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Your next major target is Arkadij Jegorov, who supplied the both Lee Hong and Pablo with weapons. In order to reach him, you will first need to use a GPS locator to track down Ivan by intercepting a meeting from a local dutch gang. Meanwhile, the agency is noticing a coincidence among your previous targets, where they all served in the French Leigon together.

When selecting equipment, you must bring the GPS tracer and receiver. Bring the Silenced Beretta 92, as you can get other weapons easily. If you want to make combat easier, you can also bring along body armor, or choose to start with the MPSD5.

Tracking the car[edit]

You start at the north end of the docks. When you advance, you should see one gang member alone, which you can easily kill. Take his clothing and weapon, and there is no need to hide the corpse.

Proceed to the strip club, marked with a yellow circle on the map. With the gang member disguise, you can enter and speak with the barman (to have the dancer enter the dressing room), then enter the dressing room to tell the dancer to distract the driver. When the driver is busy with the dancer, you can install the GPS tracker and wait for the driver to return, before the car drives to its destination.

If the car left before you managed to track it, you can still run after it to get its general direction, or search the map to identify the warehouse that is surrounded by dogs.

Attacking the warehouse[edit]

South-west of the starting point, there is a switch next to the train track. Flip it to have the train travel down the middle track. Continue down this track to see two more switches. If the car drove to the east, flip the first switch. If it went to the warehouse to the west, flip the second switch. Otherwise, let the train continue south.

The train will crash into the closed gate, letting you pass.

The warehouse is surrounded by guard dogs that will attack intruders, but the car will remain unattended. Retrieve the GPS transmitter from it.

Enter the warehouse, and kill all gang members as quickly as possible. When they're all dead, you will receive a notification that Ivan will arrive in three minutes.

Generally, Ivan will arrive at the side nearest to the briefcase. Even though the warehouse doesn't have a good hiding spot, you can still move bodies to the other side of the warehouse, as Ivan will only enter the warehouse just to receive the money. You can also hide the bodies on the catwalks above if desires, as long as they're well away from the suitcase.

Before Ivan arrives, put the GPS tracker in the suitcase. When he takes the suitcase, the debriefing appears, and you can proceed to the next mission.