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The cheat enabler in version 1.2

Hitman: Blood Money is, at times, a very difficult game. Fortunately, with a little help of file editing the game can be made a whole lot easier with cheats. Unfortunately, however, cheating is only an option to people with the PC version of the game. The way that cheating can be accomplished will vary depending on what version of the game you are running. If you are running Version 1.0 then cheating is a simple process. However, if you are running V 1.1 or 1.2 achieving this is far more difficult.

Version 1.0 Cheats[edit]

On version 1.0 you will only need to do some simple editing and a final result should be easily achieved. To do this go to:

  1. Start
  2. Computer
  3. Hard Drive
  4. Program Files
  5. Eidos
  6. Hitman: Blood Money
  7. Hitman: Blood Money (configuration file)

Then open the configuration file in Notepad. Remember to back the file up before editing. At the bottom of the file add the string EnableCheats. Save this file to your desktop. Now drag this new file back into the Hitman folder and delete the old file.

Now run your game. Go to any level and press C. This should bring up a cheat menu. Simply use the arrow keys to navigate your way through the cheat menu. Press Enter at the cheat you want to use. Then press ESC when done.

Please note that use of the "Give All" cheat results in a crash most of the time it is used. So be vigilant with its use. Also, next to some cheats will be a 0 or a 1. 0 indicates that the cheat is inactive, and 1 means it is active.

Version 1.1 And 1.2 Cheats[edit]

Unfortunately when Eidos released the revised edition of Blood Money it removed the ability to use cheats. However some people at the Hitman Blood Money forum kindly developed a cheat enabler which somehow allows users to access the menu on V 1.2. To acquire this enabler you will need to visit the following source and download the enabler Game Copy World

A pop up window should appear after clicking the link that looks like this.


When this pop up appears click the link "Mirror 1". A download window should now appear. Click run and wait for the file downloader to finish. Once it is done an installation window should appear. Follow the steps and install the enabler. Once all this has been completed you should acquire a tool that looks like the one at the top of the page. Click the button that says processing and cheats should become enabled. Follow the steps in Version 1.0 to acsess the cheat menu and you should be on your way.

Please note: even though this website may appear to be potentially dangerous it is completely safe and this file works fine.

The Actual Cheats[edit]

The cheat menu.

Following the above steps should allow you to access all of the cheats available. There are 13 of them and are as follows.

  • Give All lets you acquire all objects on that level, as well as all the guns in the whole game. For example, on the second level A Vintage Year, you can get the cello, Don Fernando Delgado, which cannot be found otherwise.
  • Give Some just gives you the guns on that level instead of the whole game.
  • Infinite Ammo is self explanatory. It gives all your guns an unlimited amount of ammunition.
  • Infinite Clip is like Infinite Ammo, except without any requirement to reload.
  • Complete Level makes you finish the level immediately, with your current ranking. Helpful if you need to get money fast.
  • God Mode makes you invincible to all enemy weapons and falls.
  • Invisible Mode allows you to walk past enemies without being spotted.
  • Show Enemy Vision
  • Show OSD removes the tension bar, health bar, ammo menu and other on screen items.
  • Timemultiplier allows for you to speed up and slow down time. Effective if you want to be extremely accurate when targeting.
  • Teleport makes you go to set spots on the level. Helpful if you need to be somewhere in particular quickly.
  • Beam Here simply sends you into the air. Helpful for getting to unreachable parts of the level that can provide good sniper spots or a view of the entire map.
  • Test Cloth randomly assigns you clothes from a character on the level. Can have good or bad effects.