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Key points[edit]

  • Retrieve Ornamental Stone Key from Obelisk of the Moon
  • Retrieve Element of Water, Serpent's Heart and Crystal Skull from Square of the Stream
  • Retrieve Element of Fire from Plaza of the Sun
  • Retrieve Jade Skull from Court of 1000 Warriors
  • Unlock The Palace of Columns from Obelisk of the Moon
  • Retrieve Element of Air from Tomb of the High Priest.
  • Retrieve Element of Earth from Court of 1000 Warriors
  • Place all four elements in the Bridge of Stars.


After defeating Famine, you will appear in Mazaera on a bridge over lava. You need to reach the palace of the sun,a and eventually face Death.

First, take the left passage, kill the scorpions. This leads to an end where you encounter a stone golem, your third weapon, and a switch that extends a bridge.

Backtrack and take the other side path. Kill the scorpions blocking the lever, and touch it to extend the bridge to the structure ahead.

Enter the building. To open the path to the Obelisk of the Moon, you will need to stand behind the altar. This opens the door at the top of the stairs, which you can use to reach the next map, Obelisk of the Moon.

After oriental key to Element of Water[edit]

Once you got the oriental key, you can head down the two passages. First, you should take the left passage, leading towards the Square of the Stream. Note that there is a flow of water in the passage ahead, which you must jump over to avoid a fatal trap.

Element of Fire[edit]

The right-hand passage leads to the trial of the Element of Fire. This platform section is intended for the player to jump on the platforms on the side as they rise out of the lava, and towards the corners before repeating the movement to the side buttons. Instead, it's much faster to make a running jump to the middle platform (aiming for the stairway sides), and use the central section to reach those three buttons. Regardless of your choice, you need to press the three buttons on the side to unlock the Element of Fire.

After retrieving the element, you need to press the button inside to reach the Court of 1000 Warriors.

After getting the element, there's no further need for this map aside from traversing to other areas.