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The King's Court is the first hub level in Hexen II, which makes it a central map that branches off into other maps in order to solve puzzles.

It is notable for a large number of shops, the butcher shop (containing an amulet of protection), the Inn, the Hardware Shop and the Tailor shop.

There are two specific tasks for this map - opening the Tailor's closet , and getting the amulet of hunger to remove the barrier infront of the palace entrance.

On the second floor of The Shoppe, there's a secret door near the bed on the second floor. You can open it, but you need to be a member of the brotherhood of hunger to enter.

Tailor's closet[edit]

To open the tailor's closet, you need the Tailor's key. This is found by going to the Inner Courtyard, then finding the entrance to the Forotten Chapel.

The tailor's closer has two blue manas, and a false wall hiding a disrupt magic scroll. This scroll opens the barrier blocking the palace entrance.