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Honey Peach
Box artwork for Honey Peach.
Release date(s)
System(s)NES, Q-Boy
TwitchHoney Peach Channel

Honey Peach is an unlicensed strip rock-paper-scissors, or Ro-Sham-Bo, game for the NES/Famicom. Ports also exist for the publisher's own console, the Q-Boy, as well as for the Game Boy in the form of 4-packs.

The start screen for the game.

The goal of the game is to win two out of three rounds of rock-paper-scissors with a girl to get her to take off an article of clothing. There are six girls, each with three stages of attire before getting fully nude. After winning against a girl, you are given a password to the next match. You can enter the password in the beginning of the game after the start screen to go straight to your favorite girl.


During gameplay
Control Action
A button Rock
B button Paper
Up dpad Scissors
Start button Start game, skip image
Entering code
Control Action
Left dpad Right dpad Select letter or number
B button Confirm letter or number


The game screen.

You and the girl each start out with 3 pieces of clothing, and the first to lose all their clothes loses the match. For each piece of apparel, you perform a best of three rock-paper-scissors game. You both have red hearts next to you which track your losses for each round. A loss turns the heart blue, and a second loss means a loss of the round.

If you lose a piece of clothing, you go immediately to the next round. If you win, you see the girl minus one piece of clothing. When you are the first to lose all your clothes you get the game over screen and the game starts over from scratch. If you beat the girl, you see her naked and then move onto the next challenger.


Note: All girls are nude if you win after Round 3.

1st Girl[edit]

HoneyPeach girl1.PNG
  • Round 1: This girl looks of Indian heritage and is only slightly covered by a thin purple cloth.
  • Round 2: The first time you win, her cloth drops down a little, too bad her hair is so long though.
  • Round 3: After the second win, her hair is restyled so you get to see a little bit more.

2nd Girl[edit]

HoneyPeach girl2.PNG

Password: RX6502CA

  • Round 1: This girl wears some kind of Latino outfit. Green trousers and dark red top.
  • Round 2: When she loses, she takes off the green trousers and shows off her long, pink underwear.
  • Round 3: Next she takes off the red top.

3rd Girl[edit]

HoneyPeach girl3.png

Password: PH3193DH

  • Round 1: This girl is Asian and wears a white top with purple skirt.
  • Round 2: At first she reveals her pink undergarment.
  • Round 3: She then lowers the nightie to her lower body.

4th Girl[edit]

HoneyPeach girl4.png

Password: NA6164WY

  • Round 1: Entirely blue dress and red hair, of course not to mention the big eyes.
  • Round 2: At first she reveals her purple two-piece underwear.
  • Round 3: Afterward she takes off her top.

5th Girl[edit]

HoneyPeach girl5.png

Password: DC8051HZ

  • Round 1: This girl is wearing a white navy top and long purple skirt.
  • Round 2: At first she reveals her white underwear.
  • Round 3: Then she takes off her bra.

6th Girl[edit]

HoneyPeach girl6.png

Password: MO7821YI

  • Round 1: This woman has red hair, purple stockings and wears a short black shirt with a white top.
  • Round 2: She reveals her dark purple bra and panties after the first loss.
  • Round 3: She takes off her bra second.