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During this level, bear in mind that the masses on the street cannot see you - you can pull out your gun right in front of them and nothing will happen in the game or to your rating. The only ones who will be alerted are the enemies and the police officers.

Angelina Mason[edit]

Start off by following the red crow wherever he goes, without letting him see you. He'll eventually turn into an alley. Some alleys are better than others for the purpose of knocking him out, so consider restarting if you don't get an advantageous one. When you're near a dumpster (but not visible to the main street) either sedate him, or grab him as a shield and quickly knock him out. Take his clothes and put him in a dumpster, then take his briefcase, which contains the diamonds and is needed for the bonus money at the end of the mission. Proceed to the alley on the far left side of the map, across from the bookstore, where a piano hangs.

You should see a climbable obstacle course that begins with a grated wall, all the way up to the winch where the piano hangs. Place a mine here, climb back down, and wait for a woman dressed in a black crow outfit to walk under it, then detonate. When the two men in the alley run away to fetch a policeman, run to her body and pick up her SLP40S and her walkie talkie.

Mark Purayah Jr.[edit]

Go to the building on the far northwest corner of the map. Your red bird suit will get you access to this building. Once inside, head left and go up the stairs. Do one of the following:

  1. When the guard upstairs goes inside the upstairs room, go to the side of the door. Wait for him to exit, close the door and follow him sneakily, and either sedate him or whip out your pistol, use him as a shield and knock him out. You'll soon throw him over the rail.
  2. Leave your suitcase somewhere he can see. When he goes to pick it up, take him hostage and knock him out and leave him at the top of the stairs.

Which ever you choose, take his clothing and weapon. Dressed as a yellow bird, you can now walk around with an MP9 unholstered, which will make using human shields very easy to accomplish. Grab the downstairs guard in this way (he'll let you walk right behind him, though he'll turn a bit), take him upstairs, knock him out. Go in the room with the target, and grab him when he isn't in front of the window. Knock him out, bring him to the second floor landing and throw him down the stairs, along with his guards. Get his Desert Eagle and walkie talkie.

Else otherwise go into the Book shop just beside the northwest corner of the map. Move inside upstairs to the room just beside the Mark Purayah Jr. (You can see him through a patched doorway). Place a mine (drop it) there and trigger it WHILE Mark is sitting beside the wall. Note for sometimes the Bookshop guy follows you, so keep distance when triggering. And guards (bad) come running to the room after the bombing. You will still have the Silent Assassin rating. And also you dont need to change clothes at all.

Ray Kulinsky[edit]

Note that the restaurant the last guy is in changes each time and is random. Killing him is easiest if you don't feel the need to set it up as an accident. If you must do this however, you can usually sneak into whichever restaurant he's in through the back, sneak into his room (use your map to time your lock picking and movement), knock him out, and throw him over the rail on the inside staircase.

On the Bluesy Bar, this is the easiest. If you must kill the last target by an accident, and the back staircase isn't an option, be very careful not to be seen on a balcony, as this will cause a policeman to come running upstairs to tell you off.