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Silent Assassin Walkthrough on All Difficulties[edit]

Part 1: Getting into the party[edit]

A butcher lies in front of you. Take his clothes and drop all weapons except for the hook. Now outside of the truck, there is a button to close the back door. Press it and continue to the entrance of the party. Wait to be searched for weapons and only go if text pops up at the top of the screen saying no weapons found. Now enter the building and you will be in a hallway. Go forward into the hallway and open the doors leading to a room with guards and guests.

Part 2: Finding the girl[edit]

Look left in this room and there should be stairs. Take them and when you get to the top, enter the door on the right. Check your map and you should see a enemy at the exclamation mark. Enter the room he is in but use the sneaking button when you open the door. Take out your hook and kill him from behind. A cutscene should play. After, pick up the arm on the floor and head downstairs to the big room you were in.

Part 3: Killing Sturrock[edit]

Now remember where you were when you first entered this space? You will instead go straight this time from where you were when you were first here. And when you go straight, there should be a door on the right. Go through, go forward until you get to the kitchen. It is the 2nd door on the left side. Now a cutscene should play. Drop your hook, pick up the meat cleaver, and put the cleaver in the chicken.

Exit the kitchen from the door way you came from. Now from here in the hallway, go left, and forward into the party room. When you first open the door to the party room, you should see a hallway in front of you on the right side of the party room. Go into it, then follow the path to the stairs where a guard is on top of the stairs. You will be searched for weapons. You should be clear, so go right and open the doors to a room overlooking Sturrock.

Sturrock is the fat guy sitting on the bed in the next room. First, get in his room and shut the curtain by pressing the button in front of Sturrock, on the left side. Wait for the ladies to leave, and the curtains will eventually be down. When the ladies have left and the curtains are all the way down, retrieve your cleaver, give Sturrock the meat, and kill him with the cleaver. Don't worry, the ladies won't notice.

Part 4: Killing the Lawyer[edit]

Exit the way you came, and go downstairs. Now make your way into the locker room, it is the room on the left side of the kitchen. Check your map to find it.

If a man is in there, wait for him to get up, the lady to be turned around, and stab him with the syringe. You can leave his body there, nobody comes there. If he is not there, wait for him, wait until you can syringe him, and then take his clothes.

Now go to the party room. Find where a pipe is. It is an exclamation point, on your map in the party room. Check for the location of the lawyer. If he is in a room, go give him a pipe, wait for him to be unconscious, pick up his silenced pistol, and shoot him in the head with it. If he is in the bathroom, wait for him to get a room then repeat the steps above to kill the lawyer.

Part 5: The escape[edit]

When the lawyer is dead go back into the locker room, take your butcher clothes back, go back to the kitchen, and go forward in the kitchen until you see trucks outside. Go to one of them and you're done.


  • You need a disguise to get in the building.
  • Only butchers can enter the kitchen.
  • The guards in this mission won't see through any disguise.