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Campaign Mode[edit]

In the Campaign, you are first taken to a menu where you can choose your team: Tommy's Trotters, Uncle Ham's Hogs, Piggystroika, Garlic Grunts, Sushi Swine or the Sow-A-Krauts. No one team is advantageous over another. Your choice of team is simply decided by which one you like best. After you choose your team, you will be taken to a team management screen. Rename your pigs as you wish.

Note: You will receive a medal for completing a mission, and another one for keeping all of your pigs alive. This guide will tell you how to receive all the medals in all of the levels in order to win.

Training Mission[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Hogs of War/Hogshead#Mission 00: Boot Camp.

You will then be taken to a message asking if you want to play the training mission. If you are a first-time player, choose "Yes." The training mission is good for first-time players. If you choose "No", you will begin Mission 01: The War Foundation.