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Head straight, pass the bar on the right and you should see a police station. Go to the left and look left. There should be a fuse box. Go near it and there should be a option to break it. Now wait for a police officer to come and use the fiber wire to strangle him.

Take his clothes and go to the gates. Now go straight until you see a warehouse with a door on the left. Now enter. Go to the door ahead of you. A swat officer will come here. Strangle him and take his clothes. Now wait for your team to assault the boat.

Follow your team and when you exit the building to the outisde go straight to the 3rd ware house, it is the last one. Open the door, go straight, you should see stairs on the left, go there and when you are up, look for a door. Open it and climb the ladder.

Now there should be a swat sniper up here. Syringe him, take his rifle, and aim for the top of the boat where your target is. Shoot and kill him. Exit the way you came to the start of the level. You are done.