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The story so far[edit]

Present Day[edit]

Cayne tells Henderson that Mr. 47 is a perfect clone, and must be stopped in order to prevent any third party from getting his DNA and creating additional clones. He tells Henderson about how agents were finally getting close to Mr. 47, but dying after getting too close...

March 31st, 2004[edit]

After the incident in Paris, 47 is back in the U.S. and is ready for his next mission, which takes place at a rehab center in Northern California. He must smuggle out a CIA agent as well as eliminate a target.

Targets: Agent Smith, Lorenzo Lombardo, Rudy Menzana, Carmine Desalvo[edit]

You must find Agent Smith to learn which of the three Mafia members is your target. The specific target is random, however, killing the other two targets will net you an additional $50,000 each, so go crazy. Once you've met Smith you must sedate him with the fake death serum and then revive him to get him out.


Stun gun[edit]

Carried by the orderlies. Ridiculously useful, as it provides a quick way of stunning non-essential personnel--so of course it can't be kept in the hideout. Note that you must hold down the Fire button in order to fully stun an enemy.

SLP .40 caliber pistol[edit]

Carried by bodyguards and security guards. You really should have it already.


Carried by bodyguards.


  • You must find Agent Smith before receiving your target. The main target can either be Lorenzo Lombardo, Rudy Menzana, or Carmine Desalvo; the other two will be optional.
  • You can also get in by taking the admission paper on the bench near the man smoking. Make sure he's not watching you when you take it though.

SA Walkthrough[edit]

Needed Equipment[edit]

Standard equipment.

Getting to Agent Smith[edit]

  • Head up the main path until you reach the building; go to the left where you'll see a glass door that's locked. Make sure no one's around and then use your handy lockpick. You should now be in a hallway, so unlock the next door that's straight ahead.
  • Go to the right and up the small set of steps. Sneak by the window and break the fuse box. As the guard comes to investigate, slip insid and snatch the keycard on the table and the security tape. (If you have trouble here, you can sedate the guard and hide him in the dumpster, but isn't sneaking so much more fun?!)
  • Unlock the two gates with the keycard and follow the hallway, which leads to the cells. Wait for the orderly that's standing up to leave the room and then hop through the window. Sedate the guy that's sitting down, take his outfit, and put his body into the container in the corner of the room. Pick up the cell key on the table and then head to third cell on the left (as you walk in).
  • Agent Smith is inside, so unlock the door and then talk to him. You'll receive your main target (the one in the photograph Smith gives you) and the two optional targets from Diana. Use the sedative on Smith and head back to the security office (where you knocked out the first guard).

Lorenzo Lombardo (blue robe)[edit]

  • This is the guy in blue. He'll walk around on the first floor and then go back to his room on the second floor, where he is cooking some sauce using a gas tank.
  • We want to make this look like an accident, so when Lorenzo is walking around downstairs, go inside his room (Room D) and sabotage the gas tank (just go near it and press your action button).
  • Go back downstairs, and when he goes back upstairs to check on his sauce, you'll hear a very large (but satisfying) explosion.

Rudy Menzana (pink robe)[edit]

  • This is the guy in pink. He'll visit the sauna and the library, where he cunningly hid a bottle of alcohol in a large globe.
  • It's possible to take him out in the sauna (by pushing him in the water, make sure that beardguy is not in the sauna too), but the best way to eliminate him is in the library. When he goes there, he'll wait until no one's looking and open up the globe to take a drink. When he does this, he innocently stands below a large chandelier.
  • Go to the balcony above the library (it's the staircase on the left in the main hallway) and place a mine on the device which holds up the chandelier. Wait until Rudy stands directly beneath the chandelier and then detonate the mine.
  • You can also open up the globe and poison the bottle, but make sure no one's looking when you do.

Carmine Delsavo (green robe)[edit]

  • This is the guy in green. He hangs out in the weight room, and then proceeds to go outside, where he takes a drink from a bottle hidden near a statue.
  • There are three ways to kill him: you can poison the bottle he drinks from (it's underneath the angel statue next to the pool), you can place an RU-AP mine on weightbench, or you can bring the weight he lifts when he's in the weight room. To do this, stand behind him while he's on the bench and wait until the weight's above his neck; when it is, press your action button to choke him.

Escaping the Rehab Center[edit]

  • Once you eliminate your target(s), retrieve your suit in the security office and carefully make your way back to where you started the level.
  • Smith is in the nearby morgue, so head inside (the guards don't mind). Sometimes an orderly will come inside, but he should be gone by the time you arrive. If he's there, wait until he leaves and then head inside.
  • Go up to Smith's "corpse," revive him (by standing next to him and pressing your action button), and then escape the stage by going through the exit door that's to the left.