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Windows controls can be changed by going to Profile MenuOptionsControlsKeyboard Configuration.

PlayStation 2 Xbox / Xbox 360 Windows Action
L2 button Black button M Open/Close Map
R2 button White button R Reload Weapon
L1 button LT button Ctrl Crouch/Sneak
Shift Run
R1 button RT button PC Mouse Left Click.png Fire Weapon/Use
Left dpad Right dpad Scroll through maps
Left dpad Right dpad Left dpad Right dpad PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png Scroll through inventory
R button X Open/Close Sniper Scope
Up dpad Down dpad Up dpad Down dpad PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png Zoom Sniper Scope/Binoculars
Up dpad Down dpad Up dpad Down dpad PC Mouse Wheel UpDown.png Scroll through actions/items
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Aim, rotate camera angle
R3 button F1 Switch View mode (3rd person/1st person)
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick W A S D Walk, sneak
L3 button Neutral lstick G Throw Item (Hold and release)
Cross button A button E Action
Cross hold A hold Action list
Triangle button Y button G Drop Item
Square button X button Holster/Unholster Weapons
Square hold X hold PC Mouse Right Click.png Open Inventory (release to close again)
Circle button B button Space Pickup item
Circle hold Pickup List (release to pickup item)
Select button Back button B Access Mission Briefing / Intel
Start button Start button Esc Pauses the game, access in-game menu
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Windows quick keys[edit]

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Close combat Pistols SMG Assault rifles Sniper rifle Binoculars Coin