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Hitman contracts missionpic3.jpg

Silent Assassin on All Difficulties[edit]

Part 1: Getting a disguise[edit]

Turn around and head out into the snow. Go right towards the tower. Don't worry, nobody will see you. Enter the tower and take the ladder down into the tunnel. Now there should be a civilian far up ahead. There should also be a door to the left, when you first get down from the ladder. Enter into sneak mode, open the door, strangle the guard the guard, and take his clothes. Exit the tower back the same way you came.

Part 2: Getting to your 1st target[edit]

Now the 1st target is in the building northwest from the tower you just went into. Go in that building where the 1st target is by taking the entrance on the left side of that building, you should have entered the kitchen, look inside the kitchen to find laxative and take the laxative. Now when nobody is looking, pour the lax into the dish. Now go to the bathroom in the upper right of the building, and wait.

Part 3: Killing your 1st target[edit]

Your 1st target will get up, ask for a drink, and then when he drinks, go towards the bathroom. Pay attention to your map so you can track his movements. When he comes into the bathroom, quickly shut the door, and either shoot him in the head or strangle him. Take his clothes, make sure his body is not seen from the doorway, and exit.

Part 4: Getting to and killing your 2nd target[edit]

Now a guard should tell you to follow him. Do so and you will soon enter a tunnel by getting on something. After you exit the tunnel, you should come to an area where there is a ship on the left. Go into it.

The guards at the entrance will tell you to go in but make sure you walk, not run past them. Go to the door that is 2nd on the right, in the far back. Follow the stairs in that room, and open the door at the top. Keep walking straight and go to the 1st door on the right, and soon you will come across a guard who will search you and take your weapons. You don't need any weapons, so losing them will do nothing to hinder your progress.

When he is done, enter the 1st door on the right. Your 2nd and final target will greet by hugging you. When your target stops hugging and turns around, strangle him with fiber wire.

Part 5: Getting the radioactive suit[edit]

Now exit the boat, but not from the way you came. The stairs leading down is the way that will take you all the way back to the entrance of the boat. Follow the stairs and the path the hallway leads towards, to go back outside.

Now check your map and zoom all the way out. There is a building in the farthest upper right of the map. Go all the way into that building, avoiding close contact with all guards. When you get in, look right and go into the 1st cubicle on the right, closest to the door. There should be a suit there. Take it, go back outside, and enter the radiated ship, which is what you see when you exit this building. Check your map, as this ship is different than the one you killed your 2nd target in.

Part 6: Blowing up the 2nd ship[edit]

When inside, look right and pick up the bombs located on the rightmost side of the ship. Now go right outside of the ship, in front of the radiated room. Go left towards the ladder, which is behind some crates, and then climb down, and then from here where you descended from the ladder, approach the left side of the ship until you see an option for planting a bomb.

Check your map to see the exclamation points as those are the places where you plant the bombs.

Part 7: Escaping[edit]

Now go back to where your 1st target's clothes were and change back into them, blow up the boat using a detonator, and head back to the airplane you started this mission in, avoiding contact with all guards. You are done.


  • When you blow up the ship, civilians and soldiers will be killed.
    • This has has no impact on your silent assassin rating.