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Bring a Sniper Rifle with you. When you enter the White House, turn left and you'll enter a washroom. Close the door. After closing the door, place your Sniper Rifle case down in the middle of the washroom (closer to the door, but not too close), open the door and run past the guard, then run back into the washroom. Pay attention to the guard outside. If he looks over and sees the case, he'll start walking into the room. When he does, close the door and wait for him to bend down to pick the case up. Once he's doing this, quickly take our your knock-out syringe and use it on him. Take his clothes, your Sniper, and hide his body in the side of the room. Run out and place your Sniper on the scanner. Enter the metal detector and then pick up your Sniper case. After that, run straight through the large doors in the front, then turn left to where the maps mark with a star. Once inside, take the video tape and the key card. Leave and continue down the hallway. Run up the stairs and, depending on your difficulty, you may need to take out the guard if he's there. Climb up the ladder and continue through two sets of double doors straight ahead. Go down the stairs and through the stairs straight ahead at the bottom. Pick the lock of the first door on the right (Make sure no-one sees you). Inside, turn right and you should bump into the first target. Once you see the VP, run behind him and Syringe him. Take his keycard and drag his body into the room you first came from (should now be on your left) and hide his body. Go back upstairs and climb down the ladder (Note: there are two ladders, each on the opposite side of the map. Look to see that the ladder you are now climbing down was not the one that you came up on. There should not be a stairway and should extend like a backwards L from your viewpoint. If there is no door at the end of the it, climb back up and go to the other one). Wait for a Secret Service agent to come and start smoking. Quickly run inside and turn left at the first door. Don't stop once you're in, but turn left again. If your alert bar is not yellow, take the clothes on the table. Then go back out the room and make your way through the maze of desks. At the end of it, go through the door and head downstairs. Then you'll come into another large office setting. Use your map to guide yourself through to the Oval Office. Enter. Once inside, a cutscene will play which will end up with you on the ground and the target running away. Chase after him once you're back up. He'll leave through the entrance that you went in through, as should you. When you're outside, the other assasin should be already set up and shooting at you. Run left to the two little boxes (or AC, or whatever). Take our your Sniper Rifle and shoot him. Put back your Sniper and run through. Climb up the ladder. When you're in, run through and climb down the ladder on the opposite side. Run down the stairs. Backtrack your steps until you're in the front lobby again. Run through the exiting doorway that has a green sigh on it, and turn right into the washroom. Get back your suit and leave the White House. Head to the gates and escape.