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The Lee Hong Assassination is the final step of the Chinese assassination missions.


At the start, you should get the following equipment, considered standard:

  1. Fiber Wire
  2. Pentagon/Oyabun Knife
  3. Beretta 92 Silenced

Making it to the Brothel[edit]

Enter the restaurant. Go forward to the next room and talk to the bartender on the left. He will give an invitation to the Brothel and place it on the table ahead of him. Take it and return to the entrance room, and head townads the brothel on the right-hand side of the restaurant. Once you get inside, ascend the stairs and descent the long circular staircase. Turn right to see a door guarded by a fat Chinese guard. Approach the door and get permission to enter.

In the staircase leading to to the second floor, you'll see a guard standing just outside the door. You have a small space to sneak up and garrote or slice him. After he is dead, drag him to the part where both stairwells connect and put him there. Take his disguise, and head to the brothel.

Inside the Brothel[edit]

Once you're on the second floor, talk to Lei Ling's Agent and follow Lei to the bedroom. Talk to her and she will mention that she wants to escape and also has the safe combination of Lee Hong. Follow her to a ladder in the backyard, and move near it to climb over the roof and into the lot outside the kitchen. Follow her again to the back gate and talk to her to get the safe combination, as well as information about the CIA agent in the basement.

You can also kill Lei for the combination.

Rescuing the agent[edit]

Note: It is possible to skip an important cutscene during this task.

In the basement, there is a guard in front of the door. Hide in the alcove next to him, and equip the silenced pistol. Wait for the guards to patrol away from the prison guard before popping out of the alcove to attack.

Drag the prison guard's body into the cell, and speak with the prisoner. During the cutscene, he will tell you which of the safes contains the jade figurine.

While in the basement, you can also look for other weapons, including an AK-47 and an R93 sniper rifle. Of these, only the AK could get some use in the event that you get caught in a heavy firefight.

Finding the Safe[edit]

The previous cutscene gives one of four locations. Open the appropriate safe, but opening the wrong ones simply alerts additional guards.

If it is in the VIP lounge:

  • Go to the entrance room, go to the stairwell and get to the room on the right (with one guarding it), you'll see a swarm of the Triad members. Go left and move forward until, you get in a room which has many tables and chairs. Descend down the short stairs, and go right and again look right to find the safe being guarded by one Triad member. Kill him and hide his body before anyone comes, and then open the safe.

If it is in the upper floor of the brothel:

  • Enter the door left of where you met Lei Ling's agent, and continue to the second room. The guard can be killed with a silent weapon, just remember to drag the body away from the inner door.

If it is in the storage area on the first floor of the brothel:

  • The safe only has one guard, and nobody else enters the area on partol.

If it is the safe in the guards quarters:

  • You will first need to eliminate some enemies patrolling near the safe, and hide the bodies.

Poison attempt[edit]

Bring the jade figurine to the Greek merchant in the corner of the restaurant. He will give you a vial of poison. Both Lee Hong and Tzun will arrive at the restaurant shortly.

To use the poison, you will need to get a servant disguise, by ambushing one of them in the restrooms. (This can cost $5000, as a civilian death is considered unnecessary.) Drag the body into one of the toilets, and change clothes.

Enter the kitchen, and you will be asked to bring the soup to Lee Hong. Poison it, and bring the soup to the table. In the cutscene, Tzun will drink the soup but Lee Hone will escape. When the cutscene ends, holster the weapon and run if you want to avoid detection - otherwise, be prepared for a big shootout.

You can also directly attack Lee Hong here. Lee will attack with a chinese swors, while Tzun will shoot with a pistol (and also be able to survive a large number of bullets.)


The headquarters can be reached by going through the tunnels in the basement, preferably using one of the guard uniforms. While disguised, the guards will not consider your presence a problem.

Lee Hong will pace around in the second floor, but is vulnerable in his corner room. Wait in the room behind the table, and when he enters, kill him with the silenced pistol from behind. As long as you holster the weapon before they react and enter the room, you should be able to use the elevator leading to the dock, and escape.