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Notice the health and armor display in the top left and your inventory in the top right.

The most important thing about this game is getting familiar with what's around you. Codename 47's interface is relatively simple, and is comprised of different displays. The first one in the top left corner of your screen is your health and armor display, which shows your current health and armor status. In the top right is your inventory and your currently equipped item.

The box with the red text next to the health and armor display is your action display.

Next to your health and ammo display will be the action display, which changes color depending on your current action:

  • Green displays what you can do when your cursor is over an object, such as opening a door, picking up an item, etc.
  • Red is for a warning, particulary when you catch the attention of your enemies.
  • Blue is for information, which will display helpful information.


The controls for Codename 47 can be confusing for some at first, but you can change all of your key bindings in the options menu. This page shows the default controls under the "WASD" and "NUMPAD" layouts located in the options menu.



Since this game is mainly stealth-based, you'll have to do your best in order to avoid your enemies and complete your objectives the cleanest way possible. To avoid getting an enemy's attention, you can take cover behind walls, crates, doors, etc. You can walk silently by going into stealth mode, which is useful for sneaking behind enemies or slipping by a guard. It is also recommended that you lean around corners so you can see if an enemy is approaching your current position.

Utilizing stealth techniques like these will make your life much easier.

Using Weapons[edit]

Another important part of this game is using your equipment, especially your tools of destruction. The two main mêlée weapons, the Oyabun Knife and the Fiber Wire, are the most silent ways to kill your enemies. However, if you have to get your hands dirty, it is recommended that you use a silenced weapon, such as the silenced Beretta, or a ranged weapon, such as the R93 Sniper Rifle. Always stand behind your enemies when you're using these weapons (with the exception of the Sniper Rifle) and make sure there are no other guards around you (you must go into sneak mode in order to use the two mêlée weapons).

The game may sometimes require you to use less stealthier weapons, such as a sub-machine gun or an assault rifle; however, you are allowed to use any kind of weapon for whatever the objective is, as there is no limit to how you complete your mission. Individual weapons are discussed in detail here.

Disposing of Bodies[edit]

In order to avoid attention from the guards, always dispose of bodies in a secure area. If a guard sees a dead body, they will become more alert, and may call for backup. The best place to dispose of bodies are isolated areas where little to no guards walk by; some examples may include a sewer, an abandoned room, a bathroom stall, etc.

Being a Master of Disguise[edit]

After disposing of a guard, you will have the ability to take his or her clothes in order to disguise yourself from other enemies. This is very important, as you'll be able to access certain areas without getting attention while disguised. Under some disguises, you may not be able to carry weapons, and in some cases, enemies will be able to see through your disguise (these situations will be detailed in the walkthrough).