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Silent Assassin on Normal and Expert[edit]

Part 1: Escaping the hotel[edit]

Exit the room quickly and go to the first room on the right when you're exiting and you're looking down the first hallway you see. In that room, go to the window and jump the balcony. Now go forward near the open space on the roof that drops down onto the ground, but don't drop down yet. Open your map and it should be labeled with the name: "Streets".

Part 2: Getting a disguise and getting into the sewers[edit]

Look at the upper left corner on the map where you are. You should see 2 officers patrolling the ally on your map. Wait for the police to both be going downwards on the map. When they do this, drop down on the trash can, not on the ground, as you may die if you land on the ground.

Go on the right-side of the alley , ignoring the swat officers standing ahead and travel downwards into the narrow alley. Kill the lone cop you see ahead via fiber wire. Now from the direction the cop was going, go right from where he was and soon the 2nd cop will appear. To avoid having your cover blown, stay all the way on either side of the walls in the alley you meet the 2nd cop in, and when you pass the cop and his back is turned, sneak behind him and syringe that cop. Find the sewer in the alley to climb down into. It should be near the 2nd cop's unconscious body.

Part 3: Killing your target and escaping[edit]

When in the sewers, go to the ladder on the right of the sewers on your map. When you climb out, don't exit the enclosed area you're in. Looking from this area, go stand by the open space that leads into the streets. From here, look for a blue car on the right, and shoot it, then wait for the swat to investigate. Check your map, and when the police near the target go away from him, go behind your target keeping your distance, sneak up behind him, and strangle him.

Check your map for an exit. When you go to your exit, avoid close contact with the police. You will then complete the mission.


  • The police are numerous and quite formidable, so avoid fights.
    • They will also see through your disguise if you are close.
  • Killing the first group of swat officers that attack your apartment will summon more reinforcements.
    • This will go on until all swat officers are dead and only unarmored cops and snipers remain.