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Home Alone
Box artwork for Home Alone.
Developer(s)Manley & Associates
Publisher(s)Capstone Software
Release date(s)
System(s)MS-DOS, Amiga
Mode(s)Single player
SeriesHome Alone
TwitchHome Alone (Manley & Associates) Channel
YouTube GamingHome Alone (Manley & Associates) Channel
This guide is for the MS-DOS and Amiga versions. For other games in the Home Alone series, see Category:Home Alone.

In Home Alone you play as Kevin McCallister, a boy left behind when his parents went on vacation. You are given one hour to set up traps before the Wet Bandits arrive. To do this, you must run around the house, picking up objects that could potentially be used to slow them up and place them in possible trap locations. At the end of the hour, the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv, will show up and try to catch Kevin. You must lead them past the traps, avoiding them yourself, to trip them up. Each bandit will take ten hits, including one BB Gun shot, before giving up. When both bandits have given up, you win the game. If they catch you before then, you will lose.

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