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Getting In[edit]

Go to the garage entrance on the right. Wait for the patrolling guard to cross the garage and enter into the fire exit on your left. Check your map to see when the guards in the office are looking away from the window and sneak in to steal the security video. Head down the ramp towards the north end of the garage where the security guard patrols west to east. When he heads east slip down the stairs, follow behind him until you can get behind the man being sick wearing the “hell costume” and the parked trailers. Go to the end and you’ll see a trailer that’s open and a costume on the floor. Wait for the security guard to leave and sneak over to the van and change into the “heaven guest” costume. Walk up the ramp and go to the lift on the right. Take this up to the top floor.

Anthony Martinez[edit]

Go though the main doors and to the far back right of the room, that will open into a sort of lobby. Run around the stairwell to the opposite side and enter. Take the first door on your left into the toilets. Poison/wire “Anthony” and drag him to the cubicle closest to the sinks. Change into his “gold devil” costume. Alternatively, you could climb the hatch on the elevator from where you came in and wait for Anthony to come into the elevator. He takes a long time, as he’s constantly walking around the place for quite long, and only goes to the elevator once he talks to a particular woman (which is shown to the player). Once he does come into the elevator, strangle him and and wear his suit, and take his rifle case if you want to.

Retrieve Info[edit]

Leave the toilets back into the lobby area and head to the door with security guard, follow the corridor to the end and go into the large office. Use the laptop on the table to see the other two targets. Leave the office and take a left then right to go back to the ball room where “Eve” will be singing.


Wait for “Eve” to stop singing and walk up to her and she’ll offer to show you “what else she’s good at”. Follow her to the big office where the laptop info was. Once she locks the doors, punch her and user her stiletto to kill her. Alternatively, you could wait for her to go into the big office herself which she does from time to time. Make sure she doesn’t spot you when she goes in. Wait for her to look out the window and make her call. As soon as she starts speaking on her phone, strangle her. This avoids the unnecessary violence that may take place if you talk to her. Pick the lock on the door and head left to the lift. Take this down to the “garage”. Climb into the lift hatch, over to the next lift. Take this down to the basement.

Maynard John[edit]

Follow the corridor along to the bar, talk to the bartender in the Satan costume. He will challenge you to a duel in the “torture chamber”. Follow him to the room. Pick up the desert eagle and hide behind the pillar (it’s best to use the first-person perspective for this fight). Wait for “Maynard” to move to the right side of the room, as he shoots away his own cover, wait for him to reload and shoot him. Run over and take his weapon on “storage room” key, then head back to the door you came in and unlock it. Run back round to the bar.

Vaana Ketlyn[edit]

From the bar continue down the corridor to the room at the end. Turn right, to the back of the stage where “Vaana” performs. Go to the control panel on the left side of the door that leads to the stage and “rig pyroshow”.


Head back to the bar where “Maynard John” was serving and follow this round to the lift. Go up to the “garage”, then forward to where the man being sick was at the start. Turn left and you’ll see a minivan (marked “exit” on map), use this to escape.