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Home Alone
Box artwork for Home Alone.
Release date(s)
Game Boy icon.png
Game Boy
Flag of the United States.svg November, 1991
SNES icon.png
Flag of the United States.svg December, 1991
System(s)SNES, Game Boy
Mode(s)Single player
SeriesHome Alone
TwitchHome Alone Channel
YouTube GamingHome Alone Channel
This is the first game in the Home Alone series. For other games in the series see the Home Alone category.

Home Alone for the SNES and Game Boy is one of several games based on the film of the same name. This version involves bringing all the McCallister's fortunes from the house down to the safe room in the basement while avoiding the Wet Bandits. Once all items have been sent down the chute to the basement, Kevin must will then get a key to enter the basement himself. There, he must get past several rooms of enemies, then face a larger final boss. When the boss is defeated, usually by means of dropping a brick on it several times, the player will be taken to the next wing of the house.

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