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This level might seem daunting at the start, but it is probably the easiest level on the game.

What you will need
  • R93 Sniper: From Finding the U'Wa Tribe. Without it, the mission requires fighting Pablo at close range, and obtaining either an AK-47 or the silenced pistol. It may be found in a guard tower, but guards consider that a forbidden weapon.
  • Guards outfit: The best one to get is the sandy coloured one as it is the Lieutenant's. If you get the green one with the cap or the normal soldier outfit, you need to change it.
  • $30,000

Kill Pablo[edit]

When you start the level, you crawl from the hole the U'wa tribe leader told 47 about. You must still have the sniper. In the Jungle God, the guards take no notice of you as long as you are in disguise and carrying the sniper, but on this mission they do notice you. When you start, run to the box a few feet to your left. There are knives and armour in there, and if you don't have a knife, get one. Then walk towards the tree to the left of the box and go into sneak mode and aim at the first window on the second floor of the mansion. You will see a man sit down. Aim at his head and fire. It is Pablo, so make sure you get a head shot. If you don't he goes mad with an M60, so you may want to restart if you don't get a head shot.

After killing him, aim at the single door just to the left and down from where Pablo was and shoot the guard there. Then run to the main entrance. Enter the compound and there is a tent northeast from the gate. Go to it and get the pistol and the ammo. You don't need the armour, but get it if you want. Then run to the mansion. Enter where you shot the guard, then kill the man cooking with either the knife, the silenced pistol, or if you have it, fiber wire. Then open the top door. There should be a man outside of it, so shoot him then walk over him and go up the stairs. Kill the guard outside the double doors, then go in the single door to the right of the double doors. Knife the man or shoot him, but the best way is to slit his throat from behind, then take his clothes and gun. Only take his clothes if you do not have the sandy coloured uniform.

If you started the mission without the sniper rifle, you will have to scavenge for weapons. Enter the compound, and search the tents, collecting the 9mm silenced pistol and ammunition for both the AK-47 and machine gun. Unless you are okay with a heavy firefight, ignore the M16 and minigun. Proceed to the mansion, but be sure to eliminate all nearby guards, as they will reinforce as soon as they hear you in the firefight. Open the doors, and Pablo will jump into action. In direct combat, he is resistant to bullets, needing you to inflict nine lethal hits against him before he will drop.

Bomb the drug lab[edit]

Enter the double doors take the letter off Pablo and get the bomb from the table. Then leave the mansion and run to where you got the pistol. Stay close to the fence and you will then see a fence around the drug lab. Go through the barrier down the back stairs. A guard will run to you and say, "Find another place to hang around."

Take no notice, just walk past him and his friend and the other guard further down the stairs. Go through the two doors into the drug lab and go to the explosives. Get out the holstered bomb and put it on the explosives then leave. Get out of the drug section of the compound and detonate the bomb. Then run past the mansion and there will be a big hangar with the airplane. Enter it, and guards will aim at you so you must quickly get behind the wing and press Enter. 47 will climb into the plane and fly off.