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Unlike regular items, artifacts are picked up and stored in your inventory until you use them. There is a limit to the maximum number of these items depending on their type. For example, you can store up to 15 Quartz Flasks, but only 5 Mystic Urns.

  • Mystic Urn was restoring your HP fully in previous versions of the game, but now it works slightly different. It gives you 100 hit points even if it would exceed the limit. The additional HP, if any, will be slowly decaying over time.
  • Quartz Flask restores 25 of your HP.
  • Glyph of the Ancients can be countered as another weapon with its own special ammo. It creates an explosion or covers the area in a cloud of toxic gas, depending on the character who’s using it. More about its effects is described on each character’s page.
  • Disc of Repulsion pushes back enemies and deflects back projectiles that are in front of the player. Good for attacking enemies with their own projectiles, pushing monsters into lava pools and other hazards, but requires some skill to use.
  • Stone of Summoning summons a Giant Imp to fight on your side.
  • Invisibility Sphere doesn’t look like a sphere at all, being a hexagonal disc. It works just like Heretic’s Shadowsphere and even looks really familiar. You become partially invisible for about a minute. Monsters will have difficulties spotting you, but if a foe sees you, Invisibility Sphere won’t work against him any more.
  • Seal of the Ovinomancer works like Morph Ovum from Heretic and Porkelator from Hexen. It turns enemies into sheep for a short time. Still, enemies can attack you by biting.
  • Krater of Might restores all your mana.
  • Tome of Power powers up all your weapons, making them deal more damage and sometimes giving them additional abilities. The effect is different for each weapon.
  • Icon of the Defender gives you complete invulnerability for a short period of time and makes the screen turn gold for the effect duration of this artifact.
  • Force Cube summons a small sentinel which floats near the player and fires weak fireballs towards enemies.
  • Boots of Speed doubles your walking and running speed for a short period of time.
  • Chaos Device teleports you to the random location of the map.
  • Torch, just like in previous games, provides illumination for 2 minutes. Unlike Heretic and Hexen, it doesn’t completely remove all shadows from the map; it creates additional light source which is always in front of the player, even underwater.