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The Inner Courtyard is recognized by the guillotine, a few other stores, and a large hall at the back.

There are three major tasks: finding the entrance to the forgotten chapel, grinding a bead of glass, and defeating the crystal golem.

On the right is a hardware store, which is guarded by archers and a stome golem. Of note is the second floor fireplace, which leads to a magic grindstone.

To the left is the guillotine, the tavern, and a path that eventually leads to a large room. It also leads to the mortuary.

Forgotten Chapel[edit]

Inner Courtyard's guillotine

The entrance to the forgotten chapel is behind the stained glass behind the guillotine. The area has around four archers, which can be a problem for the paladin, but are otherwise easily dispatched.

Smash the windows and jump through. There's a marked wall, which can be pushed to reveal a secret tunnel.

Invisible wall[edit]

The large room at the back of the courtyard has an illusionary wall, but you can't see through it until you have an appropriate item.

Crystal Golem[edit]

In the mortuary's second floor, there's a button next to a bookcase. Press it to open the bookcase, which leads to a path that leads underneath the guillotine.