Training Grounds, has 8 Orc Chieftains, 12 Swordsmen, 2 Cavaliers, 10-12 Archers, 40 Pikemen, 15 Halberdiers

+ 30 level 1 monsters

  • one secondary hero stationed at Archers Towers
  • another secondary hero stationed at Barracks
  • Hartferd - level 1-2 creature generators (built during the week), Resource Silo

Second week[edit]

Flag the 3 Griffin Towers and the Gold Mine north of Hartferd. Get those two artifacts.

At end of week:

  • Crag Hack (level 25) - stationed at Barracks; has 4 Cavaliers, 5 Orc Chieftains, 20-25 Swordsmen, 70 Halberdiers, 10-15 Griffins
  • one secondary hero stationed at Griffin Towers
  • another secondary hero stationed at Guardhouses
  • Hartferd - level 1-3 creature generators (looks like building of creature generators is scripted one per week, from weakest to strongest).

Third week[edit]

Crag Hack beats the Archangels, goes west, flags a Gem Pond, upgrade troops at the Hill Fort, then marches north until Sulfur Dune (flag it) and the 3 Troll Bridges (flag and recruit). No enemy movement until now. At end of week:

  • Crag Hack has 6 Champions, 6 Trolls, 25-30 Royal Griffins, 30 Crusaders, lots of Halberdiers

Fourth week[edit]

Blue enemy movement are seen in the east, beyond horde of Dendroids and horde of Magi. Crag Hack recruits and then attacks the horde of Dendroids; if there is an enemy hero around, he attacks and beats him/her. Next Crag hack marches south until he arrives at Castellatus (Castle; City Hall, level 1-2-4 creature generators), conquering it, then returns toward Hartferd

At end of week:

  • one secondary hero stationed at Troll Bridges
  • another secondary hero stationed at Griffin Towers
  • Crag Hack (3 Champions, 2 Cavaliers, 9 Swordsmen, 17 Crusaders, 50 Royal Griffins)

Weeks 5-6[edit]

Crag Hack receives some army from Hartferd and map generators and from Castellatus goes south, then to west until he arrives at Alexandretta (Blue player's Castle; Capitol, level 1-7 creature generators), conquering it; also flah 1 Gem Pond, 1 Sulfur Dune, 1 Crystal Cavern, 1 Ore Pit, creature generators around Alexandretta plus 1 Training Grounds in southeast of map. With luck Crag Hack surprises an enemy hero inside Alexandretta, killing him/her, capturing some artifacts and getting to level 26. Meantime Tan conquered Hartferd (does not matters).

At end of sixth week:

  • Crag Hack stationed at entrance of Alexandretta only with 60-70 Royal Griffins and 10-11 Champions on him (in order to maximize the next day movement)
  • secondary hero 1 at Training Grounds located in southeast of map
  • secondary hero 2 at middle between Alexandretta and Training Grounds located in southeast of map
  • secondary hero 3 at 2 Barracks west of Alexandretta
  • secondary hero 4 at 2 Griffin Towers north of Alexandretta

West of Alexandretta passage to Tan zone (west of map) is blocked by horde of Unicorns.

Seventh week[edit]

Crag Hack takes everything, kills the Unicorns, then goes north until Idol of Fortune where turns northwest until arrives at Whitemoon (Castle, Village Hall), conquering it, then goes north along a road until arrives at Cornerstone (Castle, level 1-2-4 creature generators, City Hall), conquering it, then returns to that Idol of Fortune. Secondary heroes recruiting - for flagging mines and creature generators. With careful maneuvering the hero from Training Grounds located in southeast of map was not attacked and retaked what Tan has flagged. Blue should be vanquished. Tan has Brettonia (center of map), Hartferd and Castellatus (also conquered).

Weeks 8-9[edit]

Vanquish Tan. Crag Hack attains level 27.

Weeks 10-12[edit]

HMM unholy alliance gathering legion entrance underground.png
HMM unholy alliance gathering legion red tent tyranell.png

Crag Hack beats all that still breathes, visits all stat enhancers and proceeds to quest fulfillment as follows (during the play some cues were received in form of scripted dialogs):

  • there are 3 islands in middle of 3 lakes, one island in each lake
  • west island has entrance to underground (see image); in the lake containing it Crag Hack arrives by buying a boat at shipyard near Brettonia; entrance to island is blocked by Light blue Border Guard
  • then through a Whirlpool Crag Hack arrives to the southwest island where is Red Keymaster's Tent and Tyranell the Knight (found about him by ingame information dialogs; has Head of Legion + Shackles of War); Tyranell is behind Light blue Border Guard (see image)
  • after visiting Red Tent, Crag Hack goes underground, passes by Red Border Guard, then by Quest Guard letting only Crag Hack; beyond Quest Guard there is a two-way monolith transporting our hero: (a) on an undergound island where are Torso and Arms of Legion, guarded by horde of Ghost Dragons; (b) to a small underground inlet where are Loins and Legs of Legion, guarded by lots of Ghost Dragons
  • having the five parts, Crag Hack goes to Hartferd to finish the scenario (should be level 28-29, attack-defense=15-16, power-knowledge=8-9)

Search for a Killer[edit]

  • Starting heroes: Gelu = level 25, necessary skills: tactics, logistics; useful skills: resistance
  • Starting positions: Gelu near Willowglen
  • Starting bonus: Pendant of Life or 2000 gold or 1 Green Dragon (choose last)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Enemy: Red
  • Win condition: kill all enemies
  • Loss condition: Gelu defeated in combat
  • Level cap: 30

First Week[edit]

Recruit two more heroes, build town hall. Always Give elves to Gelu and upgrade them to sharpshooters, don't give any other creatures because they slow him down. Gelu defeats skeletons guarding Sawmill and Ore Pit then goes straight east along the road. Secondary heroes flag mines, collect resources and recruit elves from homesteads. Gelu captures a Rampart town, (Northeast of the map, has castle, lvl 3 mage guild and lvl 1-2-4-6 creature generators) on third day. Gelu buys a spellbook and first aid tent

Send one of the heroes to subterranean gate in the middle and collect resources there.

Save gold for capitol in second town (4th day) and city hall in first town (5th day) on first week. Only pick gold from chests. Flag sawmill and ore pit near second town. Lots of gold will be needed to capture third town. Dont walk too close to the necropolis town, enemy hero might come out and kill Gelu.

At end of week:

  • Gelu: level 25, 21 sharpshooters, 1 green dragon, on water mill near second town
  • Willowglen: town hall, castle, lvl 1-3 creature generators
  • Second rampart town: capitol, castle, lvl 1-2-3-4-6 creature generators

Second Week[edit]

Start sailing with a secondary hero to collect more gold and wood on the sea south of second town. Don't land with him until all resources are collected.

There's a necropolis town called Soledare which is southwest of second town. It is heavily guarded with 5 ghost dragons, 40 power liches and 100 skeletons. Collect all creatures and capture it. If you have tactics, protect sharpshooters with centaurs and dwarves while blocking liches with the dragon and pegasus.

After capturing Soledare, save gold for Dragon Cliffs in second town.

At the end of week:

  • Gelu: level 25, creatures which survived siege of Soledare (40 sharpshooters, 6 unicorns, 15 pegasus, 7 dendroids or centaurs)
  • Willowglen: castle, city hall, lvl 1 to 5 creature generators
  • Second rampart town: capitol, castle, lvl 1 to 6 creature generators
  • Soledare: castle, city hall, any creature generators built by Red

Third Week[edit]

Recruit all available rampart creatures and send Gelu to the subterranean gate in the middle. Flag gem pond and exit the cave, then flag gold mine and get light blue key. Continue going south in caves but don't go into light blue gate yet, instead head east.

Try to build dwarven treasuries in both rampart towns for more interest gold at the end of week.

At the end of week:

  • Gelu: level 25, in the east caves with 80 sharpshooters, 6-12 unicorns, 40 pegasus, 16 dendroids, some centaurs and dwarves
  • Willowglen: castle, city hall, lvl 1 to 6 creature generators
  • Second rampart town: capitol, castle, all creature generators
  • Soledare: castle, city hall, any creature generators built by Red

Fourth Week[edit]

Clear east caves and recruit troops in rampart towns for Gelu. A weak enemy hero might come to second town from seas. Be prepared for him.

There's a red key in the east caves for the guard in northeast of the map. It protects a gem pond, Buckler of the Gnoll King and Sword of Hellfire. Collect them with a hero and bring to Gelu.

Fifth Week[edit]

Gelu goes through light blue gate and heads southwest. Hopefully he gets some new recruits that reach him this week.

There's a necropolis town northwest of the cave exit. While on the siege, be careful with grouping troops since enemy might have Meteor Shower spell. If you don't feel ready, go back to first town and collect more recruits.

Weeks 6-7[edit]

There are 2 towns on the east and 2 on the west. Capture them all for victory. You might use the tunnels or the sea if your hero has navigation. Enemy has more towns and troops so don't wait longer.

Final Peace[edit]

  • Starting heroes: Gem = level 25 Druid; skills = Archery, Wisdom, Air-Water-Earth Magic, Logistics; necessary Expert Earth Magic, Expert Logistics; Clancy = level 25 Ranger; skill = Archery
  • Starting positions: Gem near Elfwind (northeast of map; Rampart; Fort, Village Hall, Tavern); Clancy near Rainhaven (northwest of map; Rampart; Tavern, Fort, Village Hall)
  • Starting Bonus: 30 Grand Elves or Homestead or Scroll of Destroy Undead (choose first option)
  • Difficulty: hard
  • Enemy: Red
  • Win condition: kill Lord Fayette
  • Loss condition: Gem defeated in combat
  • Level cap: 30

First week[edit]

Recruit a secondary hero in each city; let it be Mephala from Elfwind and Daremyth from Rainhaven. Clancy takes all available troops and flags 1 Sawmill, 1 Ore Pit and 1 Centaur Stables near Rainhaven (passage to west is blocked by pack of level 4 creatures; that to east by pack of level 5 monsters). Daremyth visits Warrior Tomb south of town and gives artifact to Clancy. Gem flags 1 Sawmill, 1 Ore Pit, 1 Centaur Stables and 1 Crypt. Northeast of Crypt (corner of map) is a Subterranean Gate guarded by pack of level 5 monsters. Near Crypt the road bends southwards; Gem follows it until reaches Wise Oak (Rampart), conquers it (recruit everybody from town), flags again 1 Ore Pit, 1 Sawmill and 1 Marletto Tower. Next Gem goes south from Wise Oak following the path between woods.

At end of week:

  • Gem - level 25, southwest of Wise Oak, near a Sulfur Dune and Den of Thieves; 30 Grand Elves, 40-50 Centaurs, 25-30 Dwarves
  • Clancy - level 25, in Rainhaven, 40-50 Centaurs, some level 1-2
  • Daremyth - at Centaur Stables near Rainhaven
  • Mephala - comes after Gem to pick up goodies
  • Rainhaven - City Hall
  • Elfwind - level 1-3 creature generators, Citadel, Town Hall
  • Wise Oak - Town Hall

Second week[edit]

Gem flags 1 Sulfur Dune, 1 Gem Pond, 1 Crystal Cavern, 1 Alchemist's Lab and 1 Gold Mine (does not attack Cyclopes Stockpile), then returns to Wise Oak and recruits from nearby Dwarf Cottage. Mephala gets back near Elfwind. Clancy beats that pack of level 4 monsters, goes west, flags 1 Dwarf Cottage (recruits), 1 Crystal Cavern, 1 Treetop Tower; visits 1 Water Wheel and 1 Shrine of Magic Incantation; does not atack that pack of level 7 monsters guarding a Gold Mine; then crushes that level 5 stack guarding passage to east, entering middle zone between Rainhaven and Elfwind. Here are 1 Sulfur Dune (guarded by pack of level 6 monsters), 1 Windmill (visit it), 1 unguarded Homestead, 1 Alchemist's Lab (blocked by several level 6 creatures). Road to south (towards enemy zone) is blocked by several upgraded level 7 monsters seated in a patch of Evil Fog.

At end of week

  • Gem - level 25, 15 Centaurs, 40 Dwarves, 20 Grand Elves, just north of Wise Oak
  • Clancy - level 25, 7 Dwarves, 40 Centaurs, near Windmill between the two starting towns
  • Mephala - level 2, 15 Centaurs, at Centaurs Stables west of Elfwind
  • Daremyth - at Water Wheel west of Rainhaven
  • Rainhaven - City Hall, level 1-3 creature generators
  • Elfwind - Capitol, level 1-6 creature generators, Castle
  • Wise Oak - City Hall, level 1-2 creature generators

Third week[edit]

Gem returns to Elfwind, receives recruited troops, goes underground where flags 1 Gem Pond does not attack the stack of level 7 creatures guarding 1 Gold Mine; then returns in sunlight, visits 1 Dwarven Treasury (north of Elfwind). Clancy flags 1 Sulfur Dune and 1 Alchemist's Lab in middle Zone.

At end of week

  • Gem - level 25, 50 Grand Elves, 90 Dwarves, 110 Centaurs, near Elfwind (should have Expert View Air)
  • Clancy - level 25, 10 Dwarves, 20-25 Centaurs, near Homestead from middle zone
  • Mephala - at entrance of Wise Oak
  • Daremyth - at western Water Wheel
  • Rainhaven - Fort, level 1-6 creature generators, Resource Silo, Miners guild
  • Elfwind - level 1-7 creature generators, Resource Silo, Miners Guild, Dendroid Saplings, Mage Guild level 2
  • Wise Oak - Resource Silo

Fourth week[edit]

Gem gathers all available army from Rainhaven and Elfwind, goes south, passes by the patch of Evil Fog, then by a path of Cursed Ground (beyond it being dirt zone). On third day of week she arrives at crossroads, goes southwest, breaks though a Red Garrison and arrives at Agony (Necropolis), conquering it. Then she goes south until Green Keymaster's Tent, visiting it; afterwards she draws back towards said Garrison. It is possible to see Red movements near crossroads (a hero with several Vampires, pack of wights, lots of Walking Dead and horde of Skeletons). Gem could now have Wizard's Well and should watch the movements of enemy's heroes with Expert View Air.

At end of week

  • Gem - near Agony, level 25, 3 Green Dragons, 65 Grand Elves, 14 Unicorns, 110 Dwarves, 30 Pegasi, 20 Dendroid Guards, Centaurs or joined monsters
  • Clancy - at entrance of Rainhaven, 7 Grand Elves
  • Mephala - in Elfwind
  • Rainhaven - Castle, Treasury
  • Elfwind - Treasury
  • Agony - Citadel, level 1-4 creature generators, Cover of Darkness, City Hall

Recruit all from Agony as garrisoned troops.

Gem sees with View air that there is a Red town southeast of map and two enemy heroes, one about crossroads and another northwest of Agony, near a neutral town; also there is a Red town underground, near west edge of map, where abides, in all likelihood, Lord Fayette.

Fifth week[edit]

HMM unholy alliance finale peace light blue tent.png

Gem goes to conquer the town from southeastern side of map (Worm Warren, Necropolis), then marches towards northeast until arrives at entrance to a path going between mountains, path that bends southwards until reaches Light blue Keymaster's Tent; she must visit it. She does not attack a pack of level 7 monsters guarding a Gold Mine. After visiting the tent, she returns towards Worm Warren. Clancy recruits some army from both Ramparts (Centaurs, Grand Elves, Pegasi, Unicorns, Green Dragons) and goes to Agony (blocking passage of some stray Red hero into home territory), then to neutral town (Haunt's Wind, Necropolis), where discovers a Subterranean Gate (most likely the road to underground city).

At end of week

  • Gem - level 25, 7 Unicorns, 100 Dwarves, 20 Pegasi, 15 Dendroid Guards, somewhere northeast of Worm Warren
  • Clancy - level 25, 2 Green Dragons, 20 Pegasi, 120 Centaurs, 8 Unicorns, 55 Grand Elves (+ joined monsters, if any)

Weeks 6-8[edit]

HMM unholy alliance finale peace lord fayette.png

Gem defeats all remaining wandering monsters, visits the Tree of Knowledge located south of Worm Warren, then gathers all available army from Ramparts and goes to Haunt's Wind, then enters underground, passes by Light blue Border Gate and attacks Shadow Keep (Necropolis). When attacking, she is level 27 and has 15 Gold Dragons, 80 Silver Pegasi, 70 Dendroid Soldiers, 130 Centaur Captains, 380 Battle Dwarves, 39 War Unicorns, 140 Grand Elves. The enemy, Lord Fayette, is 8-9 Attack/Defense and 13-14 Power/Knowledge, having 72 Death Knights, 18 Dread Knights and 40 Vampire Lords. Gem crushes him at end of eighth week, finishing scenario at level 27.

Note: it is not really necessary to flag Green and Red Keymaster's Tents because the corresponding Border Guards are blocking only some mines.