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Hyakki Yakou
Box artwork for Hyakki Yakou.
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player
TwitchHyakki Yakou Channel

Hyakki Yakou (百鬼夜行?) is an RPG published by Use for the Famicom in 1989 that is based on Hyakki Yakou, or "Night Parade of the 100 Demons", a Japanese festival akin to Halloween. Hyakki Yagyō is an idiom in Japanese folklore. Sometimes an orderly procession, other times a riot, it refers to an uncontrolled horde of countless numbers of supernatural creatures known as oni and yōkai. As a terrifying eruption of the supernatural world into our own, it is similar (though not precisely equivalent) to the concept of pandemonium in English.

The game is otherwise a fairly traditional 8-bit RPG, though it does feature uncommon aspects such as being able to see enemies while walking around (as opposed to the then-usual random encounters) and a regularly-proportioned adult protagonist. There is also no overworld map - both the towns and monster-infested wilderness are directly connected. It was never released outside of Japan.

Table of Contents

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