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The don is initially on the balcony with his golf club. Eventaully, he will retire to the center office (but will eventually go to the balcony), and other individuals will also converge there. The Don will be alarmed when there is gunfire, and will retreat into the center of the second floor with the lawyer.

A guard at the side entrance occasionally goes outside to urinate against a few trees. It is possible to sneak in through this area. To reach the building, you need to run and hug the right wall, and enter directly into the basement.

A delivery boy is to the north, carrying a box of groceries. You can place a pair of ballers within the box of groceries if you need to enter without a visible weapon.

A postman arrives from the south, he first urinates against a tree, and takes a long smoke break on the southern wall. He is carrying flowers. The two guards on the south entrance will allow you in to the entrance after searching you for guns.

The body guards tend to recognize each other, and are suspicious of a new, unannounced guard.



The basement is a single tunnel from the outside to the kitchen.

Villa Grounds[edit]

The villa is equivalent of a small mansion. Up front, it has a few guards, and a garage containing an escape car; the key is carried by a man in a white shirt who starts in the back.

A ladder in the garden provides access to the balcony. There is a front door which you can use if you are disguised as the postman, and a service entrance to the far north which you can safely use if disguised as a baker.

1st floor[edit]

Three guards are on standby within a room behind the kitchen.

A maid waits at the front door for the flowers.

The delivery boy puts the crates within the kitchen.

2nd floor[edit]

The second floor is occupied by the Don, who goes back and forth from the balcony and the office. Other people converge here as well when entering the meeting.

The lawyer is in his office, and is carrying a shotgun.


Weapon Location
Twin Silverballers
Fiber wire
9mm pistol supressed (Normal difficulty only)
You start with these.
Kitchen knife On the cooker.
Deagle In the Study on the 1st floor.
9mm pistol On any guard.
Revolver On the Don.
Golf club In the boss bedroom.
R93 sniper In the garage.
Shotgun On the guard near the front door of the villa Borghese.

Silent assassin's rank reward[edit]

Silverballer .45 supressed


There are several ways to complete the mission.

The stealthy approach involves using the side entrance visible from the starting area. Wait for the guard to exit and kill or knock him out and take his uniform. You can also knock out the delivery man to the north and disguise yourself as him, although you will need to place any weapons inside the crate to sneak past the guards. The most difficult option is disguising yourself as the postman, where you enter by the front entrance without any guns (although there are some available within the villa).

When you are inside, you will need to reach the second floor. There are various paths there, but most internal routes are covered by one guard, who will most likely become suspicious based on presence alone. There are routes along the roof and balcony that can also be used, but these are observed by those waiting in the courtyard.

If you caused an alert, the Don and his friends will converge on the office. Although an info message states security has been tightened, this only means the lawyer and his friends reached the office.

Once you killed the mafia boss, collect the room key from the corpse, and proceed to the basement. The priest was moved. With the information about four russians taking him away, you can now exit the Villa. The fastest route is through the car (after collecting the sniper rifle), but if you don't have the key, take the side entrance and run out to the street.


If playing on an easier difficulty, you can use the silenced weapon to eliminate the first guard for a few additional seconds. However, a speedrun will eventually cause enough of a ruckus that the Don will become alarmed and retreat to his office. The fastest route involves the side entrance of the outer wall, followed by taking the front door. If you are fast enough, you should catch the Don in his office before the lawyer arrives.

The fastest escape requires the car. If you can catch the white-shirted brother, you can collect the car key from him to escape quickly.

Silent Assassin[edit]

Approach from the side entrance

Go to the side entrance, wait in sneak mode to the right of the door and wait for the guard to come out to urinate. Approach from behind with the anesthetic and use the entire amount to keep the guard unconscious for 5 minutes. Once he is down, drag the body inside and change clothes.

While in the guard's uniform, running will attract suspicion, but as long as you are outside line of sight you can freely run. First, walk normally towards the side entrance to the basement, before the kitchen entrance. Before entering the kitchen, wait for the guard to pass if he has not done so already, and climb the stairs to the second floor. When you reach the second floor, keep moving directly south and open the door to the balcony.

You can walk along a ledge. Not suspicious.

The balcony has a missing rail on the side, providing access to a ledge. Use this ledge to walk around the building and onto a roof. From the roof, you can reach the balcony behind the Don's office. Circle around the balcony and wait at the western door for the Don to enter the office. You can check the map to see if the Don moved from outside, or listen to nearby doors opening to determine when to enter. When he is in position, sneak up and strangle him with the fibre wire, and collect the room key.

Exit the office from the eastern balcony exit and walk back along the ledge. Drop down onto the ground next to the basement stairs. You may take damage, but aim for a high patch of ground to minimize damage. Run to the basement room to discover the priest was moved away. You should now exit the villa from the side entrance, and run out to the street. If you have time, you can also retrieve the R93 sniper rifle from the garage.