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  • Eliminate the Red Dragon Negotiator.
  • Hide the body of the Red Dragon Negotiator.
  • Eliminate the Chief of Police.
  • Place a Red Dragon Amulet inside the restaurant.
  • Escape to the rendezvous point.

You start in the south west corner of the map, well before the triad leaders and police officers arrive.

When preparing for this mission, you need a melee weapon (such as a knife), and a silenced weapon.

Eliminate the Red Dragon Negotiator[edit]

To prepare, you will want to enter the restaurant and talk to the bartender to get the bathroom key. This gives you an alternate route into the building that is partially guarded, and where you can hide your silenced pistol.

When you receive the announcement that the targets have arrived, you should move to the north to intercept the negotiator. When he approaches the area close to the sewer, kill him and drag the body into the sewer before the police see the body. Take the red dragon amulet, and optionally his clothing.

Eliminate the Chief of Police[edit]

The chief of police and Blue Lotus Triad negotiator will walk in the restuarant, with other police guarding the front and back doors to the restaurant.

If you are wearing the Red Dragon negotiator's disguise and enter the front door, you will be searched for weapons. They will take the knife (which is no longer necessary), and you will need to retrieve the pistol from the bathroom. Without the negotiator's disguise, you can enter through the bathroom window. In either case, you can drop the amulet here.

When you're ready to assassinate the chief of police, position yourself in the restroom so that you're not visible to the Blue Lotus negotiator, and fire. Holster the weapon, and climb out the window, before returning to the starting point.