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Traditions of the Trade is the 7th level of Hitman: Contracts. Agent 47 is reliving the hit on Frantz (and now Fritz) Fuchs in the Hotel Galar, trying to stop the terrorist brothers from bombing the hotel and killing prominent UN members at the hotel. Security is aplenty, so don't do anything stupid.

In real life, Traditions of the Trade is a remake of the same level in the first game of the series, Hitman: Codename 47. Some aspects have been changed, such as the layout and metal detector placement, but some aspects have been retained, such as the Bellboy disguise and the way to kill Frantz and Fritz Fuchs.


You only need one piece of equipment - the rest can be left behind:

  1. Fiber Wire

Making it inside Hotel Galar[edit]

First pick up the Conference ID located under your feet. This is mandatory to get in the hotel. Drop your suitcase and any guns or syringes if you have them (they're useless) and run to the entrance. The guard will ask for an ID through a cutscene and a short animation will play where he allows you to go through. Run through the entrance - the metal detectors will be no problem as long as you have no weapons (excluding Fiber Wire).

Getting the Cop's disguise[edit]

Once inside, pass the receptionist's desk and run into the first hallway to your right. Go through the double doors past the elevator and a Cop will pass by you going the other way. Close the double doors behind him and run to the doors labeled "Hotel Wing Closed". Pick the lock, open the door, and run forward and left. The atmosphere should suddenly turn darker. Go through the corridor (don't mind the ghost) and stop at the third door to your left. Pick the lock, then look through the keyhole for the cop to stop pointing at the ghost in the mirror. As soon as he leaves to bathe, open the door and sneak to the bed. Change into the cop disguise, sneak back out, then turn left and continue down the hallway. Open the door and be careful not to get too close to the cop guarding the murder scene. The atmosphere should return to normal after passing the cop. Keep going forward and run up the stairs to the 2nd floor.

Killing Frantz Fuchs[edit]

Note: Frantz Fuchs is located in Room 202.

Go forward a bit and enter the double doors to your far right. Close the doors behind you and turn right. You should see a bodyguard and a cop heading your way down the hall. Avoid the cop as best as you can (hugging the left wall is a good strategy) and run to the end of the hall. Open the door and wait for the vacuuming bellboy to come your way. Be careful not to get too close to him. He should play an animation unlocking the room door (Room 199) closest to the double doors and walk in to vacuum. Close the door behind him and take the master key from the lock. Go back through the double doors to your left and run to the room right past the bodyguard (Room 203). Open the door and run out to the balcony. One of Frantz Fuchs's bodyguards should be on the balcony of his room. Wait for the bodyguard to go back into the room and jump onto the balcony. Make sure to sneak for now. Open the door and pull out the fiber wire. Make your way around the door and strangle the guard. You can now walk normally. Drag the guard's body out on the balcony and walk over to the desk in front of the mirror. Pick up "Fuchs' Key", the SG 220 .S, and the Do Not Disturb sign. Open the door to the bathroom where you can fiber wire Frantz, or shoot him in the same manner as the original Hitman: Codename 47. Make sure to sneak here, and if shooting Frantz, make sure to use a headshot. If Frantz is alerted, the bodyguard in front of the door will run in and shoot you, ruining a good rating. Drop the SG 220 .S either way (it will trip the metal detectors) and make sure to grab the bomb case near the bookshelf before leaving through the balcony. Jump to 203's balcony and go to the room's door. Look through the keyhole and wait for the cop to pass by. Walk over to Frantz's room, staying very close to the wall, and place the sign on the door. Amazingly, the bodyguard will not regard this as suspicious if you do not get too close to him. Continue down the hallway and turn right once you reach the room where you took the master key from the lock.

Killing Fritz Fuchs[edit]

Note: Fritz Fuchs is either located in the thermal bath wading, in the sauna, or in the bar. In this case, when we get there he will be in the sauna.

Continue from where you left off and run down the hallway to the hexagonal wall. Go through the door to your right. Be VERY CAREFUL here as there are 3 cops in the vicinity and being too close to one will blow your cover. Go through the metal detector to the bit far left and now you should be located in the lobby stairs. Run down the stairs and turn left, making sure to avoid the two cops there. Hurry and pick the lock and enter before the patrolling cop comes back. If you starts picking when the patrolling cop is a bit past the first static cop, you should be ok. Enter through both sets of doors and 47 should be located in a bathroom. Go through the bathroom into the shower room. Check your map, Fritz should be in the sauna, but not for long. Wait for the cop to pass by the door and run left around the thermal bath into the sauna entrance. Walk over to the red handle and turn it. DO NOT SKIP THE CUTSCENE, but if you must, watch most of it - it is vital for timing. The cutscene should play, showing 47 locking Fritz in and Fritz succumbing to a heat-related heart failure. Open the door and grab the key from his corpse (where does he keep it?). Run out and right around the pool again to avoid the cop and pass through both the shower room and the bathroom and out back to the lobby.

Getting the Bomb[edit]

Note: The bomb is located in the X-Ray room of the dentist's office. Watch out for the guards patrolling there, however.

Continue and walk back up the lobby stairs to the 2nd floor and turn left (don't get too close to the cop here). Run straight down the hallway, turn right, and climb the stairs to the 3rd floor. Turn left after doing so and pass through the doors at the end of the hallway to the left. Walk through the first door on your right (with the green exit light above it), the roof access, and run to the other side where there should be two windows to your right. Approach the left window. TURN ON SNEAK MODE. Check the map to make sure the first guard isn't moving, then climb through the window and through the doors to your left. Close them behind you so the guard doesn't spot you. Move through the corridor to your right and peek through the keyhole. Wait until the guard is at the right window, then open the door and into the X-Ray Room to your left. Pick up the chemical bomb and it should show a cutscene of 47 shoving?!? the bomb into the case. Quickly leave the room and head back to the doors on the right before the guard at the window moves. Go back the way you came, making sure to sneak to the window and climb out before the other guard spots you.

Getting Out[edit]

Note: You can do this however you want, but don't do something stupid to get your rating docked. Also, listen to the beautiful sound of Jesper Kyd's music. Ahhhh.

Go back through the roof access and turn left. Go through the doors, turn left, and climb down the steps to the 2nd floor. Turn right, forward, and through those doors into the 2nd floor corridor. Turn left at the metal detector and down the lobby stairs to the main lobby. Walk, like a badass, through the main doors and the metal detector. Run to your far left to the road stop and you will get a Silent Assassin rating as well as unlocking the dual SG 220 .S.

Welcome to Budapest, 47.