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General Walkthrough[edit]

Once you begin, kill/tranquilize the jogger so he doesn't interfere with your murders. Drag his body over to the sewer hole and dispose of his remains (the dead body doesn't count against you if you throw him down there). Then continue walking until you reach a garbage truck. There's a garbageman behind the truck, working. Sneak up on him and take him down. Steal his clothes and dispose of his body in the truck. The disguise of a garbageman works reasonably well.

From here you have two choices regarding the disposal of the guard dog in the target's backyard. You can walk to the house with a lady trimming her hedge. Enter the alley on the right side of the hedge, and climb through the window of the house. Grab the tranquilizer darts and a bottle of ether. Go to the backyard of the house with another a lady doing yardwork. Climb up into the treehouse. There is a convenient air rifle and a nice window through which you can shoot the dog. Load the darts into the rifle and blast away.

Alternatively, you can find a sausage behind the garbage cans of a house with a lady trimming her hedges. Use the sedative on the sausage and throw it over the fence. Once the dog is asleep, enter the gate.

Assuming you survived and entered the backyard of the target's house, turn right and go down the stairs into the basement. Wait for the FBI agent to turn around, then strangle him. Steal his suit and leave the basement. Walk into the kitchen and wait until there is nobody around. Poison the drink on the counter.

Walk upstairs and enter the daughter's room. Use your ether on the panties laying on the bed. When the guard comes in to sniff it, he'll be knocked out. Leave that room and enter the room across the hallway. Hide in the corner and wait for Sinistra to enter the room. Strangle him, then go downstairs. The wife should have been poisoned by the drink on the counter. Take the necklace from her dead body, and exit out the front door.

If you have been recorded on the camera, walk up to the white van and open the back doors. Kill the agents, steal the videotape, and run to the exit.

Alternate Method: Silent Assassin rating[edit]

At the start of the mission, walk around the corner to the catering van. Wait for the FBI agent and the caterer to walk away and steal the doughnuts from the van. Walk back around the corner to where you started.

Make sure the jogger is out sight and inject the doughnuts with the sedative. Take the doughnuts to the van parked across the street from the target's house. An the rear of the van you will be prompted to "Leave Doughnuts". Press action to do so, and walk around to the side of the van. Both of the agents will be rendered unconscious. Make sure the FBI agent patrolling the side of the house, the caterer, and the jogger are all out of sight and enter the van. Quickly steal the video tape, and an FBI agent's suit and get out of the van.

The house the surveillance van is parked outside of has the garage door open. Walk into the garage; with your FBI agent's suit on the woman with the hedge clippers won't care. Pick the lock and steal the bottle of ether. Walk back out and across the street. Walk in the front door of the target's house and out the back glass door through the back yard to the pool house. Wait for the pool boy to walk into the pool house, follow him and sedate him. Steal his clothes. Kill some time next to the pool and wait for the woman to walk by. She will proposition you; follow her upstairs to the bedroom. She will go to the bathroom to "freshen up".

When she comes back, she will have changed her mind and will take a nap. Steal her necklace, it contains the micro-film. Go back out the pool house, to get your FBI agent's suit back. Go upstairs again to the daughter's room and douse the panties with ether to render the agent unconscious. Walk out of that room into the room directly across the hall and hide around the corner. Wait for the target, you may be there for a while.

When he comes in, he stands in front of his computer, so take this opportunity to inject some poison into the target's jugular before walking downstairs and back outside. Go back to the surveillance van to get your suit back, and back to where you started to exit at the gate. If you were patient and quiet, and followed this exactly you will have only one dead body and a Silent Assassin rating.

"Attack of the Clown" method: Silent Assassin rating[edit]

This level can be done very easily with patience and good timing. You will finish with a Silent Assassin rating if you follow these three simple steps:

At the start of the mission, walk past the clown's van and wait for his arrival. Make sure the jogger and the garbageman are out of sight. Sneak behind the clown when he's searching the trunk and sedate him. Steal his clothes and hide him in the van. Enter the house (the FBI agents will search you).

Find Sinistra's wife. When she propositions you (she seems to like your outfit), follow her. You will find yourself alone with her in a room in the east part of the house. Take this opportunity to sedate her when she's drinking and steal her necklace, which contains the micro-film. You can hide her in the toilet next door.

Last part, find Sinistra. Wait until he heads for his room, then take the opposite stairs and hide in the corner. After he enters, wait for the FBI agents to turn their back and sneak in the room. Poison/strangle Sinistra while he's standing in front of his computer. Go downstairs using the same path, it doesn't matter if the FBI agents find you upstairs as long as they don't see you near the body. Go to the clown's van, take back your suit and escape.

The Fast Way: Stealth[edit]

At the start of the mission, you can choose to kill the jogger and put his body in the sewer to make this easier. After that, run ahead and you should see a white van. It's across Sinistra's house. Open the back of the van and take out a silenced weapon to kill both FBI agents. Take their clothes, steal the video tape if you want, and enter Sinistra's house. When you enter, the door that's on the left is where Sinistra is. Enter the room and another door will be ahead. Open it, get inside and kill Sinistra from here.

Half of the mission is completed in only a few seconds. Don't worry about his guard, he won't attack you if he didn't see you.

Now for his wife. Exit the room from the way you came and go to the door to your left. They should be the double doors. Now enter the door on the right. She should come here. Don't worry, no FBI agent is in here. When she does, kill/knock her out and take the microfilm. Go back to where you killed the jogger and head into the gates. Mission complete.

NOTE: If you want to be extra careful, follow her to the bathroom where she will change. And kill her/knock her out there as when Sinistra is dead, FBI agents will run to his body which might mean they will enter this hallway.

Guns available for retrieval in this mission[edit]

  • SLP .40 — On most guards and in the security office's weapons bin
  • Bull .480 — On the Target only
  • Nailer — Located in the basement
  • Air Rifle — Located in the Treehouse overlooking the back yard
  • MP7 — In the security office's weapons bin, and on the reinforcements if you cause such a ruckus that they show up