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You Better Watch Out... is set at a mansion party in the Rockies. You arrive by boat to the black tie affair, which is being thrown by wealthy playboy Lorne de Havilland. The client wants both de Havilland and the young Chad Bingham Jr. dead, with the caveat that you must retrieve a sensitive sex tape showing the senator's son killing one of his lovers. Try to blend in with the affluent partygoers, and beware of strange women.


  • Kill Chad Bingham Jr.
  • Kill Lorne de Havilland
  • Kill '?' (optional)
  • Retrieve Video Tape
  • Escape

Recommended Weapons[edit]

  • Silverballer (Low Velocity Ammo, Silencer Type 1, Rail Mount, Red Dot Sight)


When the mission starts, enter the elevator, being careful to avoid the camera above. When it stops, go around the main building and head for the hot tub; there, you'll see your first target: Chad Bingham Jr. Leave him be for now, and move into the small cave ahead. Go through the door, and when the guard is gone, walk through the waterfall. Sedate the man sitting here, drag him into the waterfall, and take his clothes. Move down the hall, and take a right; go down the stairs until you reach a balcony outside. Take out the Silverballer, and shoot the bottom of the hot tub, sending Chad plummeting to the ground.

Alternatively, and much more sneakily, enter the party and talk to the bartender. He will provide you with a bottle of Aphrodisiac. A waiter in white will walk back and forth from Chad's hot tub and the bar with a martini glass. When he leaves it on the bar, put the aphrodisiac in the drink. For some reason, nobody in the room will get mad at you for doing this. When the waiter returns the drink to Chad, he will get amorous with a ladyfriend, and walk off to a private room. Either sneakily follow them, or appropriate a disguise if you have not already. (An easy one is the drunk man in the Santa costume who walks through the staff room and kitchen areas, and can be easily disposed of in the freezer in the unoccupied kitchen.) When Chad is done receiving a lap dance from the woman, he will go down a staircase to the right of his room. Follow him, and toss him over the balcony at the end of the corridor.

You may have noticed a woman beckoning for you to enter her room; this is the mysterious '?'. After following her into the private room, a cut scene will play showing her pulling a knife out behind you. If you are quick enough, you can kill her before she gets you. If you wait too long, however, another cut scene will play; this time of your death. Note that you cannot kill her before her cut scene, or she will be marked as an innocent, which will adversely affect your rating.

Go back upstairs, and head through the door to the far right of the waterfall. Go through the door guarded by two bodyguards. They'll wave you through, so enter the elevator in the next room. When it stops, head into the surveillance room (marked with an exclamation point on the map on easier difficulties). When the guard turns his back, take the tape. Your second target, Lorne de Havilland, moves between his bedroom and the studio. If you're playing on easy you can check your map to see where he is. When he leaves his room, and the guard moves away from the door, enter the room and drop an RU-AP Mine near the light post on the balcony, then enter the bathroom. When Lorne steps onto the balcony, detonate the mine and exit the room. Backtrack to your suit, get back onto the pier you started on, and escape on the yacht.

To keep the Silent Assassin rating, throw Lorne off his balcony either by pushing him or killing him first. If you're fast enough, you can trap the dog out on the balcony and get to the elevator before it alerts the guards. Alternatively, you can sedate or poison the dog by injecting the sausage in the kitchen and feeding it to him.