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First, go to the receptionist desk on the right to get your room key. Then go up the stairs, and onto the left elevator. Wait for the door to close, and then climb the hatch. Wait on top of the elevator until Lateef comes in, equip the fiber wire, and strangle him. Take his keycard, get his suitcase (it fell back into the elevator), climb the hatch again, and leave it there. You’ll need to come back and get it when you're done with everything else.


Get out of the elevator on the eighth floor, go to the elevator on the right, wait for the elevator to get there and press the lobby button. When the elevator is on its way down, climb the hatch and wait for Schmutz to come out of the casino. He makes his way to your elevator. Wait for the door to close and the elevator to start climbing to strangle him as well. Take his keycard. Don't forget your rifle case. Wait for the elevator door to close when it gets to the seventh floor to climb down. When it closes, get down and press the "Open Door" button.


Since you have the key card from Lateef take your sniper case to his room ,but on the way pull the fire alarm . All the guards will go to the meeting point and the room will be free for you to use for a couple of minutes. Know you are in Lateefs room unload your sniper (do this on the balcony so the returning guard does not see it ), then hide in the bedrooms closet. The guards should be heading back know so just wait until the inside guard returns to his post and sneak through the bathroom and sedate him. Now you have free access to the room. To the left of the sedated guard in the bedroom there is a phone use it and this will bring the shiek outside where you can shoot him . dispatch of the shiek and pack away your sniper .know you can choose 2 options 1) put on the guards suit and walk out (remember you will have to pay 5000 dollars for it to get retrieved on a difficulty higher than rookie ) or take your suitcase and jump the balcony to the adjacent room and sneak around the civilian when hes watching t.v and pick up the payment briefcase and leave.


Now you can head back out of your room. Get back onto the elevator to the left. Wait for the door to close, climb the hatch, and grab your payment suitcase. Climb back down and go to the lobby. Head down into the left side of the Casino. Keep against the left hand wall, to avoid the security camera above the fire exit door. Go out the fire exit to the back alley and escape.