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Silent Assassin on Normal and Expert[edit]

Part 1: Escaping the lab and getting a disguise[edit]

Agent 47 must make his way from the lab to a car. Go to Ortmeyer's body and pick up his keys. Proceed through the doors. A hint should pop up saying to check the map for your exit. Open and follow the map until you get to the elevator. Ignore everybody you meet. Go to the 2nd floor in the elevator. Once there, look to your left to see a dead swat member. Take his clothes and, if you want, the shotgun. Now, go back to the elevator and go the 1st floor this time.

Part 2: Escaping the asylum[edit]

Exit when you reach the 1st floor and once again, ignore everyone you see as you make your way to the front entrance, where 4 police officers are guarding the door. Make sure you walk, don't run next to the police. Take the door on the right, next to the 4 cops. Follow the path and you should be outside. Now when you're outside, turn right, go into the corner and there should be a car. Enter the car and you're done. You should have a message saying you unlocked a new weapon.

Silent Assassin on Professional[edit]

Part 1: Escaping the Lab and getting a disguise[edit]

Pick up the keys from Ortmeyer. Syringe one of the patients and take their clothes. Make your way to the elevator. Go to the 1st floor and when you arrive, make your way to the 4 officers at the front of entrance.

Part 2: Escaping the Asylum[edit]

This time, take the left door, and wait for an officer to come from upstairs down to the room you're in. Wait until the officer starts going back up and then start following him in sneak mode. Strangle him with fiber wire when both of you are out of sight from the patients downstairs and take the officers clothes when he's dead.

In the upstairs room, make your way to the balcony overlooking the car. Wait for the officer to be on the left side of the car, then climb down and walk to the car and escape.


  • Don't stay near the SWAT police for too long, as they will discover your true identity and open fire.
  • The orderlies (men in blue outfits carrying a stun gun) will run away from SWAT officers.
  • Nobody in the lab/basement will harm you. Not counting the patient with a minigun, but he is in a locked room.