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Many new features were introduced to Hitman: Blood Money. These include the capability to climb through more obstacles, improved character animations (example-face, eyes, etc), a new game engine and the ability to upgrade weapons and equipment. However, only five of the featured weapons in the game, as well as assorted pieces of equipment such as bombs and armor, can be upgraded. Every level contains some sort of method to make the target's death look like an accident — for example, tampering with someone's grill to make it explode when they turn it on, or the target 'accidentally' falling off a balcony. There are also improvised weapons, like a nailgun and a pair of hedge clippers.

A gameplay feature new to the Hitman series was also added, the "Notoriety" system. If the player, during a mission, kills innocents or civilians, gets caught on CCTV or is witnessed committing murder, Agent 47's notoriety will rise. Conversely, if the player executes the mission perfectly with none of the aforementioned events occurring, 47's notoriety will be minimal. The higher Agent 47's notoriety is, the easier it will be for NPCs to identify him. Players may use the bribery system to negate accumulated notoriety. The notoriety system is not enabled in "Rookie" mode, which also allows unlimited saves and a lower level of general difficulty.

Health boosts are available in the game, such as Painkillers. Though the in-game store description claims they heal a "small amount of damage," they actually replenish about 2/3 of Agent 47's life bar. The other, Adrenaline, gives you a smaller health boost, and only lasts for a certain amount of time.

When each mission has been completed, a newspaper article is displayed regarding the hit, in which the content varies depending on the investigation results and the player's notoriety. Sketch drawings are also sometimes visible of Agent 47's face, which grow progressively more accurate as 47's notoriety grows. The article's title relates to the player's mission rating, whether it is (not in any specific order) "The Eraser", "Gangster", "Terrorist", "Loose Cannon", "Murderer", "Mad Butcher", "Mass Murderer", "Berserker", "Hoodlum", "Hired Killer", "Contract Killer", "Specialist", "Professional", "Beef Eater", "Skull Splitter", "Silent Assassin", "The Cleaner", "Hitman", "The Ghost", "Thug", "Deranged Slayer", "Sushi Chef", "Insane Florist", "Needle Pumper", "Slugger", "Psychopath", "The Phantom Killer" or "The Russian Hare". "Silent Assassin", in which you assassinate the targets as cleanly and quietly as possible, and draw no unnecessary attention to yourself (blow covers, leave no extra bodies, etc.), is the best rating possible on all missions. It ought to be added that certain ratings are only available on certain levels, by performing a certain prerequisite, like killing the majority of people with a knife.