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  • Knife
  • Fibre Wire
  • Hardballer
  • Desert Eagle
  • Beretta 92 (SD)
  • Car Bomb with detonator
  • Kevlar
  • Compass
  • Binoculars

When you start, you will see the members of the Blue Lotus Triad to the right, followed by a car that approaches. Your objective is to kill the emissary as well as all other members nearby. For this mission, you may want to change to a silenced weapon.

The car will circle around the western block before parking in front of the restaurant. The emissary will enter the restaurant, while a Blue Lotus member will guard the car. The driver will enter the alley to the south. When the driver turns the corner, use the silences weapon to take him out, and hide the body in the sewer. Change clothes.

Disguised as the driver, return to the limo. Walk to the driver's door, wait for the guard patrol on the passenger side. Place the car bomb and return to the extraction point. The emissary will finish and return to the car; since the driver isn't around, the Blue Lotus guard will drive instead. Wait until the car reaches the corner leaving to the south before triggering the remote - this will kill the three remaining guards in the blast.