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As with Lost Island, you begin on a long straight with a boost immediately ahead (though no ramp). Head for the boost and follow the track as it bends slightly right. You'll notice a series of buildings on the left, one of which looks suspiciously like a ramp - it's just before the big outcrop of rock on the left. Use the building (it is a ramp) and boost off the rock to skip the next corner. After landing, follow the track down and right and you will see a tunnel ahead with a 4 second boost at its entrance. Enter the tunnel and take a right as the track dips down to another 4 second boost before the tunnel exit.

On exiting the tunnel, look straight ahead. The track heads left, but there's an icecap with a hole in the middle. Jump into the hole and go for a ride along ice. Do your best to keep the boat straight - if you fail to, you'll regret it on exiting the tunnel.

You'll exit the tunnel at max speed where there's a huge ocean-going liner on the right and a checkpoint just in front. Head over the checkpoint keeping control if you can. You'll see a 4 second boost immediately ahead and another icecap with another hole slightly obscured by a directional arrow. If you have a decent amount of boost, use the hole - if you're after a good time then this is the only way to go. Otherwise, the track takes a slight detour to the left back where there's a 9 second boost. Either way, you'll end up at a 4 second boost on the main track.

At this point an annoying ship flying the Jolly Roger flag will join you. On the left just after it joins you - opposite the polar bears - is a slight cavern. If you're running low on boost, pop in and get the 9 second boost otherwise just carry on past. The track takes a slight right here and ahead you will see a large ramp with another 9 second boost on it. Jump the ramp and collect the boost before heading left into another tunnel up a slight incline. The tunnel is initially water-based, but will turn icy and proceed downwards - don't bother boosting here as you will reach max speed quickly.

On exiting the tunnel at the bottom you'll find a short ramp with a 4 second boost on top. Collect the boost and when you land, follow the track right. Just after turning right is a boost mounted on the hill in front. Jump up to get it and turn to your left to boost in the direction the track is now going. At this point you'll see another icecap with another hole in it - stick to the left of this one and you'll see a load of penguins just in front. Jump past the penguins (you may knock some off - it doesn't matter for the purposes of the game) and use the entrance of the huge liner that sits there, collecting a hidden 4 second boost for doing so.

Once inside the liner, head for the big ramp and collect the 9 second boost being careful not to bounce yourself off the roof of the liner too hard! Exit the liner, collect the 4 second boost and follow the track to the right. A long ramp is just around the corner - use it to get a big speed boost and head straight over the finish line.

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